A Whimsical Style Spin!

Hello there all friends, both new and old!

Welcome back to the newly named, Penny Darling!

(Special thanks to Dan for helping me with the rename!)

Today I’m taking on a bit of a different challenge – I’m collaborating!

Yes, you heard correctly! Collaborating!

My friend and Liz over at With Wonder & Whimsy and I have decided to take on the Spin the Pin Challenge!

Since we are both addicted to whimsy, fun, darling, based on Broadway glam, and classic charm – we knew it was a collab meant to be!

Liz and I began as Instagram friends (with me as a huge fan, first!) and eventually became closer and always seeing her pink and fun looks brightened my day – so this is an exciting day to do a collab with her!

The theme idea for today was a “Spin the Pin” challenge. The challenge was started by iCurvyWorld and defines itself as:

“SPIN the PIN Challenge is one of my absolute favorite challenges. The concept is about celebrating fashion diversity – each month, taking inspiration from a single image (the PIN) and everyone putting their own SPIN on it.”

Liz and I decided to do just that! We each (secretly!) took a look from each other’s instagram page and decided to put our own spin on these looks!

You can check out Liz’s awesome blog “With Wonder & Whimsy” as she tries to tackle an outfit of mine! Be sure to go check out her post: Style Spin: Cutesy Monochrome! 

We have traded a style from each of our Instagram posts! You can check out the With Wonder and Whimsy instagram by clicking here! You can also check out my instagram by clicking here! 


With Wonder & Whimsy


So this here is Liz! Both whimsical and wonderful!

I knew right away that this was the outfit I had to tackle! I loved the pink, the tulle, the polka dots – the vaguely 1950’s feel and the fun twirl of that skirt!

Her original outfit is an awesome blend of girly and bad ass…and luckily I had just the right accessories to recreate this look!

Liz’s original look is:

Statement Necklace: Catherine’s

Black Tee: Catherine’s

Pink Petticoat Skirt: Lane Bryant

Leopard Booties: Avenue


I know, right? Glam, a bit of bad ass, a touch of polka dot, pink, tulle, and just the right amount of swing. The perfect outfit for me to try to recreate!

Now, let’s see how wonderful and whimsical I can be!

Now, this here is my attempt at a recreation!


My look is:

Vintage Pink Pearls & Scottie Dog pin: Flea Market steals!

Black Tee: Old Navy

Pink Petticoat Skirt: Lane Bryant

Leopard Shoes: Wal-Mart

Gray Head Band: Charming Charlie’s


*Bonus fun fact: This petticoat skirt is still available at Lane Bryant (and for my bargain shoppers – I think it’s on clearance!).

*Double Bonus Fact: (that Liz may not even know!) I bought this skirt BEFORE our collab because it looked so darn cute on her!

So, as anyone who is a regular viewer of mine knows – I’m not big on shoes, so I was so happy to find this adorable pair of Cheetah flats while grabbing some shampoo at Wal-Mart!

They were the perfect find!

Do you call that print Cheetah or Leopard? I NEVER know what is the right one. I think Cheetah…but I don’t know.




Now I added my touch of personality by using pearls instead on a long necklace to give it a more vintage feel. I also added on the Scottie Dog brooch to add to the 1950’s inspired look that I was trying to spin with this outfit!

I also wish that my top knot game was even a fraction of on point as Liz’s – but unfortunately the silver hair bow is what needed to be there instead to tame the curly beast!



Also, fun fact:

During the middle of taking these photos with my amazing friend, Mindy, a random snow squall started breezing by! It was super sudden and crazy!

So we had to snap shots in between the crazy snow storm!

Weird Pennsylvania weather can be tough to photograph in during the winter!





Now, as any good collab would go: I want to introduce you to Liz!

We decided to answer a few questions so each of our followers would get to know us!

Getting to know you Q&A:


What has your journey been like as a blogger and content creator?

I started my blog back in my teaching days to give myself a creative outlet. I started by sharing free web tools and teaching strategies, but I was so inspired by all the fashion blogs I was reading at the time, that I started sharing outfit photos too. Once I started sharing my outfits and styling tips, I realized my passion for fashion and that I had so much more to say about it. My blog became a creative space to explore trends, experiment with my style, and engage with other women who shared my flair for fashion. Over time, my blog has evolved from a hobby to a full-time career, and I’m proud to call myself a creative entrepreneur. I started blogging for myself, but now I want my blog to be a fashion, travel, and lifestyle resource for women looking to infuse their lives with a bit more color, whimsy, and fun.

How would you describe your style?

My style is playful, self-assured, thoughtful, inspired, and whimsical. I’m definitely influenced by 50s retro glamour, costumes from old musicals, and fanciful things like fairy princesses, ballerinas, unicorns, and mermaids. My style has elements of kitsch and twee, and I like my outfits to convey a sense of fun-loving adventure. I believe that fashion is fantasy, and I like harnessing that fantasy into approachable, wearable looks.

What’s a piece of advice you have for any aspiring bloggers out there?

There’s room for everyone, so stay true to you. Everyone has a unique voice and unique style, so never feel like your point-of-view doesn’t belong. People start blogs for a variety of reasons: as a hobby, a way to make friends, a business, or even a form of activism. You get to choose how to start, and you get to direct your blog’s evolution. It can be easy to compare yourself to others, so be mindful of how you populate your social media feeds. Follow people who inspire and challenge you. Reach out. Collaborate. Other bloggers are not your competition; they are colleagues and resources. My blogger friends are constant wells of inspiration, support, and ideas, and I value their input and friendship. I started blogging for me, but I’ve learned that it’s really about the relationships you make.


What did you all think? Did I do Liz’s sweet & glam look justice? Either way, I felt freaking old school glam while these photos were happening! (again, thanks Mindy!)

So make sure you head on over to check out Liz’s recreation of my outfit!

If you loved the look – would you love to see more of these style recreations?

If you love Liz’s style – make sure that you check out her instagram for even more whimsical looks!

So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! Valentine’s Day Looks, LulaRoe review, travel blog, Society+ review, and so much more fun stuff!

I definitely want to do more His & Her fashion. Do you guys like seeing Preston more?

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



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