Fixin’ for Summer-Musts!

*This post is sponsored by Stitch Fix, however all thoughts and opinions are my own*

Happy Friday, Penny Darlings!

It’s a sunny Fri-YAY and Preston and I are hitting the pool, heading to see Shakespeare in the Park, and going to have some wine! Then tomorrow, another play (we won tickets!), and Sunday…Preston’s audition for JEOPARDY! So good vibes, prayers, crossed fingers, or whatever – send ’em to Preston!

I don’t know if it’s because the days are long and sunny and breezy, but it is finally starting to feel like summer over here in Pennsylvania. With change in the air, and lots of warm days – Preston & I have been planning all over our summer adventures.

So, of course, that means we need to make sure we have all the right looks to stay comfortable, cute, and in-budget for the whole summer! I’ve been OBSESSED with Stitch Fix. 

Oh, what’s Stitch Fix, you say? Well lemme tell ya!

Stitch Fix is a totally personalized, totally online, and totally stylish box of clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. that are hand-curated by a stylist (for a flat fee!) based on your Style Profile and mailed straight to your door! Tell them what you love and hate – for example; YES rompers NO cold-shoulder shirts for this girl! The stylists pick clothing, shoes, & accessories based on your budget, style, and requests. You pay for what you keep, you can send back the rest (prepaid envelopes, saaaay what?!), and there’s approximately a gazillion options!

And bonus: there’s brands like: Eloquii, City Chic, Rebel Wilson’s Angels, Calvin Klein, JCrew, Liverpool and about a dozen others that I already have in my closet.

I’ve been a very happy Stitch Fix customer since October and I’m never going back! I’ve gotten a bunch of pieces that I lovelovelove (and some are Stitch Fix exclusive!) and some that I exchanged for a different size, and some that I just didn’t need right now.

One of my fave features is the ‘Note to Stylist’ where you can request! I’ve requested things like “looking for business pieces” and got a blazer, or said “long sweaters” and BOY DID STITCH FIX DELIVER ON THAT ONE!

Today, I teamed up with Stitch Fix to show off my SUMMER-MUST list of all the activities I have been waaaaaiting for in this looooong winter! Listen, Jon Snow, I knew winter was coming, but like, it should have left already, amirite?

I’ll see myself out for that joke!

Anyway, back on track! I love the bare feet, loose hair, comfy, colorful, and adventurous spirit of summer – so this is my list of things that Preston & I are going to aim for this summer (or already have hit!)

AND, if you use my special Stitch Fix link HERE, you’ll get a $25 credit towards your first fix until the end of June!



Preston and I love heading to Upstate, NY to unwind, unplug, and un-stress (I know, it’s de-stress, but I WAS DOING A THING!). Anyway…heading up to the fresh air, perfect weather, clean water in the chilly lakes, and the constant smell of nature and bonfires. Ahhhh.

In this post, I’m wearing my fave polka dot swimsuit & this amazing chiffon kimono from my Stitch Fix style box. I asked my stylist for some perfect lakeside gear, and hey nail, here’s the head, YA HIT!




Preston (and Charlie!) and I love to hit the road. Whether it’s for day trips, weekend getaways, or long hauls – we’re also pumped for a roadtrip! Some of our faves have been to Chicago, DC, Philly, Gettysburg, The Adirondacks, NYC, and more!

When it’s summer, we’re always looking for an adventure! We love taking trips to see a play that we both love, to try an awesome ice cream flavor, to see friends & family and summer gives us lots of warm days & light to do it! I’m more of a podcast gal in the car because listening to music becomes a bit….performative in The Darling household!

I requested lots of “easy to pack” pieces (that wouldn’t wrinkle or crease!) in my Stitch Fix stylist request, and this super soft and stretchy dress totally fits the bill (and my duffle, so even better)

Also, I named my Hyundai Elantra – CARmen Elantra (two puns for the price of one, YA WELCOME).




When I was a kid, I had such easy access to pools. Everyone had one in their backyard, the school had one, the neighborhood had one, and you could play Six-Degrees-of-Swimming-Bacon and go swimming.

Now that I’m a grown-up and living closer to a city, I definitely appreciate that the apartment complex that Preston & I rent in have a really nice pool and deck area! So this summer we made a resolution to really utilize the pool! It’s only four houses down and a great way to stay active (and get a little sun, amirite?!)

In this Stitch Fix Box, I didn’t request anything specific – but this totally stretchy and soft jersey is a perfect pool to patio outfit. I’ve worn it as a dress to walk to the pool (because rainbow stripes are my fave!) and I’ve worn it to an outdoor patio party!



Ice Cream

This one is, like, self-explanatory right? Ice cream is literally the best food on the planet and there’s SO MUCH MORE OF IT IN THE SUMMER!

I love spending cool summer nights sharing a dish with Preston, or more often, we each get our own cone with different flavors & share a bite or two (or three or four). Today I got a thing called Nittany Paws (like Moosetracks, but Penn State University Nittany Lions are pretty popular around here!) and Preston went with a classic blueberry swirl!

I love pieces that are comfortable to layer (aka multi-seasonal) so I love nabbing light sweaters and wearing them with some of my fave pieces to make it last all year. I loved transitioning this spring pink sweater (from my April fix!) with some of my fave summer pieces!



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