Sweet & Spicy: Birthday Looks with Society+

Good morning Darlings!

Welcome back to another wonderfully awesome Thursday!

I hope everyone is having a gorgeous week and figuring out to beat the heat. Because our air conditioner is RIGHT next to the couch so it is frigidly cold to watch TV but sweltering everywhere else in the house.

All of my students are headed home for the summer so I am gearing up for a great summer. I’m debating doing two or three posts a week – if anyone is interested in that?

Did everyone get to celebrate with their mom this past weekend? Here’s a pic of my family just enjoying being together!

Image may contain: 2 people, eyeglasses, selfie, outdoor and closeup

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful moms out there! Thanks for being such bad asses and putting up with all of our terribleness.


So let’s take care of some housekeeping first of all.

Let’s talk about this giveaway-thon that I have plowing through on my Instagram feed! So on Tuesday – it was a NYM giveaway & yesterday was a Penny Darling T-Shirt!

And I’m going to be honest – they are just going to get more exciting. I am super excited about the Friday and Monday ones in particular! So keep posted for those!

Today’s giveaway is…. *drum roll please*

I am giving away a $50 gift card to Society Plus! They have SUCH gorgeous and well made clothes. I highly recommend checking out their exclusive and limited release of this gorgeous rose tulle skirt called the Juliet!

You enter by:

Liking my photo on Insta, tagging a bestie (or two!), and following @SocietyPlus on Instagram as well!

So – I will be announcing all of the winners of each contest on my INSTAGRAM ON MAY 24th! So stay tuned!!!

And I’m thisclose to hitting 10K on instagram – so be sure to check out my page!

Random Poll: Should I sell shirts? Would you buy? Yes or no? The cost would be between $25-$30 per shirt. (I haven’t gotten an exact price). Sizes XS – 4x. I would probably have to do a pre-order because mama ain’t made of money. Thoughts? Yes? No?


But in really big news & the reason for the giveaway!


May 23rd, 1992, I was born into the world being a person.


So like, here’s an attachment to my Birthday Wish List on Amazon –  And I mean, if anyone WANTED to send me a birthday present – I definitely wouldn’t be mad about it!

I was going to do a whole Birthday Wish List post exclusively for things I wanted from Modcloth or Torrid or whatever but things got crazy over here between planning like, seven giveaways, taking a TON of batch photos, planning a birthday party, etc. So I never posted my list. People kept saying “do it!” because low key – we are all a little bit nosy.

Since I never did that – please enjoy some photos of me as a child in a poodle costume and with a SICK power rangers stomach tattoo.


So enough birthday and giveaway talk! Let’s get to the meat and potatoes!

Society+ and Penny Darling teamed up this week to bring you some Sweet & Spicy looks for my big birthday weekend!

Their team was so sweet to gift me these pieces as an early birthday gift! Thank you Society Plus!!!!

You can find the Society+ website here and their instagram here!

Be sure to check out their sites!

Let’s talk about why I like Society Plus.

First of all – they are ALL about size inclusion. They go from a size 14-32. I love that range. I feel like sometimes plus sizes cap off at an 18 or 20. And then us size 24 girls are all waving our arms like, “Hey, we’re here too!”

Second of all – they were started by someone with a vision, an idea, and continue to run their company that way.


I cannot stress how happy that makes me. I hate seeing clothes I love on a 5’9 and size 12 girl. I realize that she is, yes, considered plus size, but it gives me no idea what it will look like on my body type. They have models from 14-28 and I eat that up!

And not only that, but they use ‘real people’. They often feature customers who share photos on their promotional material, social media platforms, and website. I really like that!

It’s a total #GirlBoss situation. They celebrate diversity, inclusion, body positivity, confidence, whimsy, and fun.

And honestly, supporting a company not only for their clothes but for their vision as well is something I can totally get behind!


Look #1

This look was by far a fave.

Like, look at that skirt.

Can we all agree that even just looking at this skirt you could tell it was TWIRL-ABLE AF?!


