LulaRoe Review: 3 x 3

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On Valentine’s Day this year, Preston and I stayed in. We got Chinese take-out, Ben & Jerry’s and hunkered in to watch The Goldbergs. The perfect night for us!

I had Beth & Blake LulaRoe consultants reach out to me to review a few LulaRoe pieces.

Now I want to mention to all that I was NOT immediately a LulaRoe fan. I was turned off the fact that there was no size chart. So I wanted to write this piece to maybe help other women who desperately need a size chart or who are at the top of their size chart.

*Beth & Blake were generous enough to gift me these pieces for the post!

You can check out their instagram here and their Facebook here!

The sister pair of LulaRoe consultants reached out because they felt that we had similar style and I might be able to answer questions for some other plus sized ladies!

So, if you love any of my pieces – be sure to check out their pages!

I, as sad as it makes me, cannot wear the LulaRoe TC leggings. They just aren’t really big enough. They could get up over my hips – but were too tight to be comfy. And maybe it was just that one pair (since some people say that the colors fit a bit different.) So maybe I’ll do a TC leggings review someday. Anyone interested in that?

So this week I decided to do a 3 x 3 challenge with three different LulaRoe pieces. I was gifted a Nicole, an Amelia, and a Lindsay.


The Challenge:

A 3 x 3 challenge is something I think I made up.

Well, I didn’t research it but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. So I set the challenge to use all three pieces on three different ways.

So I posed the challenge to me (and my mom) to create three looks based on three different themes.

The themes are: Going Out, Work, Casual.

I did not define these things any further for my mom and we came up with some great looks for it.


Initial Size Review:

I got the Nicole in a 3xl, the Amelia in a 3xl, and the Lindsay sweater in an XL.

The Nicole and the Lindsay fit like a dream. The Amelia was far too tight in the bust.

For reference I wear approx. a size 24/26 and the Nicole and Lindsay fits great! Plenty stretchy, great length, and now I am OBSESSED with the Nicole. I need approx 1,000 more. I love the Nicole. It is strechy, comfy, bright color, perfect length.

The Lindsay is a perfect summer sweater. It’s very lightweight and breezy.

The Amelia was so tight everywhere. It fit in the waist and the hips but was VERY tight in the bust. My mom who is approx. a size 18/20 it fit a little loose. So I would put the Amelia 3xl size as approx. 20/22.

So since I wanted to finish the 3 x 3 challenge – I asked my mom to step in to fit in the Amelia!

1.) The Nicole

Going Out


I decided to pair my Nicole with some neon purple tights from WeLoveColors, Avenue knee high boots, and a hedgehog necklace.

I decided that ‘going out’ to me meant going to a concert, a night out on the town, or an artsy evening with the girls. So the strechy Nicole fabric is perfect for walking around, it’s heavy enough knit not to freeze to death but thin enough not to make me sweat.

I decided to pair it with the boots because it felt fun, a bit bad ass, and pretty sweet.

And the hedgehog necklace was to add in my whimsy and girly side!

This ended up being one of my fave looks of the day.




This was definitely the hardest one. I would (and now do!) wear this dress as is with a pair of black flats to my office. But not every office is as business casual as mine. And I’ve worked for theatres, non-profits, and event planners so whimsy has always been indulged.

So I decided to go a bit more traditional with these pieces. I paired in with a tailored and cropped cardigan that’s off-white and a vintage long necklace with crystals.

And I finished it off with my leather bow flats from Torrid. They were a bit of girly flair with this bright dress without being too much.





I decided to go very 90’s glam on this one. And it looked RAD.

I paired it with a vintage denim jacket, white keds, and a poorly feature snap bracelet.

I know the 90’s look is coming back in and I felt like this would have been paired perfectly with a Lisa Frank back pack on my way to homeroom.

This look was my favorite for the Nicole and definitely the one I could see myself wearing the most.


The Lindsay

Going Out


Now, listen, I know this was probably not this piece’s intended purpose…but it is an AMAZING for a swim cover up.

It’s lightweight, breathable, a bright summery color, and so comfy. I can imagine wearing it poolside, on the boat, or just throwing it on over a suit for a quick run to the beach.

This was my fave use for this piece and I can’t wait to pair the awesome turquoise with my brown and off white zebra swimsuit from Torrid.

And this is what I’m calling ‘going out…to the beach’.






I paired this with a simple knee length black knit dress for work and a long string of pearls for a classic casual work look.

I love how the turquoise sweater adds a pop of color, covers up my arms, and adds a it more dimension to a plain black dress.

And I also love having this sweater for a work look because it’s really easy to just throw on to keep the chill out. My office is ALWAYS a bit cold so I’m grateful to have something to just throw on.

My biggest piece of advice is to get this piece in a neutral color – because this piece is versatile and awesome but my turquoise sweater doesn’t match a ton of my stuff.




So I paired this look with a simple white scoop neck tee, a super soft purple and pink scarf, and black leggings for my casual look.

This look is very comfy! I thought the purple and pink scarf was a nice touch for another outfit dimension and extra pops of color, an extra piece to make an outfit instead of clothes, and leggings to make it comfy.

This a look I would wear to the grocery store, the movies, a casual social outing, or even a casual Friday at work!

The Amelia

Going Out


My mom agreed to model her Amelia dress, also stretchy with a zipper accent on the back, in three ways!

It’s a bit hard to see the print – but it’s all apples, kiwis, and fruit! It’s super cute!

So for Mom’s going out – she interpreted that as going out to dinner or a fancier event. So for my mom that meant a casual salmon shawl, a vintage gold statement necklace, and some open toed sandals! I think this would be perfect for a casual wedding, a night out, or even a wine night!

And also, isn’t my mom adorable? What a freaking GEM!




So for the work look my mom made it to fit her work environment! She works at one of the local high schools.

Mom says that it always always always too cold in her office so she always has to add the jacket and scarf (particularly in the winter!). So my mom added this faux suede brown jacket to keep warm and to compliment the colors!

Again for a more in-depth look is a dark teal scarf. Perfect match!

And my mom paired it with some classic leather flats to complete this look! That’s actually pretty unusual for my mom – she usually wears wedges or platform shoes (if you remember that my mom is only 5’1 and very petite) so these flats are a change!




So for this last casual look my mom decided to play with some colors! She added this teal asymmetrical comfy sweater to stay warm, add a pop of color, and accent some of the colors in the dress!

She also paired it with this homemade red circle necklace to add another pop of color and texture (and show off her jewelry making skills!).

She finished it off with some platform sandals for a casual finish on this look!

This is my fave look of all of them for my mom!

Here’s some fun shots of us together!

Thank you as always to my darling Preston for being a very patient photographer.


We missed the last outfit pictures together because Mom is not patient and got tired of doing this and went back inside because it is February and cold AF. But c’mon. Aren’t we cute?

So in conclusion, I am now obsessed with the Nicole and need a million and one more. Amelias, TC leggings, and Randy sizes are too small. Lindsays fit like a dream.

Would anyone else be interested in having me review some other LulaRoe styles for size comparison?

Be sure to check out Beth & Blake for any other style tips, special sales on all their styles, and their instagram for some adorable OOTDs! Thank you ladies for letting me style all these awesome pieces!


So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! Another collab, some travel stuff, a guest post from Preston, possibly some swimwear, etc. Tons more to come!

I definitely want to do more His & Her fashion. Do you guys like seeing Preston more?

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