Why I’m Rooting for the Patriots: A Fourth Grade Love Story.

Hello all!

I am here on this – the day of all days – Super Bowl Sunday for a special mini post!

I’ve been thinking about producing new content/more content more than once a week.

So, I’m experimenting. Today I wanted to tell everyone why I will be rooting for the New England Patriots tonight.

Now, before you go crazy calling them cheaters or encouraging my participation or questioning why a girly theatre nerd who HATES sports even has a fave sports team – I want to tell you this story.

So, let’s start this story back in 2002. I’m nine years old at the time. (sorry for anyone who dreamed that I was super cool and old. Nope, millenial.)

And I was a hardcore swimmer.

Well, as hardcore as a fourth grader can be.

I had been in age group swimming since I was 6 or 7. And then I joined the swim team.

And I was in a carpool with three boys. Neal, Brian, and Peter. And I was just one of the boys.

And there was NO ONE in the world that I had a bigger crush on than Neal.

My little fourth grade heart could not handle how IN LOVE with Neal I was.

And he was in fifth grade.

I know, big deal.

And we were young enough that we still had group sleepovers and I was a bit of a tomboy and was totally, ‘one of the guys.’.

And we were in musicals, and in the same church youth group, and our parents hung out in the same social circle, and he was on swim team, and everything!

So that’s a little back story about my fourth grade crush.

Now, let’s get back to 2002.

Rams vs. Patriots.

We’re on our way home from swim team practice and Neal and I are the last two in the car. Brian and Pete have already been dropped off. I think it was my mom that was driving.

So in a fourth grade attempt to connect with who I was certain was the love of my life the following conversation ensued:


Me: So….who are you rooting for in the Superbowl this weekend?

Neal: Neither one of those are really my teams. How about you?


Shit. Now I’m trapped.

I have no idea about either team.


So, I weighed the options. My nine year old mind raced and formed a loose plan.

The rams were green and yellow. Patriots were red, white, and blue. I knew at least that much for certain.

I didn’t think the Rams colors were pretty.

But red, white, and blue were pretty. And American, right?

So after weighing my INCREDIBLY limited knowledge about the superbowl and those teams and football and sports in general I said with WAY too much confidence:


Me: The Patriots!

Neal: Oh, bummer! I’m rooting for the Rams since the Jaguars aren’t playing.


My heart sank.

I took a risk. I had a 50/50 chance and I picked wrong. That SUCKS.

So, Neal leaves carpool. I go home and plan. And for the rest of the week I start asking adults about the Patriots.

And now since I have COMMITTED to being a fan of the Patriots – I keep acting like one.

Now, worse news.

All of our families’ had the same Superbowl party. So Neal and I are at this same party. And I am continuing to pretend I am a big fan of the Patriots and doing some teasing smack talk to Neal to pretend that I’m a big fan.

Again, fourth grader logic: Pretend to like a sports team and COMMIT to the lie.

And they’re taking low value bets.

And you have pick like a thousand numbers about touch downs and by how many yards and distance and stuff to take bets. I still to this day – FIFTEEN YEARS in the future have no idea what the numbers I’m choosing are significant of. So I pick a bunch of random numbers.

And I won!

I won the bets picking completely random numbers based on NOTHING at all.

I won like eighty dollars. Which as a fourth grader in 2002 was basically the jackpot. I was halfway to owning a condo on the French Riviera with all that big money.

So, while Neal and I did not end up in love – we did end up with a friendship for most of our lives! We’ve lost touch since college – but even though we never ended up together, I think of him every year around the time of the Superbowl.

And in the many years since this event, at parties – we place dollar bets on these same numbers that I don’t understand and I continue to win.

So if the Pats are ever in the SuperBowl – I always root for them as a fond memory of my fourth grade crush, my jackpot lottery, and my first lesson in dating.

Moral of the story: If you pretend to like a sports team to impress a dude who is rooting for THE OTHER team you will definitely end up eighty dollars richer.

So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

Please let me know what you think of this mini-post!

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How Very,


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