Finally: A Rainbow Home Tour!

Hey there, Darlings!

I’ve finally done it! I’ve DONE THE HOME TOUR! I always get asked about our Rainbow Abode, tchotchkes, decorations, posters, my polka dot wall, or my record wall. I’ve been looking for the right time, and today is that day, my friends!

Let me just sneak the boring stuff so we can get to the goods! Check me out on Instagram here!  I also have a selling Instagram page where I sell some of my old clothes/styles so that I don’t drown in my own wardrobe.

I take a lot of pride in our quirky rainbow house on every detail being exactly right, from a pot holder wall, to perfectly measured & spaced records, ROY G. BIV shoes, and even the scent in every room!

So obviously, I turned to Homesick Candles to perfectly vibe every room. From Sunrise Candles as a fresh pick-me up for ideas in the home office to Nighttime Slumber as a cozy vanilla bedside accessory – The Daily Collection has got it on LOCK.


Penny Darling HQ

This is my home office! It’s populated with IKEA desks, lots of kitsch & color, and always smells like Sunrise Coffee. That smell of freshly brewed coffee always gets me perked (along with a mug of actual coffee!). It gets the ideas a’brewing.

I also LOVELOVELOVE my house to smell like coffee. This is my fave room so I love filling it with my fave scent!

Shop the Sunrise Coffee & the rest of The Daily Collection here!


I got the large polka dot decals on Amazon for under $10 (no damage to the wall and totally easy to peel and stick! Preach!).

The rainbow craft cart is what I use for all types of beauty product/camera equiptment storage! I snagged it at Michael’s for under $30 (because you know YA GIRL LOVES A COUPON).

The lime green office chair is a buy from the OfficeMax in my parents’ home town. I actually went to buy it in college. It was the ONLY one left (and it had been discontinued) and they only had the floor model. So, they sold it to me for something like 50% off AND it was already assembled. Win/win in my book!


This pink shelf was a Facebook marketplace find stocked with all of my different bags! I love using storage as display! Function meets style! Some of my faves include the Bookshop Purse from Vendula London, my Pop-Tart Bag from Betsey Johnson, my TJMaxx ice cream pint, & more!

The sweet sign is a leftover from HomeGoods that we used on our dessert table at our wedding! The pink balloon statue is an Amazon Wedding Registry gift!



Target: Eyelash cup, frenchie tape dispenser, dinosaur lamp
Homesick: Sunrise Coffee candle
TJ Maxx: Ampersand, GIRLBOSS sign, LISTS notebook, & agenda, matches
Thrifted: Baton Twirling Girl (made circa 1950s) – she’s a real vintage Napco Figurine that I got for a buck at the local community store. Worth every penny!
Travel Gifts: My two little Eiffel Towers (duh, from France) from my bestie & my brother. The little gold lamp is a trinket my grandma brought back on a trip to Jerusalem. Second City glass is from my trip to Chicago!
I Made It: The teal pot holding all of my make-up brushes was an actual high school art project that I made that I ended up LOVING. No shame!


Custom Art of Preston & I

Last year, I got to collab with some AMAZING artists all over the world and got drawings of Preston & I done to display all over our wedding (coming up on one year exactly, eep!). I had them printed on canvas and after the wedding, I kept them!

Check out my posts about these amazing artists here and here and here! These artists are truly incredible & I’d love if you’d support them with a follow, a buy, or even some love!


My Broadway Poster is from PopChart! I’m obsessed! In their own words: Stretching all the way from Show Boat (1927) to Hamilton, this vivid, visual history is a love letter to the whimsical wardrobe of Broadway.

This lion painting is an original from my next door neighbor, Cassie. Thanks, Cass! I love having original art pieces done by friends! It’s totally the pro of hanging out with artists!

My donut backpack is a Jansport originally from DSW.


And like any self-proclaimed social media influencer, I have a corner full of ring lights! Ha! Just teasing, I use mine a LOT so no shade at all.

My larger ring light was a wedding gift (from Amazon) and my iPhone/tabletop ring light (also from Amazon). Actually, Amazon trifecta, my tripod was also a Prime purchase!



Living Room

Our main hang at home! We spend most of our time hanging out in this room and if I’m ever posting – 99% of the time it’s from this room! We watch TV every night, I spend a lot of late nights working, having friends over for board games, doing everything in this room! I am very proud of all the style in here! It’s our main space and we love it!

