One-Stop Holiday Gift Guide

Happy Thursday, Penny Darlings!

This December has been absolutely NUTSO and it shows no signs of slowing down, so I’ll see my sanity next year! I don’t mind though – it’s mostly all good things! Still things I can’t tell you but I’m dyiiiiiing to tell you!

ANYWAY! One of things that has proven to be the most difficult so far is finding time to go shopping for gifts! I lovelovelove finding the perfect gift for my friends and family & I was stressed about when I was going to find time to hit a million and one stores.

So obviously, Preston & I hit up with West Shore Plaza, located in Lemoyne, PA! There were so many places and it saved me so much stress and headache to be able to shop in just one location!

We hit up some of the amazing shops to get every person on our gift list! Let’s check out where we stopped & shopped!


Macris Chocolate

I am absolutely obsessed with Macris Chocolate in the West Shore Plaza! This place has some of the most AMAZING chocolate that I’ve ever had! Soooo good! You might remember me chatting about them in our Friendsgiving post!

I wanted to grab some really cute gift boxes for my professional friends! I grabbed one for my therapist, my chiropractor, & one of my favorite clients that I consult for! It was such a great find to shop something delicious, festive, & beautifully wrapped!

Macris has everything from chocolates to ice cream to advent calendars to gift boxes, & everything in between for that choco-holic in your life!



JoAnn Fabrics

My craft queen heart cannot stay away from JoAnn Fabrics! It is a perfect holiday explosion of DIY awesome-ness in there! I stopped in to pick up a few home decor items for myself!

I grabbed some flowers to make an amazing centerpiece for our dining table! I also grabbed a cute sign for my brother and sister-in-law & one of those adorable mugs for my dad! Perfect for a little extra something on a gift.

Bonus: I grabbed some wrapping paper to make each one of these gifts perfectly present-able! (get it, PRESENT-able? Eh, I’ll see myself out for that joke!)



K. Novinger Jewelry

This shop honestly felt like old Hollywood glamour! This custom jewelry shop can do everything from design a special piece for your loved one, repair basically anything, and have several already created jewelry pieces, & are full of cute gifts!

I shopped for my mom at this shop because she is obsessed with high quality jewelry, unique statement pieces, and classic every-day pieces! She has designed jewelry so I know she has high standards! I snagged my mom a classic and timeless bracelet!

There were also several people in this shop having engagement rings designed for holiday proposals….so I’m just saying if you’re thinking of getting down on one knee..Ha!

Even though I was shopping for others, I am now OBSESSED with that pearl set, so hint hint, Preston!


Fine Wine & Good Spirits

It is always a good idea to gift spirits (to your 21+ friends, obvi!)

In Pennsylvania, we have pretty odd liquor laws, like beer and liquor aren’t sold in the same spot and you can only buy alcohol is designated state stores! Like, you can’t buy wine, beer, or alcohol in grocery stores or Wal-Mart or anything like that. Just a fun fact!

Preston & I are heading to an extravagant and beautiful holiday party next weekend and I always think it is polite to bring the host a gift as a thank you! So we grabbed this adorable bottle of local made wine for the host!



Pet Valu

Last, but absolutely not least, we stopped to get some little gifts for our baby schmoo, our rescue MorkiePoo, Charlie!

He’s such an important part of our little family that I couldn’t let him go without getting some for the holidays! Pet Valu has literally everything from treats to toys to outfits to grooming products & more! They also have adoptions for these little cats!

Note: You shouldn’t gift someone an animal for a holiday – it’s like rule number one. Especially not as a surprise! HOWEVER, if you & your family knows they want to adopt and can come and meet the kitty and everyone in the house is expecting a new family member – this can be a great time of year to give a little creature a home!

I grabbed Charlie some treats and some little Christmas jammies!




This holiday season has been hectic & amazing & stressful, but West Shore Plaza definitely helped me feel prepped and excited for the holidays! I absolutely love gifting and I also love being able to check off more than one thing on my list at a time!

Thank you for helping not going absolutely nuts this holiday season, WSP! There’s seriously something for everyone!

The end of this year is going to FLY!






*this post is sponsored by West Shore Plaza, however all thoughts and opinions are my own!*


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Thank you for all that you do. You are truly extraordinary.

Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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