Lions, Tigers, & Bears…

Welcome back friends and freinds alike (for those who constantly type that first).

Another exciting week. I open my show in just a few days and it’s definitely going to be a total experience. Can’t wait! Send me some break a legs’ and good thoughts this weekend!

But, if you’re anything like me – you’re a TOTAL closet creep.


Like if my life were a Tumblr post:

Me: Thanks for inviting me to your house.

Friend: No prob – wait, what are you doing?

Me: *slowly shuts closet door.* nothing.


Or if you were always that friend that loved to borrow clothes, see a fashion show of when someone buys a bunch of clothes, follows style Instagrammers  (like me!), etc. – then this post is for you my friends.

Closeted closet creeps – UNITE! (or untie for those who type that wrong).

So, as most all of you know – I posted a post with a sneak look at all my dresses in what I deemed “Dress-Pocalypse” and a sneak peek into my entire wardrobe inventory…or at least all my dresses.

So today I wanted to give a sneak peek into my wardrobe collection.

And anyone who knows me at all – I LOVE animals. Have you ever watched a YouTube video of a giraffe running? Do you even like smiling? And you all know I love the Harvey Doodle. Actually – he’s SO damn cute – let’s just feature a picture of him.



Isn’t he the most handsome little doodle? Honestly? I’ve never seen a cuter doodle.

But everyone knows I will pet the shit out of your dog or cat or ferret or hamster or bunny or I’ll pet a chinchilla all day every day.

So I am absolutely OBSESSED with any dress or skirt or sweater that is printed with animals. So today I want to show you all these SUPER cute animal print items that I have.

So in an effort to let everyone creep on my wardrobe – here are all my animal items!



100% of me owning not one, not two, but three dresses covered in horses is due to that line from Gilmore Girls where Kirk asks Loreali out on a date and Loreali tells Rory and Rory answers with, “You should wear your dress with the ponies on it. I bet Kirk likes ponies.”

That is an honest to goodness truth. That line has ALWAYS tickled me to death.


Purple Dress – Lindy Bop UK


Pink ponies – Modcloth


Unicorn top – Modcloth

I didn’t know if they were technically horses – but it’s CLOSE, right?

And a cute story about this top – I ordered it on ModCloth and I was watching the shipping progress. And after like two weeks it was still at the outgoing mail facility. So I chatted in to their customer service. And I remember it was a man and he said, “Oh MY GATO” (oh my cat) and told me there was only one left in my size so he was going to send it express with no charge. Eventually like a month later the first one showed up and I sent it back. But it was a great customer service experience!



So, I’m sorry for what I’m about to say…but I am NOT a cat person. I don’t like having to try so hard to get a six pound jerk to be my friend. I didn’t like it in middle school – I don’t like it with cats. There are only two cats that I ADORE and that is my Godmother’s cat, Sophie, and my dear friend Leslie’s cat, Nala. The rest – I will pet the love out of them…but that’s about it.


Kitty Cat Dress – Modcloth.

This picture is actually one of my faves of me. I remember I was working at March of Dimes and it was one of those days that was one of the first warm days of Spring…where is was warm and breezy during the day and a bit chilly at night.

It was like April 25th. All I needed was a light jacket


Meow Sweater – Torrid.


I saw it at an actual store. Loved it. Decided to wait on it. Went back to get it a few days later and there were none left in my size AT ALL. And the sales girl told me it was an in-store exclusive (which I will later discover is NOT true). So I went to 3 other Torrids (none of which are close to me at all!) to look for my size and NONE of them had it. I was SO SAD. So a few weeks later I checked back in to the first store. Someone had RETURNED ONE in my size so I snatched it right up.

Does this make me sound insane? Probably. Don’t care. You’re not wrong.




I am a TOTAL dog person.

*Reference adorable photo of Harvey above as a source.

I love to play fetch and scratch their ears and bellys and let them lick my face. They’re just so cute. I will stop and pet ANY dog. A guy could literally be holding a puppy next to a white van that says “Kidnap-Mobile’ and I’ll get in that van JUST to pet that dog.

Is that too far? Probs. But it’s true. My family had this amazing gigantic standard poodle was I was a little girl and she loved to swim laps in the pool with my dad and she would let me use her as a pillow and was the sweetest dog ever. She died when I was still a little kid – but having Darby made me a dog person for LIFE.

Just a heads up – this section is OUT OF CONTROL.

In the last two years – I became obsessed with all things with Frenchies & Bulldogs on them. Honestly, how freaking cute are they?

13956884_10155194675893065_754347988_n (1)

Blue Frenchie Shirt Dress – Modcloth


Gray Boston Terrier Sweater – Avenue (a store I am coming to ADORE! maybe I’ll do a post all about them!) Because honestly, this is the SOFTEST and most comfortable sweater of all time.


I got this Boston Terrier blue sweater from….WalMart. Yep. They had weirdly adorable plus sized sweaters for like $8 last Christmas. So of course, I had to get one!



This poodle sweater was a Stylish Surprise grab from Modcloth. I ADORE IT. Reminds me of Darby (except she was a black and gray poodle!). But it’s so retro & fifties!


This King Charles Cavalier Sweater is a ModCloth find and is SO FREAKING CUTE. I bought it on like a stupid amount of clearance for something like $11. Totally worth every penny.



I bought this ridiculous dress on eBay (although originally from Modcloth). It was a delightful surprise to find out that it was a stretchy jersey knit and totally became a go-to summer dress. I seriously wear this like once a week in the summer. It’s so cute and casual but I can totally wear it to see a show.