Our big furniture is all a little mismatched. Our two plush brown couches are from Ashley Furniture, the teal cabinet is a steal from Target, and the lift top coffee table is a Facebook Marketplace find! (whoo! Shoutout to my true fave store, the Facebook Marketplace! Ha!). The big polka dot area rug was an absolute steal from Gabe’s!


My retro Disneyland poster is a steal from Amazon. I saw this print and became OBSESSED!

The Martha’s sign is a custom art piece from the amazing artist, and dear friend, Jeremy Patterson. I genuinely think this might be the best piece of art I have ever owned.

My big Dalmatian, my lake sign, and Maurader’s map came from TJ Maxx, I hung a retro Candyland board that I bought at a thrift store, & my colored pencils canvas is from HomeGoods!

My Great Comet calligraphy custom piece is from the awesome Amour Artistique & the bumpy cake was an Etsy find from CherylOz (I saw it when visiting Bombshell Bridal & Liz Louize!).

The black and white photos are actually the negatives of some vintage (circa the late 1970’s) modeling photos that my uncle did (he passed before I was born). The vintage Water Slide World pennant was another thrift find and a great marker of Lake George.

My April Heather Art feminist ‘Fight Like a Girl” pillow is another awesome way to add some art to my room!


My TV stand is stacked with a Roku (the best streaming device EVER!), our Wii (Mario Kart Champs), & our TV, of course!

The retro yellow phone, the red tea pot, & the apple pie plate were all vintage thrift finds! I LOVELOVELOVE thrifting, if you can’t tell! You can find some awesome stuff!

The right side is ALWAYS stacked with board games! We LOVE board games, hosting game nights, and having new games to play!


We spend most of our evenings unwinding here, so it’s absolutely perfect to have this green tea and lavender mix candle from Homesick to help soothe and calm after a long stressful day.

This pick from The Daily Collection brings the perfect ‘end of the day’ vibe to our fave corner of our little rainbow house!

Shop Evening Unwind here & the rest of The Daily Collection here!




Our kitchen is….dated. We rent, so the kitchen is what it is. It is totally functional and fine – but I’d be lying if I said it was AWESOME! Our oven is a little hit or miss on temperature control and our dishwasher is probably the original dishwasher prototype.

I always try to be honest! Ha!

But I have done my best to spruce it up and make it as stylish as possible.

For our wedding we got SO MANY POTHOLDERS. Like twenty pot holders. No idea why, but I guess our friends know how clumsy I am! I hated having to store all these cool ones in the drawer, so with simple thumbtacks, I made a storage and display wall with all of my oven mitts!


Our teal shelf is scattered with wedding gifts (mixing bowls, plates, serving dishes). It’s topped with the best tea kettle in the world, my fave Pixar slow cooker, and my retro (circa mid-90’s) Disney cup collection!

Charlie’s food & water bowls are topped with his daily internal mantra, all finds from HomeGoods.

The UnderWater dogs calendar was a Christmas gift from my MIL this past year and it’s the spoopiest thing to grace our kitchen wall! Ha!



Okay, I know, it’s weird that I included a picture of my garbage can. I do realize that’s not great content. BUT, I worked really hard on this dumb thing – so I’m showing it off. I picked up these weird vintage travel stickers at an Estate Sale and I had no idea what to do with them.

When our roommate moved out and I had to bring a trashcan for us, it was just black and boring. One night (after a glass of wine or two) I decided I was going to decorate the can with the stickers. A half a bottle of ModgePodge later and I think it came out pretty cool.




Now this is going to sound odd, but our bedroom is fairly plain by design. Every other inch of our house is full of color and art and decorations and touches of flair. It’s nice to have a place that’s pretty minimum to unwind. I never have to worry if the pictures are dusted or crooked, the paint isn’t even along the baseboard, etc.

We have our big queen-sized bed, our two nightstands (mine is a vintage hand-me down from my Grandma, Preston’s is a repurposed bookshelf) and a CHAIR.


Charlie’s little bed (that he rarely sleeps in) is next to Preston’s side, along with his cute & practical nightstand! He was very excited to get his sloth lamp from Target.

We also discovered as adults why people have bedskirts because beds look PRETTY WEIRD without them. I never thought about it until I didn’t have one.

Preston also usually keeps whatever book he’s working on and whatever I’m in the middle of on his side on the shelf!


