My Top Picks for The Under $10 Gwynnie Bee Sale

Hello there!

This is a little unusual – just because it’s a Monday, and I didn’t plan on this post at all.

Seriously, I’m in a coffee fueled frenzy typing this up. I started at 11:30am. We’ll see when I finish.

Gwynnie Bee is having an amazing sale.

And, much like, Quirrell in Harry Potter, I thought you ought to know.

So, what is Gwynnie Bee, is the first question? Gwynnie Bee is a similar service to Rent the Runway but from size 10-32. It has THOUSANDS of options, brands from Eloquii to Rachel Antonoff to Cherry Velvet to Melissa McCarthy7 to Tess Holliday brand. You rent the clothes, wear them, and return them (or buy them!)

Here’s where the sale comes in:

They have these AMAZING outlet sales during the year and you can get AMAZING prices on these brand name, great condition, cleaned, all actual plus size stores. It’s like thrifting in a closet with someone who had great taste and were exactly your size.

And right now – that sale is happening. Like, all those brand names, and I haven’t seen a single thing more than $30 with most things being under $15.

But here’s the thing, you MUST be subscribed to GB to shop the outlet sale. These amazing prices and sales are as a thank you to the members! So to browse & shop is member only!

However, I, do have this amazing link right meow that will do a FREE month trial. (and it’s not gimmicky or scammy at all.) And you can shop the sale during the free month trial. This is a link to that.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am an affiliate of Gwynnie Bee, and I do have the possibility of earning commission from any of the links in this post. However, this post is not sponsored or paid for and these thoughts and opinions are my own, your girl just LOVES a good sale and I’d be mad if I didn’t at least BROWSE this sale.

All photos credit to Gwynnie Bee.

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These were my purchases from the last outlet sale. They both cost a total of $22.

(they are both in this sale too!)

Effie’s Heart AirPlane

This is from my personal fave brand Effie’s Heart. It’s jersey and stretchy and comfy and lasts forever. Totaling up at $8.50.


Dancing Shoes Dress

This dress is cotton – but it’s from Cherry Velvet and has this amazing neckline. Totaling in at $8.50 and is 95% off retail. And honestly, the colors are super Halloween-y, and is super cute to grab for next Halloween!


Sweater Dress

This is an Eloquii brand dress (so obvi, top notch) and cute as a freaking button. It’s a sweater dress and those gold accents are my fave.


This Floral Bomber Jacket

This MOFO jacket from American Rag is $10. TEN FREAKING DOLLARS. It’s cute, trendy, and has that amazing floral detail. Gorgeous. Obsessed. 87% off of retail.


Gingham on Gingham

This red devil Dorothy comes in at $9.


Asymmetrical Dress

This jersey dress is listed at $7.50. I can’t think of a lot of things that I can get for under $8 that I could wear to literally everything. Bonus: it’s jersey. This is a Taylor Brand and 92% off.


Stretchy Cheetah Wrap Dress

This dress is from Kiyonna, is super stretchy, and is totalling $9 a full 92% off retail price.

Parrot Dress

I am obsessed with this Rachel Antonoff dress. I have it more than one style. It’s comfy AF. This dress is listed in at $7 and it goes up to a size 32!


Jumpsuit City!

I’m all about a good jumpsuit. And this floral one comes in at $8.50


Perfect NYE dress

This is cute, pink, and perfect for NYE. SEVEN FREAKING DOLLARS.




(Also in the over $10 section picks!)

These I’m just going to pick some of my fave dresses and throwing them up here so you can see them. Because there’s hundreds of others in the outlet sale.










So yes, these are my picks for the Gwynnie Bee Outlet Sale.

But, again, you have to be a member to shop the sale. If you want to shop the sale and sign up – you can use my link for a free month trial and you can shop the sale in the trial period. It’s actually how I signed up for GB in the first place. I really wanted that lemon dress.

Okay, so – use my link! Check it out. Post pics and tell me what you bought.

And again, as I said, these photos are from GB and these are affiliate links, however I love sales and just wanted to share!

What do you think? Good picks? Bad picks?


*This post contains affiliate links but as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.”


The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! I have a Gwynnie Bee post planned! And Eloquii! And a soon will be Black Friday stuff! Literally can’t wait. So everyone stay tuned, please!

And I CANNOT wait to get into the holiday season. Brace your stockings for this one!

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

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