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Happy Wednesday, Penny Darlings!

Preston & I are gearing up for a long weekend of picnics and deliciousness! We’ve got plans for popsicles, poolside, and plenty of sun! And even more SPF (Preston’s a sun-burn-KING!).

You may remember a few months ago, I went to one of my fave cities in the U.S. – Chicago Illinois! It’s one of my fave places of all time! I actually went out to meet with CEO & Founder Laura Kofoid, and her incredible team for Laudi Vidni.

Laudi Vidni is a custom leather handbag and accessories for every type of person. Literally every type. The company was founded by two total #BOSSBABES who were tired of the fashion industry deciding who was “in” and who was “out” and who should or shouldn’t be their customer or demographic. Laudi Vidni (individual spelled backwards!) believes that there’s a customization option for EVERYONE!

As a plus-sized gal, I definitely love the option to make crossbody straps longer to fit across my (ample) chest, the shoulder strap length, the zipper, the intricate color selection, and more! Plus, the high quality of the bags is a show stopper!

I like to customize my damn burritos, you think I wouldn’t freaking love getting to customize something I carry around every day?!

You can customize literally everything from breaking down colors to length to zipper change and hardware on the bag. It’s amazing! From their website, a simple break down of “how it works”!


I got to try out several different styles and match them with some summer looks! Also, I went out with photographer Kohl Murdock who might possibly be one of my favorite people of all time and we had an absolute blast! (and she photographed Bella Hadid and OMG, I CAN PLAY ONE DEGREE OF HADID. *faint*). Check out Kohl here!

Check out some of my bag picks below & how I styled them for summer ready vibes!


Feeling Patriotic!

This very Jackie Kennedy-esque white round crossbody was the perfect choice for a little Red, White, & Blue action! I love mixing contemporary pieces with my love of retro fashion! Circle crossbody bags are my Achilles heels of bags.

Shop this Rondo Crossbody bag (and see all the customization features) here!



Feeling Proud

This rainbow wristlet was a perfect match for all my Pride Celebrations (mostly with places where you couldn’t bring in a bag!) and this was the perfect compromise. I also am a huge fan of wristlets in general, and I’m a proud ally, so PURRRRFECT fit!

Also, this was my fave photo to take because Kohl was ACROSS A FOUR LANE ROAD to take it and people were SO CONFUSED about me posing with no photographer and her looking like a spy. We were cracking up.

Check out this Grace Colorblock wristlet (and the many customizable options) here!



Feeling the Blues!

This Legato fringe crossbody is my fave color (hello, pink?!) This is perfect for summer festivals, slipping concert tickets and the few battle of the band essentials. But the hot pink fringe could also be a perfect statement piece on a classic (or monochromatic!) bag!

Check out the Legato (and allllll the custom options) here!



Feeling Playful

Ya’ll know me. I love colors. I love mixing colors. I love wearing bold prints and using solids in my shoes, hats, and yes, bags. This Dolce Clutch in coral was an easy pick to stand out among all this pattern and color. It’s a great “pop of color” bag! (and YAAAAS, coral is SO in this summer!)

Check out this totally customizable bag here!

(I don’t care what you say, SpellCheck, customizable is totally a word).



Thank you, Laudi Vidni, for having me, for being such excellent hosts, and the cupcakes! Yum! So good! Thank you for loving all communities, encouraging identity, and giving back! Ya’ll are amazing!


Check out Laudi Vidni:



*this post is sponsored by Laudi Vidni, however all thoughts are my own!*


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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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