Tickle Me Pink at the Crayola Experience!

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We’re a little past the half way point of summer, so Preston & I have been lighting a fire under our own butts to get out and have more adventures and do more things!

We live in Central, PA (near the capital and Hershey…yeah, like that Hershey!) – so we have a hodge podge of adventures. In summers past, we’ve hit the battlefields at Gettysburg, Chocolate World at Hershey, and Centralia, the famous city on fire.

So we had to add a new adventure to the list, and I recommended to Preston that we head to the Crayola Experience in Easton, PA. He had NEVER been! I couldn’t believe it! I had gone SO many times as a kid, and I think we even went on a field trip there! (Mom, did I make that up?!). I was so excited for him to see it!


We planned a day trip to the Crayola Experience (and packed a few rainbow items!) and hit the road!

We rolled up to this building:



So, obviously, we knew we were in for an EXPERIENCE. (a Crayola Experience…I’ll see myself out for that joke!).

I’m obsessed with murals and wall art and interesting buildings so obviously, this made me smile like a lunatic.

That was a big theme throughout the day. While Preston & I walked through, I would get to climb something or play with something  or slide down something or see a Crayola crayon that’s the size of a house, we were just laughing and smiling. It was so fun to just play! It brought back such fun memories and it was fun to watch Preston see everything for the first time!

We also got to go in a little early, so we had the place mostly to ourselves – but towards the end, it filled up with kids and it was INCREDIBLE to see so much joy and how every kid was having a different experience. I saw a little boy running around trying to play with everything at once, and a little girl who just sat down at started quietly coloring, kids climbing the indoor playground, kids naming crayons and shrieking with excitement to see their name on a crayon, some kids taking their time at EVERY room. There was SO MUCH creative energy and they were all having their own Crayola experience. It was truly awesome!

So here’s some different things we got to do!


Color Playground

This two-story, Crayola marker & crayon, multi-layer indoor Color Playground was the first thing we hit. I was so PUMPED! I literally went down that slide and LAUGHED like crazy because it was so fun! Color Playground is like my inner child DREAM!




The Adventure Lab

The look on my face in that first picture was SHEER CRAZY JOY because when I stepped on that floor – it went RAINBOW. It wasn’t rainbow when I walked there! THE FLOOR IS INTERACTIVE! It was awesome! This was a puzzle challenge room with lots of cool touch screen tablets.



Meltdown / Melt & Mold

So the tippy top floor is where we got to play with the Melt Down area where we made a wax painting! (super cool!). And then the Melt & Mold area was where we got to melt crayon’s into these little cool shapes (and you keep them!)

Also, the art installations up there are AMAZING!



The Colossal Caddy & The Trading Post

The Colossal Caddy is this HUGE amazing installation with a mug full of HUGE crayons, and surrounded by a gazillion regular sized crayons – perfect for coloring and drawing and creating! I saw two little girls sitting there later in the day just coloring quietly!

This was also in the middle of the room with a BUNCH of other things, like selfie stations, arcade games (like ski ball, my fave!) a toddler sized playground, the Crayola Theatre, and a million other little cool things!



Other Attractions:

We stopped by the gift shop, where Preston was pumped to find something with his name on it (it’s a pretty rare find!).

There’s also the Crayola Timeline as an amazing mural of the progression of the classic yellow Crayola box! One of my favorite things! SO cool!

A wax hand station where you can make your own souvenir mold, a paint station, an 85-foot-water table, & a place to wrap and name my own crayon color rounded out our trip!




And here’s the absolute craziest part, ya’ll!

WE DIDN’T EVEN GET TO ALL OF IT. There were complete other rooms and activities we didn’t even get to try! It’s the absolute perfect mix of creative energy, Insta-worthy spots, and absolute nostalgia for your inner child! I love feeling that joy and watching kids experience it for the first time!

If you want to check out their map to see ALL of the places (and all the places not featured) – click here!

Check them out on socials here!





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