This week – we opened ANOTHER show!

I know…I know…do enough theatre? Yeah, I know.

This week I opened ‘The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas’ which is the true story of the Chicken Ranch. Chicken Ranch was a bordello in a small town in Texas that ran until the 1970’s. In the 70’s a televangelist comes in and shuts them down. I play Eloise. I’m going for kind of cutesy whore…if such a thing even exists. Maybe next week I’ll post some of my costumes because they’re great. We opened last night and we’re running 8 more performances! Including one tonight! If you’re in the area – be sure to check it out at Genesius Theatre! If not, send good vibes!

But I’ve applied for like 20 jobs this week and helped my mom out at her office and had some interviews and made some good connections. So I’m at least doing the right things. I’m joining a networking group and I have two years of experience and send out TONS of resumes and applications and cover letters. Blargh. I’m just waiting for the right thing to come along. People often say that blessings are just in disguise so that’s what I pray for everyday! If you’ve ever been on the job hunt – what did you think was the most helpful tool during your search? Any tips or advice?

And I’ve been very quiet about it…because I’m still not quite sure how to feel or how to think. I’m still processing my emotions and thoughts. But my thoughts and prayers are with the families and victims of the Orlando shooting and I will always, pridefully, stand as an ally to the LGBT community.

But on a lighter note – My content of the day! DRESS-POCALYPSE

But I have been wanting to do this for ages – so I’m going to do DRESS-POCALYPSE!

I’m just going to post pictures of, like, all of my dresses! Modcloth, Torrid, Asos, Thrift, Old Navy, Forever21, Eshakti, all of them!

This post really isn’t full of any tips or anything! It’s for the person that loves to creep on other people’s closets (*slowly raises hand*)! Today is just a fun photo blog to show off some of the unique dresses I’ve acquired since graduating college!


In no particular or relevant order:





Act 1 – Sensation & Pinball Wizard
Act 2 – Sally Simpson & Finale










Bonus Round:

Pictures-of-me-in-dresses-with-Preston-that-I-don’t-have-other-pictures-of Round

img_5010Photo May 07, 4 38 42 PM (1)Photo May 07, 4 13 27 PM16



Bonus Bonus Round:


IMG_3685cirquedragIMG_2114 - CopyMI



I think that’s the end of the dress-pacylpse. I think it’s all but maybe two or three of my dresses? There is, shocker, a few dresses that I do NOT have pictures of at this juncture. There’s two wrap dresses, two LBD, and one dress that I haven’t quite figured out how to wear yet…So maybe that will be the next trick. Don’t know.

I also JUST got a purposeful planner in the mail. Maybe next week (or so) I will have do an ‘unveiling’ of the planner. Because it’s awesome. I’ll link the Instagram account here.

So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

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Comment for topics you would like to see me cover! Like to help my self esteem! What do you think so far? More fashion? More lifestyle? Do you like the mix?

Question of the Day: Post a picture of you in your favorite dress and tag me! (Not really a question – but we can call it challenge of the day!)

My next few blog ideas:   And transitioning your outfits from winter to summer. Maybe one about those ten pieces that make up a wardrobe. But I’m not sure. I want to know what you are interested in hearing about? My Top 10 Embarrassing Stories? 20 Facts from Your Blogger? A team up with another blogger? A show off of my Barbie lot? Let me know! I’m definitely going to do my patriotic outfit in the end of June for some style tips on how to look patriotic and fabulous this Fourth of July!

Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,

Abby ❤


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