This HomeSick Daily Collection candle “Nighttime Slumber” is a perfect addition for when we’re reading and getting ready to go to bed. We have a routine so it’s nice to have this warm & comfy vanilla smell to get all cozy with!

I love the smell of warm, sweet, and cozy when snuggling up in bed on a rainy afternoon or cuddling up on a Sunday evening to read and this vanilla heavy scent is perfectly comforting and familiar.

Shop the Nighttime Slumber Candle here & the rest of The Daily Collection here!


I’m ALWAYS hot under any covers so we have jersey t-shirt sheets, a light cupcake quilt, and down pillows!

The sheets & the quilt were both wedding gifts from Target & Amazon respectively!


Also in the bedroom, our master closet, which isn’t HUGE, but it sure is packed!

THIS CLOSET IS JUST FOR DRESSES & JUMPSUITS. The top is packed full of underpants (in the Pretty Little Things bin) and an entire pink bin full of leggings.

My other closet (in the office) is full of skirts, pants, and sweaters, & tops. It’s also full of big bags, winter scarves & boots, and then I STILL have like seven coats in the coat closet. Poor Preston, honestly.


In the interest of more honest disclosure…EVERYONE HAS A CHAIR. You know… ‘that chair’ that you fold up barely worn jeans, things you mean to wash or fold, or new things you want to treat. Just THAT chair.

If you tell me you don’t have a ‘that chair’ then I do NOT BELIEVE YOU, GOOD SIR.




One of the WEIRDEST things in my house is my entryway table. Truly. We needed a side table, to toss car keys, pool passes, doggie bags, laundry cards, mail keys, etc.

So…I bought a kids’ play kitchen on Craiglist for $20. We just use it for the same purpose. The play microwave is stacked with outgoing mail, mail key, and our laundry card. The fridge holds the place of all of our umbrellas, our beach ball holds residence in the oven, Charlie’s travel bag lives in the freezer.

It’s really weird and I FREAKING LOVE IT. My favorite thing is when maintenance people/delivery people/etc. come in and they’re like, “Oh, so do you have kids?” and I’m just like “NOPE” and it confuses people like no other. Makes me chuckle.


My gifted fox bowl holds our keys so we can just drop them coming in the front door. The ice cream cone vase kindly holds all of our doggie-doo bags so we always have them when we take Charlie for a walk. The gold bunny clock is a perfect reminder on the way out the door (mostly because I’m usually late!)

Our Morning Refresh candle has a bright citrus smell to greet guests and have a nice clean and….well, refreshing for those mornings when we’re rushing around (which is most mornings – we’re all not morning people).

Shop the Morning Refresh here & the rest of The Daily Collection here!


We also keep the leash right next to the door (so we always know where it is!

Our first neighbors were an amazing couple from India and we became friends quickly. When they moved out, the jingle bells were their gift to me. They said they kept them on their front door for good energy for all the people who came in.

I’ve had them hung next to the door since then.

I grabbed that Will Call sign from a yard sale for $5 and it was worth every penny!

My silver lamp was another hand-me down from a family friend.




I don’t know how to describe this better. It’s a bit of a media nook/storage/reading area.

Our bookshelf is a forgotten roommate staple, mixed with our eclectic books, and topped with some retro games! Our ferris wheel is a wedding leftover that adds a cool touch of movement.

The lime green dresser is a $30 Craigslist find (it was before the Facebook Marketplace!) and I added some of the leftover dots from my office to give it a second life! I ended up really liking it.


Our record wall is all thrifted vinyl covers (we have the actual vinyls in a storage box). Preston measured all of them and he’s literally perfect.

The record player/CD/AUX/Bluetooth player is the absolute perfect vintage looking Amazon find. It looks very 50’s but has like 20 options and was another wedding gift!

Our large flowers in the vase were also leftover from the wedding!


We almost always have music on in the afternoons! We love to put on a vintage vinyl, plug in our latest Broadway CD, or even just plugging in our aux and pulling up YouTube. We leave the music on while we clean, cook dinner, and get ready for the evening.

Our Afternoon Adventure Homesick candle is a perfect outdoorsy and earthy. It’s the perfect smell of having an open window in the fall (even in the middle of summer!).

Shop Afternoon Adventure here & the rest of The Daily Collection here!




Bonus: Use my special code: abby15 for 15% off of your order! 


*this post is sponsored by Homesick, however all thoughts are my own!*


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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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