Five Tips for Having a Fabulous Valentine’s Day

Hello all!

Welcome back to the latest episode of Penny Darling!

Did you have a chance to check out my most recent post about why I was rooting for the Patriots? And thank goodness we won!

This week I want to share my tips for how to have a mondo-fabulous Valentine’s Day and show off a few of mine and Preston’s favorite looks for the holiday!

A special thanks to Lauren Althea Photography for her awesome blog shots!

Don’t put so much pressure on it
…or your S/O.

Valentine’s Day, cliche as it is, is just one day. I’ve had the same amazing boyfriend for the last three Valentine’s Days and all of our Valentine’s Days have been pretty lowkey. A small gift, having dinner together, and just generally being together have always been way more important than the ‘perfect’ date. And we are still happy as freakin’ clams!

I don’t fret if he doesn’t buy me a gift and he doesn’t fret if there’s no gift for him. We don’t drop hints, make secret plans, or hold each other to unrealistic expectations that we’re never going to meet.

And with the advent of pinterest – no one has an excuse not to be able to find at least ONE thing to do for V-Day!

And if you’re single – who cares?! It’s a great excuse to buy some adorable LulaRoe leggings, hang out with your friends, treat yourself to a gift that will definitely not disappoint you, eat a bunch of chocolate, and drink wine! I hear no bad parts in that at all.

So in short – no matter what your ‘relationship status’ is – spend this day appreciating the ones you love!



Preston and I for this look decided to go classic Black & White & Red. Even little Harvey the Schnoodle decided to participate! He donned his brand new red collar, black fur, and white paws!

I’m rocking a thrift red sweater, a black and white polka dot dress from Ross Dress for Less and some simple black flats to complete my look. Preston is also rocking some thrift finds! From a thrifted button up and discount jeans – we try to make fashionable affordable! Although his shoes from Stacy Adams were WAY too cool to pass up. 

It was a little windier than we imagined…so the balloons were pretty hit or miss. 





As an adult, don’t blow the budget….

As I get older…gift giving gets different. As much as I would LOVE a build-a-bear, a new swimsuit, a new layout for my blog,…etc. – it’s honestly just as sexy and exciting to be like…’Wow, you paid an extra $50 on our couches. That’s SO romantic.” and truly mean it. Taking out the trash, doing my laundry unexpectedly, or even just picking up my favorite ice cream ‘just because’ is romantic in my book.

Sometimes it’s even just as nice to come home to someone, put your phone away, and be uninterrupted of being together. Forgo the diamond bracelet and just focus on thoughtful, practical, and sweet. That should be everyone’s gift goals.

Preston and I tend to get each other tickets to things because we LOVE to see live performances. We just went to see Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 and a had a blast! I’m crossing my fingers to get tickets to the live My Favorite Murder show in Baltimore this May.



These are not our Valentine looks…but here are some super fun and cute shots of Preston and I taking on NYC! 



Rock being single!

Honestly, and I am so sorry to Preston, and every other Valentine’s Boyfriend ever…

I LOVED being single on Valentine’s Day in college! It was the perfect time to sip some whiskey (I’m allergic to wine!), order a pizza just for me, and watch the most amazing chick flicks. I was partial to You’ve Got Mail, A Little Princess, Ever After, Easy A, and that one with Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton is her mom…and one of her sisters is Lauren Graham…oh what is the name of that? Hmm…BECAUSE I SAID SO. That was it.

I LOVED to watch all these other people post on social media about their flower bouquets. And I was just sitting over here with my whole pizza thinking – you’re probably wearing uncomfortable panties…and those flowers are going to die…but my pizza will NEVER die. So who really is #GOALS in this situation?

And then in the evening – a group of friends would all hang out, head to a bar, have a movie night, and just enjoy spending time together!

Or do a true girls day. Spend that gift money on a mani/pedi and an awesome lunch or a movie ticket and giant popcorn with your best gal!

You can do that too! Even if you’re sitting alone in your room with your pillow pet – don’t underestimate how awesome a day alone can be!


Preston is rocking some Jos A. Bank standards but HAD to keep the red shoes! This is a classic look for going out to eat or wondering around downtown!

I’m sporting an Eshakti skirt with the big red lips & an Old Navy scoop neck fashioned into sort of a faux dress! Then I accented the red lips with the red scarf and the red headband!

And of course, Harvey Doodle, is just lucky that he’s looking! 

*He had to keep his little harness on because there were way too many squirrels in this location and that little schnoodle LOVES squirrels! 



Remember to remember the love.


If you are rocking out with an S/O….always remember – this holiday is about love.

It is not comparing gifts on social media, blowing hundreds of dollars on gifts and dinners, or putting SO much pressure on sex that it becomes not fun.

Try to tell your S/O at least five different things over the course of the day that you love about them or that you appreciate.

For example, this morning, Preston shoveled my car out. He went outside while I was in the shower and brushed all the snow off my car, and chipped all the ice off the windows and mirrors….because he didn’t want me outside with wet hair.

Goals, I know.

And honestly, that was the most romantic thing of all time. So I’ve been telling him all day how much I appreciate that and him. However, I know that not everyone is as mushy and romantic as I am…but if there’s any day to be a mush…this one is it!

But I always think it’s so stressful when couples end up in fights BECAUSE of Valentine’s Day. Like, that’s literally the worst. Trying to be closer ended up driving you further apart.

Remember why you’re celebrating love with this person.



So this outfit was also super fun! Preston is rocking a thrifted argyle sweater, some Jos A. Bank jeans, and his classic Stacy Adams. I think this is probably my favorite of all of his looks. It’s classic, clean, comfy, neat, and on theme. And it did NOT cost an arm and a leg. 

My sweater is a ModCloth Stylish Surprise Find! Isn’t it adorable?! I paired it with this SimplyBe denim jumper for a playful, cute, and retro look. 



You never have an excuse NOT to look smashing!


I am ALL about theme clothes. Clearly. Preston and I pulled every single one of these pieces out of our own wardrobe. We did not spend a single dollar on these outfits.

With the advent of places like LulaRoe, Modcloth, Torrid, even Target all having themed items from leggings to dresses – there is absolutely no reason that you can’t look adorable.

Think pink. And red. And black and white. Those are all easy to mash together!

Even if it’s just a red accent of shoes, a thrift sweater, a denim jumper…whatever it may be…you can always add a pop of red to really get in the mood!


So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! Another collab, some travel stuff, LulaRoe review, possibly some swimwear, etc. Tons more to come!

I definitely want to do more His & Her fashion. Do you guys like seeing Preston more?

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



  1. Emily

    I love your blog and my so does my daughter. But, hold the phone! You have a schnoodle?!? I have a schnoodle – Francine. She is 2 years old and has similiar coloring to Harvey.
    Keep up the good work here, you are inspiring and I love to read about your adventures. Your photos are adorable and I love seeing your clothing choices.


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