LulaRoe: Madison, Maxi, Mark, & Nicole

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Welcome back to another episode of Penny Darling!

I hope everyone had a fabulous week. Especially those of us on the East Coast who are FINALLY experiencing some warm weather after what felt like an eternal winter.

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Since people were very excited to read my first LulaRoe review – I decided that a Part II was in order! And who knows, perhaps Part III will someday be in the future!

But I had a LulaRoe Consultant, the absolutely LOVELY, April Watkins (which I keep reading like Ann Perkins from Parks & Rec) reach out to me to team up for another LulaRoe post!

If you like any of these styles (and April carries A LOT of styles) – you can check out her instagram here and her Facebook page here!

April was sweet enough to gift me (and let me choose!) these pieces for this post! And I am OBSESSED.

Let’s first talk about LulaRoe. I tried a pair of TC leggings and they didn’t really fit me and so I kind of said ‘LulaRoe isn’t for me’. And I was ALWAYS being invited to Facebook groups and events that I totally didn’t get.

And I remember that somebody commented and asked me ‘What’s the big deal?’ with LulaRoe. They wrote that they didn’t really get the hype.

So I will say – I totally also didn’t get it – until I tried the RIGHT pieces.

It’s ALL stretchy, comfy, flattering, and cute. It holds up well in the laundry, it’s trendy, it’s fun prints, jersey, breathable, etc. And most pieces are under $60. You can barely buy a t-shirt at some places for that price. Who doesn’t want versatile, comfortable, and durable clothes for reasonable prices?

So, for anyone who says, “I don’t get LulaRoe or what’s the big deal?” – it’s nice (particularly as a plus sized woman) to have a dress that’s comfy and stretchy and I can wear it work and out to dinner and to travel and in cooler and hot weather. It’s all the things.

And I am ALL about entrepreneurship. I love the idea that everyone is their own boss, know what I mean? You can create your own hours, take a lot of pride in your work, and do something that you love. I think that’s special and nice and I would always like to support people who are trying to be #GirlBosses


So with no further ado – lemme hop right into my haul/review!

For reference: I am a typical size 24/26 and am approx. 5’6.


Style #1: Madison

So, ever since I tried my first LulaRoe haul – I was DYING to try a Madison as a person who adores full skirts. So I picked out this pattern! It reminded me a bit of a 1950’s diner with the teal and red and blooms on it.

So I paired it with my eyelash T-Shirt, so that the red lips could stand out with the red in the skirt, and add a bit of retro glam to the skirt!

I am approx. a size 24/26 and this skirt was a bit snug to get over the hips but sat VERY comfortably on my natural waist. It even had a little wiggle room. And the waistband is super stretchy and the fabric is a very soft jersey.

This was definitely a winner for my style!



As I always say the three most important factor to buying a skirt is: Twirl, Price, & Pockets. This is a BIG green check mark on all fronts.



Style #2: Maxi

April was an absolute gem and let me look through a pop up night to pick out pieces that I was obsessed with. I expected to love the Nicole & Amelia & Madison & Sarah & those types.

But for no good reason I clicked over the Maxi skirts (just to see what there was!) and I became OBSESSED with this pink rose print.

And I am NOT a maxi skirt person. I normally never even try them on. I normally just say ‘well maxi skirts aren’t for me’ and shrug them off. And I normally don’t like florals all that much.

But this Maxi stuck out to me and I couldn’t forget about it! And I am so glad I did.

This is literally one of the most comfortable garments I’ve ever worn. It’s the softest jersey and it was a little breezy when I took this pictures and they were SO comfy and the print is REALLY vibrant and clean. And it has a rolled waistband.

I decided to pair it with a black and white striped T-Shirt from Ava & Viv from Target! I have been seeing lots of florals with stripes and I always feel like they look super cute. And I wasn’t sure if that wasn’t going to look okay so I brought a Lane Bryant scoop neck top (ft. pink below) as a back up.

Which do you prefer as a color combo?



Style #3: Nicole

Now, this one was not as much of a risk – I modeled a Nicole in my first LulaRoe post. I became obsessed. I wear my Nicole…a lot. Like, I usually see two pretty specific groups of people (with no overlap) on a typical week…and I wear it to both groups.

I am obsessed. It’s so damn comfortable and bright and springy and again stretchy and flowy and flattering. It’s the perfect thing to throw on for a casual Friday for work, easy to wear out to the bar, or even to slip on to go over to the in-laws. It’s the perfect blend of versatility.

The pattern of this dress for me is VERRRRRY 1970’s inspired. Like, I feel like this pattern could have been a couch in my great aunt’s house in 1975. And I FREAKING LOVE IT. It’s a little rustic and vintage inspired and it’s so freaking cute.

I like how the style of this hides my tummy a bit, hangs to knee length, isn’t too low cut, has sleeves, and a full skirt. That pretty much hits all of my marks on my check list.

And bonus: I wore in a clover field that was starting to bloom on a sunny and breezy day near an old farmhouse and I was just the happiest freaking clam.





Style #4: Mark

So April, again, being the thoughtful lovebug that she is noticed that I feature Preston quite a bit on my social media and in my blog and sent a piece along for him.

He put it on for this photo and hasn’t taken it off. He’s obsessed. And I think he looks cute as a damn button. Honestly.

Did you know that LulaRoe made men’s styles? I actually only recently learned that. And this is the SOFTEST DAMN SHIRT OF ALL TIME. It’s fitted but not snug, jersey and stretchy, and very trendy.

He also decided he wanted to jump for his outfit photo – so feature here…Preston jumping in his Mark.

He paired it with a well loved pair of fitted jeans. Preston is rocking out in a size Medium and I would say they are pretty true to size, if not cut to fit a little on the loose side!

Preston’s quote for this shirt was: “I like it. And it’s comfy.” which for him is pretty high praise.




Featured Above: Preston and his best Blue Steele impression. It was…..certainly something.

If you LOVEDLOVEDLOVED any of these pieces and want to talk to April about trying some different styles – you can join her Facebook group here and check out her insta for styling tips here! She was so freaking sweet and helped me pick out all the right pieces with my style and pattern choices!

Also, did you see last week’s post about my Easter looks & my With Wonder & Whimsy Collab? Since Easter is in just a few days – be sure to check out my Easter looks and ideas! Click the pic below to head to that post!



Does anyone have any exciting Easter plans or any travel plans?

I hope everyone had a wonderful Passover this week and that everyone celebrating Easter in a few days has a wonderful and safe Holiday! From my Penny Darling family to yours!



The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! Some hauls, the LBD, etc, styling my mom Part II, Lindy Bop, WeLoveColors, and more!

Do you want me to write a post about chub rub? I’d be happy to buy a few things and review them for everyone?

I definitely want to do more His & Her fashion. Do you guys like seeing Preston more?

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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