My Must-Shop Black Friday Sales

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Happy Wednesday and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

(well almost!)

But, on Thursday, Preston and I are splitting the day with my family and his family so our day is going to be a food fueled travel day. Bummer, DD will be CLOSED and I’ll be truly sad that I’ll have no caffeine.

However, it’s literally only just Wednesday right meow (clocking in at 12:01am UPDATE: went to bed at 4:30am) and I am still click clacking away with the office twiddling in the background.

And blah, blah, blah, – check me out on Instagram here! I also started a Twitter account! Find that here! Follow Preston’s brand new fashion Instagram here! I also have a selling Instagram page where I sell some of my old clothes/styles so that I don’t drown in my own wardrobe. I just listed a few new things – so check that out!

As we all know, BLACK FRIDAY is nearly upon us! And as a total claustrophobic, anxiety ridden, most stores don’t carry what I want anyway, type of person – I usually choose to take advantage of the Black Friday sales from the comfort of my own couch. So, today I wanted to share a few BF sales that are totally worth shopping!

In the interest of full disclosure, some of the listed links are affiliate links (not all!), however all thoughts and opinions are my own!

These lists are TOTALLY RANDOM! I hope it makes it so there is something for everyone!


1.) Zenni Optical 

So I know, this is TOTALLY a random place to start on this list, but Zenni is the absolute godsend of a broke millenial. You can order prescription glasses (sans Dr. visit/etc.) for as low as like, $10, that are actually cute!

My mom got these glasses for me, lens & frames & scratch coating & UV coating for $36. THIRTY SIX FREAKING DOLLARS. I’ve gotten glasses that are more than $100 for just the frames after insurance. For anyone who uses glasses as a fashion accessory and likes to switch them in and out – Zenni. Zenni. Zenni. Cannot gush enough.

And they are doing 20% off with the code: FRIYAY through 11/24



2.) Torrid 

So, this is any easy one – but Torrid. Torrid! Ah, the plus size gal’s haven where EVERYTHING freakin’ fits. For real. It’s size 10-32 and they have everything plus size from wide shoes to swim wear and active wear and formal wear and holiday dresses. Literally all the things.

My link will take you to the Early Access Black Friday sale – which is 40% off regular prices and an extra 50% off clearance! It’s Torrid Credit Card exclusive for early access but will be available to all on Friday!

Here’s a few items that are in my Torrid basket for the sale!



3.) Society+ 

Society+ my darling shop. Owned and run by a team of total and awesome GIRLBOSSes (and some gents too, but they are also GIRLBOSSes in this story!).

They are great curvy girl allies (bonus – AMAZING tutus from rose print to pink to merlot to gray and everything in between. I have, like, seventeen million things from them!

Their sale tops in at 40%-50% off errrrything. So, they have some stuff under $30 and are AMAZING. Here’s what’s in my cart for them!

and here’s me…rocking my tutu!


You can shop my sweater during H&M’s BF sale!

4.) UnderSummers 

So, I did a post with Carrie Rae of UnderSummers back in July and she sent me three different types of UnderSummers.

They are meant to be worn under dresses and skirts to prevent the dreaded thigh rub…and let me tell ya’ll – these are an ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER. I’m wearing mine into November almost DAILY. Worth every freaking penny.

UnderSummers are comfy, they haven’t even sort of rubbed thin in the thigh area, are CUTE AF, and don’t make me sweat and have a high enough waistband that they don’t roll down.

US is having a 35% off of ANY types of UnderSummers (I recommend the classic shortlette or the lace shortlette. AH-mah-ZING.)

*Just a bonus – they also have a military discount and I respect that a lot*



5.) Roku Streaming Stick 

In 2013 (when I was still in college) my family went totally cable-less and switched to only streaming services (we have Netflix, Hulu Plus, and Amazon Prime) and it was the absolute best decision of all time.

So when we did that we switched to the Roku, which is a streaming hub to plug in and use so we can have an easy to use platform that you can use any of those services plus a zillion others that I don’t have. This is the easiest endorsement on here. Must buy.

