Heathers Lookbook: How Very

Hello there to all!

I am writing to you today as some of my dearest friends prepare to open their production of Heathers: The Musical at the Ephrata Performing Arts Center tonight!

So break a leg to DrewMichaelMarthaEmilyMaggieBrianBobKevinTravis! And the rest of the cast that are not old friends – but have a ‘killer show’….I’ll see myself out.

If anyone is unfamiliar with the 80’s cult classic ‘Heathers’ movie, the short summary is unpopular, but kind hearted, Veronica befriends the three most popular girls in school all named Heather, the leader of which is a mythic bitch, and becomes popular right along with them. She shortly after meets dark and damaged JD and Veronica’s desire to be popular starts having a body count.

Here’s a cast shot of the Heathers & Veronica at EPAC:heathers.jpg

I had the chance to see a dress rehearsal on Monday and it was AWESOME. Funny, great vocals, awesome choreography, and stellar costumes. Can’t wait to be in the audience tonight and cheering the classic lines like, “Fuck me gently with a chainsaw” and “What’s your damage, Heather?” – If you’re local to the area – check out more info and tickets here.

So for this look book – I went for the classic look of each Heathers and Veronica (which is a short skirt, knee socks, and a colored blazer), JD, and Martha (Veronica’s plus sized child hood best friend with a pension for unicorns….sounds pretty familiar). Now these aren’t ‘costumes’ exactly…but more ‘inspired by’.

Without any further ado….the most very looks I could manage with what was in my closet.



Heather Chandler

Thrift plaid skirt and thrift red blazer.



Heather Duke

A thrift find of a green eighties blazer!


Heather Macnamara

Listen…okay…those other three blazers were incredibly LUCKY thrift finds. So, I had a yellow plaid dress, yellow cardigan, white knee socks…this one is the least good one. It’s VERY hard to just stumble upon a yellow blazer.

IMG_1866 (1).PNG



Modcloth Unicorn top with a thrifted pale pink skirt.

I identify with Martha so much. “Martha has a huge…heart. But unfortunately, around here – that isn’t enough”. She is constantly bullied about her weight.



JD…Veronica’s dark and damaged boyfriend with way too easy access to his trigger happy dad’s gun and a darkly charismatic God complex. So for this look, a Torrid gun dress with some leather shoes.




Aren’t those so very?

Well, cast of Heathers, cult classic fans, and musical Heatherettes? How did I do? Did I manage to convey the general sense and idea of these characters? I think they are pretty close…Real life, some of these outfits are things I would wear in my real life.

Be sure to support this production!

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,




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