Tips for Packing to Go Through the Woods, Over the Hill, & to Visit Family

Happy Friday, Darlings!

Coming to you live from the Penny Darling HQ and we are in full holiday madness! We’re shopping, planning, all the good stuff!

With the advent of that, my parents are planning on moving next year to a smaller home, and out of my childhood home. It’s sad to close the door but I’m excited for them on the next chapter of their journey. So this year, heading home for the holidays is extra important.

That got me thinking – what do I bring?! And as I made a list, I was chatting with Preston and we were both struggling to pack. THEN, I said to myself, “Self, if we are terrible at packing, probably some other people are too.” So we today I teamed up with my friends at Not Your Mother’s to share my holiday packing tips!

I literally use Not Your Mother’s every day. Multiple products. Cannot say enough awesome stuff about every dang product!  Check out my daily routine, my totally spooky Halloween lookbook! NYM has got my back for everythaaang! Today, I’m talking about my fave hair care products to travel with too! Best part? I can shop any of these things at my local Ulta or Whole Foods in travel and full sized!


1.) Plan for Outfits

For real – this is going to save you from bringing four pairs of leggings with no shirts to go with them (literally a thing I did once.) You can plan hair, jewelry, shoes, clothes so you don’t over, under, or mis-pack. I tend to misoverpack – I bring a ton of pieces that I don’t even need – so looking ahead at outfits is a game changer!


2.) Lay everything out ahead of time

My parents do this and call it “staging” their clothes. They like to do it the night before and then just before they leave, they put everything in the bag. Putting all your outfits/toiletries/chargers/etc. out is a great way to see what you’re missing! You can visualize what needs to go where, minimize wrinkling, and it totally settles those “Wait, did I pack that?” nerves.


3.) Minimize your make-up bag

I’m totally guilty of this one. I just throw my whole make-up bag in my suitcase. You know what? I’m visiting my parents. I don’t need purple eyeliner, four shades of lipstick, my winter & summer foundation, fake eyelashes, and the other ridiculous things in my big make-up bag. Just pack your minimal every-day look to reduce how much you’re dragging along.


4.) Travel Hair – Travel Care

Ya’ll know how much I lovelovelove Not Your Mother’s for ALL my hair needs. I could (and do) sing their praises! So obvi, their travel sizes make my life so much easier for that carry-on life. I also take care of my travel hair MUCH differently!

I also like to bring my Part-Time & the All Eyes on Me 10-1 & Clean Freak! I don’t need to drag along my seven hair products – when I could pack three for the same awesome hair! I don’t blow dry my hair – so Part-Time air dry accelerator is a GODSEND when I’m traveling! I also love the 10-1 product because it’s a multi-purpose product to control frizz and shine and moisture – UGH, it does literally everything! I also pack Clean Freak dry shampoo to get that ‘travel smell’ out of my hair. These three things can take care of everything!



5.) Check the weather!

OMG. THIS IS CRITICAL. Check the weather as close as humanly possible to leaving. I went to Chicago in MAY. And on Friday it was about 55 degress & humid, it snowed on Saturday, was almost 60 degrees on Sunday, and rained on Monday. It was NUTS. I had only checked the weather two days before I left. In two days MADNESS broke loose. It seems obvious and people are really lax about it.


6.) Store Things in Your Shoes

Such a great hack! Store things in your shoes! I put scrunchies, jewelry, chargers, socks, underpants, etc. in my shoes! It keeps them from rolling around in the suitcase, getting smushed, or getting lost! It also saves space like you wouldn’t believe!



7.) Don’t forget your jammies!

I can’t tell you how often I forget to pack a t-shirt or sweatpants to sleep in. Seems obvious, but I hardly ever think of sleep clothes as an ‘outfit’ so I’ve had to pack my pajamas first so I don’t forget!









*this post is sponsored by Not Your Mother’s Brand, however all thoughts and opinions are my own!*


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