This Boston Terrier Tunic was a Torrid find and another go-to for heading out on the weekends or if we have company to our house. It’s casual AND cute.


This outfit is another TOTAL go-to in the summer. Seriously, one of my best looks. It’s cute, colorful, summery, lightweight, adorable, comfy. This is another outfit that you’ll see me wear like, once a week, in the summer.


This Dachsund sweater was another eBay-but-orginally-Modcloth find.

It had been on my ISO list FOREVER. So when I saw it for like $10 on eBay – I snatched it up right away!



I liked it….so I put a bird on it. These were just WAY too cute to pass up.



My mom has always been obsessed with flamingos. So this dress reminds me of her! This was my Cinco de Mayo look from last year! Too cute, right?

12674124_10154748431703065_1473183488_n (1)

This bird shirt dress is a total thrift steal! Found it at a Salvation Army for $4. And it was also a stretchy jersey knit! Adorbs. And honestly, if something is knit or stretchy – I am 10 times as likely to be on board with wearing it all day.



Honestly, this owl sweater, as cute as it is – was a TOTAL let down.

I ordered it on Poshmark. The girl had it listed as a 3x.

It arrived COVERED in cat hair and wrinkled and a JUNIOR’S 2x.

And to return it – I had to pay return shipping. For like $8 I paid for it – it wasn’t worth it to return it. So it just sits in my closet. I washed it. If anyone wants it – just comment and it’s yours.


This pheasant hat is actually – shocker – Preston’s! It’s just cute. (but don’t let him know I said that.)



I LOVE foxes. Anything foxes. Foxies & Frenchies are my two favorite print anything.

I will put a fox on ANYTHING. Do I give a fox? Oh, I give all the foxes.


This adorable little fox dress is from Forever 21 plus. It’s super cute and stretchy.

Also, I once saw an extra on Degrassi wearing it and I felt super cool.

Also, I watch Degrassi in my mid-twenties. DON’T JUDGE ME.


I got this shirt on Poshmark as well – originally a Modcloth. It’s not an ‘every day’ shirt. The fabric is a little fancy for chilling out, relaxing all cool, and shooting some B-Ball outside of the school – but it’s perfect to bring a smidge of whimsy to the office.



Because much like Hufflepuffs – everyone needs a misc. group!

Some of these were taken with an iPhone way back in the day – so apologies for any quality discrepancies. These are just some animals that I LOVELOVELOVE but just don’t have more than one of. (because, honestly, how many llama dresses does a girl need?)



When I bought this adorable jersey Giraffe dress from Torrid – the sales girl was ringing it up and exclaimed “Oh, I LOVE zebras.” – This was super confusing because they are – in fact- giraffes. It’s kind of like that guy that was talking about a horse while a picture of a moth was on the screen on QVC? Anyone remember that guy?



I am OBSESSED with this Modcloth Dino Dress. So cute. Comfy, stretchy, modest enough to take to the office but whimsical enough for a girl’s day. It’s really cute. Although, recently, I discovered that my mom had pilfered it to her closet because she really liked it.

So maybe I don’t have a dino dress anymore. THANKS MOM.



This sheep sweater is a find from Target. They also had this goofy sweater that was the same cut and style but was a cream color and had a giraffe in glasses with a bowler. And I didn’t buy it soon enough. So if anyone has the sweater in question – comment and I’ll get it.

But look at these sheep. THEY ARE SO CUTE! And I’ve paired this sweater with leggings, jeans, skirts, even over dresses. It’s comfy and warm, which as we all know, are the true marks of a great sweater.


This llama dress is ALL OF THE THINGS. It’s from Lindy Bop and still available on their site.

I recommend everyone go buy it immediately. It’s silky, stretchy, adorable, not too low cut or too short. This will probably be my Cinco-De-Mayo outfit this year. (I have no idea why – but I LOVE wearing hot pink dresses on Cinco-de-Mayo.


Look at the little bambis! Stop. They are SO CUTE. This was my Thanksgiving outfit this year. A breezy cotton dress from Modcloth with deer on it, brown tights, and some tan (and fake) Uggs. Perfect fall look!


And of course, some Shark Week leggings. These are once again, a Modcloth find. But they tickle me to death. Who decided that this was a good idea? Who knows? But all I know is I now have some Shark Week themed clothing.


And this. This dress to me is the Holy Grail. It’s THE dress. They sold out before I could buy it. And they never re-stocked.

So if anyone has this and is willing to give it up to me – just send me a DM. And I am totally serious. I covet this dress like no other.

It’s my favorite cut of dress. I seriously have nine. NINE OF THIS DRESS. All in different patterns and colors.



So open call to anyone who might be able to help a sister out! I JUST NEED MORE THINGS WITH PUPPIES ON THEM! Puppies are the ultimate happiness. That’s why they have therapy dogs and not therapy chinchillas.



Anyway! I believe this concludes this particular episode of Penny Darling! I was a little limited by the massive snow storm that hit the North East this week. (Two snow days in a row and something like 20 inches of snow where we live.) It’s hard to take outfit pics when you’re almost knee deep in snow and it BLINDINGLY bright outside.

Are you more of a dog or cat person? Or chinchilla person? No judgement! Do you have any cute dresses or sweaters or tops or leggings that are covered in a cute animal? Feel free to comment me some pictures of you rocking your animal print! I know that some of you have some of these things!


So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! Another collab, some travel stuff, a guest post from Preston, possibly some swimwear, etc. Tons more to come!

I definitely want to do more His & Her fashion. Do you guys like seeing Preston more?

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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