And with the pastel pink, twirling capabilities, and that ADORABLE bow – this was the perfect dash of sweet to suffice my girly side!

You can check out this skirt here! It comes in a bunch of colors and has a nice elastic backed waist which is perfect for eating birthday cake, amirite?

And bonus – this skirt is actually named after my dear friend Liz who runs With Wonder & Whimsy! Be sure to check out my collabs with Liz about Easter looks & Style Spin!


And this caged neck crop top is a little racier and edgier than something I might pick out for myself – but the bubblegum pink, elbow length sleeves, & faux suede made it just the right combination of sexy and cute as well as sweet and spicy!

You can find this cute caged crop on Society+ here!

I paired it with a soft pink head band and some adorable pink bow flats! (They were REALLY HARD TO SEE).

So this outfit is totally what I would wear out to a bar or an intimate party with friends! It shows a lot (and a little!). So this outfit is totally an outfit to be paired with a fruity birthday drink with an umbrella in it, amirite?


Image result for torrid pink bow flats

*I did not take this bow flat pic! I just gave it a quick google to make sure you could see!


Look #2

So this look is a bit more conservative! The burgundy is a bit more traditional than the bubblegum pink! And we replaced the caged neckline with a classic scoop neck!

So this outfit has the same adorable outfit as before with a more conservative twist! So I still get that dash of sweet! However, it’s still a faux suede crop top which gives me that bit of an edge!

I also lovelovelove the new trend of the burgundy and pastel pink that is becoming super popular. It’s really freaking cute. Like, honestly. I would not have thought of even pairing them together and every time I see it – I become more and more low key obsessed.

I think this would be adorable to wear out to dinner with the parents or a co-worker happy hour! It’s got just enough adorable glam without throwing glitter in someone’s face (which I would do and have totally done!)



And then I branched out!

So then I took the two crops and wanted to see if I could pair them with things I already had in my closet!

And the results were one of my dearest friends sending me a text that said they made me look like an effing Disney princess and an effing Disney villain. And honestly, what is more praise than that? Because we all want to be Belle…but are totally a smidge of Maleficent.


So first: I paired my caged pink crop with my pastel pink petticoat skirt. This one gave me a bit of exposed tummy, a lower plunge neck, and was something I could put together in just five minutes.

I say this literally ALL the time – IF YOU FIND SOMETHING THAT YOU LOVE BUY IT IN EVERY DAMN COLOR. It becomes sosososososo easy to mix and match it with pieces you already have.

And I know half of the people reading this totes already have this skirt. And look. The tulle gives it some whimsy while the cage neckline gives it some edge. Perfect combo.



And then I paired my gorgeous burgundy crop top with this thrifted (literally used to be a Catholic school uniform skirt) navy pleated skirt, burgundy bow headband, and an ‘IDGAF’ face.

My resting face is not at all bitchy. It is overtly friendly. I accidentally make a LOT of friends like that. And by friends – I mean creeps in bookstores.

But I loved taking the thrifted school girl skirt and pairing it with this conservative yet spunky crop top. The bow added a bit of that girly flair and the sunglasses (from @sunglassup_) made me look like the #GirlBoss that I am trying to be. And again, you can pair these gorgeous tops with 10 pieces you already have in your wardrobe. I paid $3 for this skirt.

This was Preston’s personal fave shot of our WHOLE shoot.

What do you think?



So these are my Society+ birthday looks! I linked to every specific item in the above description if you are craving these pieces! And even if you’re not – at least check them out! THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE AND WELL MADE

You can find the Society+ website here and their instagram here!

What is your fave birthday look? Or what would you wear to your adult birthday parties?

Let me know in the comments below!



The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! Some hauls, the LBD, etc, styling my mom Part II, Lindy Bop, Cherry Velvet, and more!

Do you want me to write a post about chub rub? I’d be happy to buy a few things and review them for everyone?

I definitely want to do more His & Her fashion. Do you guys like seeing Preston more?

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



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