Let the Sunshine In: HAIR Look Book

Hello there, Penny Darlings!

Darlings! Oh my gosh! That’s cute! Keeping it! You’re all my ‘penny’ darlings.

Okay, I’m sorry. I’ll stop laughing at my own joke now.

Anyway – hiiiiiiiiii everyone! Welcome back to another edition of Penny Darling!


So I have some super exciting stuff coming up in the near future! I got a really exciting promo box for WeLoveColors, Not Your Mother’s hair care, and Lindy Bop all coming up!

I normally unbox those in my Instagram story. If you’re a big unboxing creep like me and you love watching that stuff – be sure to follow my Instagram here!


But this has been a crazy week! Some of you know when I’m not blogging my face off – I work at a college campus working with student events. And this week is the week of our three day long weekend festival. It’s like 12 hours a day for three days. It’s insane! It’s totally fun but there’s not enough RedBull in the world to keep this girl going right now.

For real, it’s not even noon  yet and I’ve had a RedBull and a large iced coffee from Dunkin’ with a turbo shot in it. And there’s another RedBull in my near future.

Me getting thru this week like: 



But since this week has been VERY stressful and time consuming – I decided to get mellow.

Many of my very dear friends are currently in a local production of ‘Hair’ and tonight is their opening night! So they’ve all had a stressful and long week too!

So, when these same friends opened a production of Heathers: The Musical back in October – I did a Heathers Look Book  as a show of support for their opening night!

Now, for this opening night I wanted to do some late 1960’s/early 1970’s looks so I can pretend to be part of the tribe and to let the sunshine in!

I also discovered during this week that I do NOT have very many 1970’s outfits or even clothes. I mean, I could do the 1950’s for probably five weeks straight. I could probably do 80’s, also. I COULD PROBABLY DO THE DAMN 1920’S easier than I could do the 60’s/70’s fashion. So some of these are….a stretch.

We’re Not Flower Pots – We’re Flower Children

This look was by far my fave and I did this one first!

It’s a daisy dress with a nice big ruffle and bell sleeves from Torrid paired with a sunflower headband from Target. And while Preston and I were shooting we happened upon this big clearing full of dandelions. And it was warm and sunny and happy.

hippie 3

This was actually a lovely day. It was warm and sunny and Preston and I kept singing ‘Let the sunshine in’ as we drive around with the windows open. And of course, we’re us – so we were harmonizing perfectly! Ha! But it was so on theme and we were in the right vibe to happen upon a dandelion field.

hippie 4



The Moon is in its 7th House

This was a bit more daring of a look for me. I’m not usually about the crop top. Not because I hate my stomach but I’m still coming to terms with my ‘VBO’ or (visible belly outline!) and that it’s okay and this is still a rad outfit.

I paired a white tee that I tied into a crop with this amazing pair of jersey Palazzo pants. Then I threw on my tie-dye fringe vest (all in coordinating colors!)

This outfit was by far the comfiest. It was stretchy and breezy and comfy. Everything was soft jersey and cotton. And that headband was freaking to DIE FOR. I was literally obsessed. I got the headband at Walmart, of all places, and it’s like…SUPER RAD. It’s beaded and sparkly and very flower child.

hippie 2

Fun Fact: I DID almost trip over these roots into this lake. Oops.



LBJ Took the IRT

This is an awesome white, lace, eyelet summery dress. I threw it on with a pink rosebud headband. It’s very wholesome, summery, pure, and pink.

Like, this is the ingenue of the story in this outfit. And I lovelovelove that little white dresses are a summer trend. It’s so nice and a different way to contrast color. The white gives a perfect new vibe.

And yes, I am standing barefoot on a log in a clearing in some woods by a river. I was really channeling this.


Of course I’m crazy! We’re all crazy. Let’s shake on it.

Now this is where it starts to get dodgy. This is not a particularly 70’s dress. But the brown with the navy and burgundy in a paisley kind of pattern reminded me on someone’s grandma’s couch.

This is a LulaRoe Nicole. And while I was slow to jump on the LLR train – my Nicole dresses are seriously my new go-to work dress. I work in events – so they’re long enough, have sleeves but aren’t too hot or cold, a perfect neckline, and are a nice stretchy fabric. I seriously look on eBay for patterns I like in the Nicole almost every day.

Because, as I have mentioned – if you love it – buy it in every color.



See, I googled 1970’s couch. And this is what came up. I’m not crazy when I call this a ‘1970’s look’.

The look is calling ‘Living Room Chic’ or called ‘The Couch That’s Still At My Grandparents House Under That Weird Plastic Cover’.

It’s sweeping the runways. Milan 2019. I’ll bet you!

Honestly, I love this dress but that is TOTALLY what the flowers reminded me of.



September 12th, right here.

This is one of my fave tops! It’s so 1970’s. It’s this gorgeous swing trapeze top (which was a Ross Dress for Less snag a few years ago!). And it’s got bell sleeves, a crochet neckline, an asymmetrical hem and is as cute as button.

I paired it with a simple pair of black leggings and it’s such a comfy outfit!



And this is the part where my mom got involved.

I think between the vintage tee, the wide stripe cardigan, and wide leg jeans – she kind of looks like a mix of Jodie Foster and the daughter in Fun Home. Both very 1970’s. (and I mean, the outfit. My mom bears little to no resemblance to Jodie Foster or a child.)


And this fabric reminded me of something very 70’s and hippie-ish. But I think the peplum wasn’t quite it so I only included one photo for the fabric!



Busted for Her Beauty

Now, this dress is one of my great regrets.

I got it as part of a Stylish Surprise. Saw it was a maxi. Immediately sold it before I even tried it on. I tried it on for my haul post.

And it was comfy and beautiful and I looked like a damn sun goddess. I have so many feelings about getting rid of this dress.

If anyone is trying to get rid of theirs – I’m in!

But it was SO SOFT and flowy. Very flower child. If I still owned this dress – I would be wearing it to opening night. For sure.

blue 1

blue 2


So, this is the end of my HAIR look book! I know it’s mostly 1970’s inspired – but going to take these shots out in nature on a sunny spring day was totally worth it!

Break a leg to all my friends opening their show tonight! I can’t wait to come see the performance! It’s going to be psychadelic!

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people sitting, beard, grass and outdoor


They are all so freaking perfect and talented! Send lots of break a legs to the cast!




And lemme tell you – I got big plans for Penny Darling! This is a quarter-centennial celebration for goodness sake! And it’s only a month away! Yikes!

So I definitely will be posting about my birthday look. (I always feel like I NEVER know what to wear for a party that’s like, for me, you know? HOW CUTE OR SEXY AM I SUPPOSED TO LOOK?!)

I also will be doing a week’s worth of birthday giveaways for some of my faves! So be sure to keep posted for those!

And I was thinking about posting my birthday wishlist! Thoughts? Anyone nosy enough to peek at the list? Lemme know!


The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! Some hauls, the LBD, etc, styling my mom Part II, Lindy Bop, WeLoveColors, and more!

Do you want me to write a post about chub rub? I’d be happy to buy a few things and review them for everyone?

I definitely want to do more His & Her fashion. Do you guys like seeing Preston more?

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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