Visiting Downtown Glens Falls

Happy Friday, Penny Darlings!

It’s currently almost 2am in the Darling Household. My car broke down on the highway last night. I’ve NEVER had a car breakdown, and it’s not old and I take care of it! Ugh. Tow truck took 2.5 hours to get there, so I waited IN THE HEAT & HUMIDITY. Ugh. Thank goodness for AAA, ya’ll! But my tow truck driver was top notch, so at least there’s that.

But when the job has to get done, you #GIRLBOSS it up and work at 2am and simultaneously cook some late night food.

Let me just sneak the boring stuff so we can get to the goods! Check me out on Instagram here!  I also have a selling Instagram page where I sell some of my old clothes/styles so that I don’t drown in my own wardrobe.

Anywho, onto the content of the day!

Last week when Preston & I were in the Glens Falls downtown area and we got to do some amazing stuff there!

Ya’ll know how much I love Mom & Pop shops, a Stars-Hollow-vibe, everyone knows everyone, cute towns. I lovelovelove them. I’ve lived in two so far and I LOVE it.  Downtown Glens Falls in Upstate NY was totally fitting the bill! So when we pulled up to the Queensbury Hotel (or The Q as they sometimes say!) – I knew I was going to love it!

The Queensbury Hotel

So The Q is in the heart of Downtown Glens Falls, and is a historic gemstone. Seriously. It’s totally deco-inspired. The building was built in 1926, and a lot of what you see is the refurbished original architecture. Like, when they re-did the floors from the 1980’s carpeting, they discovered the original tile floor from 1926. That checker floor is totally original and the hotel doors are the vintage mahogany doors. It’s seriously amazing.

We stayed at The Queensbury and the beds were top-notch comfy, the bathrooms were SO beautiful that Preston decided he wanted to move in there, literally into the bathroom, and the pool was so deco and amazing.

That dome ceiling over the pool & hot tub area is so incredible. Preston & I were in the hot tub when a thunderstorm hit and it was amazing!



The Town

The downtown area is so perfect. It’s got a small town vibe while being a pretty hopping spot. I loved seeing people walking their dogs, saying hello, glam gazebos, and tons of amazing flowers.

All the shops are locally owned, full of interesting and cool people, and lots of fun signs. My favorite one was at a restaurant called Farmacy that had a sign that said “I went to a Dorito Farm. It was a cool ranch.” which made me laugh hysterically!

My fave thing was the row along the main road had TONS of coffee shops and restaurants that the WHOLE FRONT WINDOW OPENED UP so that the whole wall was open! It was a beauty day so lots of people had their stores in this ‘open air’ style. Gorgeous.

Also, every place I went I saw different flyers and signs for tons of amazing local events like the Food Truck Corral, parades, music festivals, a film festival, sports, and more!




We took a nice walk to Doc’s, a cozy and dark bistro underneath The Park Theatre in Glens Falls.

It was dimly lit and amazingly delicious with great service and a fantastic Manhattan with a liquor soaked cherry on top! Ha!


Also, another historic building with this GORGEOUS spiral staircase.

Ya girl is a sucker for a spiral staircase.


The Food We Ate

Drinks: Two Manhattans
Bread: Dinner Rolls & Apple Bread with honey butter
Appetizers: Fried Goat Cheese with Fig Jam & Lobster Bisque
Dinner: Filet Mignon & Veal Parm
Dessert: Creme Brulee & an ice cream sandwich!


Seriously, the food here was SO good.

Each plate that came out was even better. The filet was buttery tender, the mashed potatoes had the perfect amount of redskin. The fried goat cheese was so yummy and that Lobster Bisque is seriously just good for the soul!

And when the server (who was awesome!) pitched the idea of the homemade shortbread cookie, with raspberry ice cream, & white chocolate ice cream sandwich – Preston’s eyes turned into big hearts like a cartoon. Ha!

Thanks for hosting us, Doc’s!



The Park Theatre

We ended the evening by hitting the Lake George Music Festival at The Park Theatre. It was such a cool experience!

The performance that we saw was a string quartet featuring a clarinet. Most of the composers of the piece were in attendance and talked about their inspiration for the piece and a little history.

It was totally cool. I love hearing artists talk about their work and I could definitely feel the vibes that they were going for in each piece. Also met some new friends! I love new friends!



All in all, Preston & I had a wonderful time experiencing, eating, and exploring Downtown Glens Falls while were in Upstate NY! Stars Hallow fans – this is a must hit spot!

Thank you for having us!

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*this post is sponsored by Downtown Glens Falls, however all thoughts are my own!*


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