They have their streaming stick on sale for $49.99 (which is $20 off!) and it’s amazing.


6.) Barnes & Noble 

I am a HUGE bookworm. Hundreds and hundred of books have been devoured and re-donated by me, only to be replaced with new books. I can guarantee that every holiday season I have at least two B&N treats under my tree for my friends and fam.

Now, they have TONS of deals (online & in store!) – but their big ones that excited me was 50% off of select books, movies, and CDs and 30% off their print magazines. Delightful.

My must read: #GIRLBOSS – this is a book I felt deep in my soul. (also – any and all Sarah Dessen and Chelsea Handler are must haves! Also everyone should read BossyPants)



7.) Bath & Body Works 

So, between having the doodle, lots of different types of cooking, and having tons of neighbors and guests filtering in and out – we tend to burn a lot of candles to give our apartment a warmer, fuller, and softer feeling and to make our house constantly smell like maple or coffee or both.

Bath & Body Works is having a sale for their 3-wick candles for only $12.50 a piece (which are normally $22 and up!) and their mini-candles are only $3.

They also have tons of sales on body wash and fragrance and moisturizer and tons of stuff. But, I’m in it for the candles (I’m super sensitive to smells and fragrances on my skin – so I tend to stay away unless it’s a scent that doesn’t bother me! Lavender gives me migraines.)

Here’s my candle picks for this sale:




8.) Broadway Tickets

So, this website is absolutely real (or at least it was last year when I saved a few bucks on tickets to Natasha, Pierre, & The Great Comet of 1812 and two years ago when I nabbed tickets to Something Rotten AND closing weekend of Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder.


If not, Ticketmaster is having some amazing 2 for 1/4-pack/$40 off deals! They have shows on their list like Chicago, Miss Saigon, Hello Dolly, & Phantom! Worth checking out! And TheatreMania has a zillion coupon codes available including for Meteor Shower & Spongebob & Anastasia!



9.) is one of my fave brands. Favorited by some of my top gals like Noelle Downing and Color Me Courtney, this is the ULTIMATE quirky girl brand. It is sold through several different retailers as well as their own home site!

Check out this rainbow doormat, these pink retro rollerskates, this CONFETTI soap, and this adorable planner. A little something for everyone….and it’s ALL 25% off! 


10.) Gwynnie Bee

This isn’t a black friday sale, but ya girl is still super pumped about the member’s only GB Shop that’s available! It’s got an under $10 section and I’ve never seen a darn thing over $30 in there. However, you must be a member to shop it! You can sign up for a FREE (non-gimmicky) month trial AND shop the sale in that time.

I wrote a blog post last week ft. my top picks from the sale. But seriously, it’s under $10 and a free month trial. And they sometimes run Black Friday sales to get your second month for only $10.


11.) Eloquii 

50% off errrrrrything! I actually just did a haul post with Eloquii on Monday! Check out my haul picks (including this AMAZING coat that will be under $100 in the sale and the red velvet jumpsuit of my dreams!)

Eloquii has totally cute and comfy clothes that are actually cut for a plus size person. They made ME look fly as heck in a jumpsuit. Not even just fly, but glam and confident too! Who even knew that was possible?



I’m thinking of doing a Cyber Monday/Small Business Saturday post this upcoming Friday to show off some great online sales and to show where you can support local and small business owners for their holiday season! Is that something everyone is interested in? Let me know!

In other, non-shop news, I shared last week all of my reasons to be thankful and number one is that I am engaged to this AMAZING guy and his beard and his hat. He’s a gem and a half and I am so lucky I get to marry him!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! I hope your holiday is wonderful, happy, and safe and leaves you feeling full of good food and your heart full of love!



*Any product images are credited to the website, photographer, and publisher of said item. I do not own those photo*


The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! If you didn’t check out my Gwynnie Bee post about the amazing sale – check it out! I’m sharing some Small Biz Saturdays, a curvy girl gift guide, some Cyber Monday sales, a really cool lookbook, some winter must-haves, finally the proposal story! And I CANNOT wait to get into the holiday season. Brace your stockings for this one!

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

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