Splish Splash: Charlie Got a Flea & Tick Bath

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Welcome back to another exciting episode! We’ve got some exciting things coming up, so be sure to stay tuned for more exciting things!

Now, the past few weeks have brought on one of my fave things: SUMMER. I’ve gotten a smidge of sunburn, pools are opening, flowers are blooming, the nights are cool, and the days are warm! It’s hiking-lake-side-camping-bonfire-beach-trip weather and YA GIRL IS PUMPED.

This is our first summer having our rescue pup, Charlie! For those who ask “what kind of dog is he?” – he’s a bit of a mixed mutt! He was listed as Morkie Poo (Maltese, Yorkie, Poodle mix) and his little black ears, docked tail, and curly calico fur certainly confirms it!

I never thought I’d be so stereotypical as a pet-owner but CHARLIE IS MY CHILD AND I LOVE HIM AND HAVE NO CHILL AND I WANT TO TAKE ONLY THE BEST CARE OF HIM. *clears throat* You know, normal dog stuff.


As Preston & I begin to hit the hiking trails, take long weekends up into the mountains, and spend long days lakeside, flea & tick prevention and treatment became a big topic of conversation. We wanted his health and safety above all, a product that we could trust, and one that was highly effective!

We were recommended Adams Flea & Tick line, which included immediate treatment spray and shampoo to act FAST, a preventative flea collar, and even a home/carpet/fabric sprayer if it spreads into your home (among a ton of other choices for cat & dog!). Preston & I were able to pick up a few of these products at our local Wal-Mart!


We got these items from our local Wal-Mart;

Adams Flea & Tick Spray – a quick relief from biting fleas and can be sprayed on for immediate relief and breaks the cycle of the flea to prevent any hatching or spreading! This is a quick response product!

Adams Flea & Tick Collar – this is my absolute fave! This is a high-efficacy preventative collar (it’s adjustable, reusable, and awesome!) to keep anything from biting in the first place! We just got back from a long weekend in the mountains and this was the BEST! Such great peace of mind!

Adams Flea & Tick Cleansing Shampoo  – This is a gentle, not harsh, fresh smelling, highly effective, and immediate! I used this when we got home from a hiking trail that was covered with all kinds of bugs! This shampoo kills not only flea & ticks but also, lice and any flea and lice eggs BEFORE they hatch!

Adams Anti-Flea & Tick Carpet and Home Spray – This is a one time use product, and it is a spray for your home & carpet! This spray kills adult fleas & prevents pre-adult/egg fleas from developing into biting adults. It is also effective on approx. a kazillion (*not a real number) other bugs like; roaches, ants, spiders, crickets, silverfish, and more!




I am all about having something safe, effective, and easy to purchase without being a bank buster for Charlie and his health and safety!

We’ve gotten to try out most of these products and I am happy to say that Charlie is bite free, healthy, and happy!

What more could you ask for in a pet product for your fur baby?

Check out all of these products here or shop them in your local Walmart!

Thank you, Adams Flea & Tick for helping keep my fur baby safe & healthy this summer!



*This post was sponsored by Adams Flea & Tick but all thoughts & opinions are my own*


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