9 Things I Learned From Care Bears That I Still Use Today

Happy Thursday, Penny Darlings!

Preston & I are planning a weekend getaway, are planning for fall, just closed our show, cleaned our house, did a fall photoshoot, saw a play, went to the DMV, it’s been a whirlwind week! AND my peanut turned THIRTY! AH!

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Welcome to Care-a-Lot! 

If you’re a millenial…or actually, if you’re literally anyone of any age – you know about Care Bears! They are a multi-generational, multi-media, & multi-awesome brand! I’ve been watching the cartoons since I was a kid, since my brother was a kid, & even my parents remember their 1982 launch!

I always identified with Cheer Bear, because I like to think I’m a pink & rainbow guru! As I sit here and think, if I were a Care Bear and had to create my own Belly Badge, I think it would definitely be Sprinkles & I would spread sweetness all over Care-A-Lot!

Image result for original ten care bears

I started rewatching some old episodes in a fit of nostalgia, and remembered all the fun little lessons snuck in to every bear & every moment!

While I was watching a bunch of clips, I realized, everything I learned on Care Bears are still lessons I use every day!

In honor of Care Bear’s National Share Your Care Day on 9/9, we spent a full day sharing love, spreading kindness, and adding a little sunshine & care to everyone in our life! Care Bears wants to challenge you to go the extra mile, not only on Share Your Care Day, but every day of the year!

Today I’m sharing the things I’ve learned from Care Bears that I use on all the days of the year that I practice sharing my care!

1.) Love everyone!

This is the easiest one, and people forget it all the time.

Love everyone and love them unconditionally! Care Bears taught us this one early!

Showing, sharing, and accepting love and compassion from & with your fellow human is a beautiful thing.

Love everyone & tell them! Tell your mom, your friend, your husband, your grandma, your dog, and everyone! I love you & there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it!


2.) Sharing is key.

Sharing is another easy thing that people always forget!

Share love, your feelings, your opinions, your cookies, and your extra blanket!

Care Bears got this so well that they actually introduced SHARE BEAR! And her motto is still the truest: Do your share of sharing!


3.) It’s okay to be emotionally driven.

Everyone always acts like if you get emotional about things that you are weak or *gasp* too human.

I cry all the time. At commercials & movies & cute headlines & how cute my dog is. But I also laugh a lot. I love a lot. A friend of mine described it as ‘feeling operatically’ and it’s so true!

Each of our Care Bears are driven by their emotions whether it’s ‘Funshine’ or some days to be ‘grumpy’.


4.) It’s okay if not all your feelings are positive ones.

If Grumpy Bear, Oopsy Bear, & Bashful Heart Bear show us anything: sometimes you can have less than sunshine-y feelings.

Sometimes I can feel pressured to be sunshine & rainbows all the time, when sometimes I’m feeling like a lot more of a rain cloud! It’s okay to embrace and deal with the tougher emotions. It’s okay to be grumpy and tired and shy and to make mistakes!


5.) Honesty is still the best policy.

Always. Always. Always. Be honest! It gets you so much further! (Exception: If some else’s grandma asks you if you liked the food, you always say YES!).

Communicating honestly, feeling honestly, and sharing honesty continues to get us out of binds, heal relationships, and grow as people! And you never have to keep your story straight if you’re honest!

Care Bears always encouraged us to be honest about our feelings, mistakes, and communication!


6.) A little extra effort goes a long way!

Refill the ice cube trays. Fold the laundry. Pick up a friend’s fave candy bar and deliver it, just for so! Take an extra five minutes in the shower on the weekends! Do something without being asked!

Putting a little extra effort into yourself, your relationships, & your work – you can really add a lot of love and sunshine into your every day life!

Our friends Birthday Bear (who wants everyone to have a great birthday!) and our Friend Bear (who shows us to be a great friend!) and especially Tenderheart who teaches us to go above and beyond to care about others!


7.) Winning isn’t everything!

Sometimes, you lose and sometimes you lose HARD!

That’s just life! You can’t win everything, and winning isn’t everything. The  journey, the experiences, the skill, the relationships, the positivity, the knowledge you gain; now THOSE are everything!

Between Champ Bear & Share Bear, we’re reminded that just playing the game is winning in and of itself!


8.) A hug can cure a lot!

Hug your friends! Hug your grandpa! Hug your neighbors! (as long as they WANT a hug, of course!).

There’s actually all kinds of science about hugging and seratonin and being happy, and while I’m not a doctor, I think a hug can go a long way!

ALL of the bears love to hug! They hug for everything! Hugs can be to celebrate, to comfort, to show love, & to express friendship!


9.) Rainbows never go out of style!


I think this one is pretty self-explanatory!



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