The Burning (Thigh) Question

I’m just going to dive right in today.

I get asked this question




So this particular question was: “What do you do about chub rub?” and the answer forever was NOTHING.

Let’s back up. What’s chub rub? Preston’s mom told me it sounded really sexual and I’ve ALWAYS used this phrase so I would have never thought of that. So I figured I better clarify right away.



I use the phrase ‘chub rub’ to talk about inner thigh irritation that often plagues plus sized women in the summer. It’s that terrible burning chafe that happens on the hottest of days (or even really a mostly warm day). I remember one time that I got it SO bad at the beach one time that I was literally crying and my thighs were rubbed raw and it hurt for a week and a half.

And people ask me all the time what do I do about it? My answer? Mostly nothing. I tried the old deodorant trick but I felt like that didn’t help enough or long enough. I had the same issue with baby powder. People used to recommend gels and bike shorts but I didn’t want a goop or shorts that were gonna give me weird lumps and barely cover any of my thigh.

So when this summer came around – people asked me over and over what do I do about this inevitable thigh chafing. So I started researching different products and eventually decided I wanted to try one specific product: Undersummers.

Undersummers are under dress shorts that are a very stretchy and breathable fabric. They went to approx. my mid thigh even a little lower, they were affordable, and they had cute designs available. This hit all of my boxes.

So I gave myself a challenge:

I would wear UnderSummers every day for a week and see what how they felt every day, how they worked under my clothes, if the price was affordable and did they in fact prevent chub rub.


Let’s start with the different types and talk about ALL of them.

First of all this company was founded and is run by a woman. That’s just a huge perk for me. I lovelovelove when #GIRLBOSSES are getting it done!

Second, I hatehatehate when I have tights or shorts or leggings that roll down. I did not have that issue all week. Not a single pair rolled over my hips or slipped down.

If you are in between sizes – I recommend sizing down. These are STRETCHY AF. I bought mine a size up and I think I could have been equally happy with a size smaller.

You can check out UnderSummers website here and their insta here!

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Red Lace Shortlette

These were by far my fave. I tried to give equal wear to each pair – but actually what I ended up doing was trying not to throw these on every single day. They have a thick waist band that is all lace (and doesn’t itch at all), lace around the legs, and were this sexy pin-up red. These were by far my faves. Check out this specific pair here and they come in at $32.99.




Black Fusion Shortlette

So this was my second fave pair – I lovelovelove the lace. It makes all of this a little bit sexier! I used to have an old pair of rash guard shorts that were this flowy white material and they were literally my mom’s from the 80’s and not even remotely cute. So I was really into the idea that I could grab this pair and have it look a little sexy with the lace, the form fitting, and the satin-y fabric. Nab this pair here for $29.99.





Mint Classic Shortlette

So this was my least fave pair, as far as least faves go, and legit the ONLY reason is because they didn’t have my sexy and edgy lace on them. They fit the same, were very breathable, and super comfy, and I am obsessed with the mint but I was definitely missing the lace on this last pair! If you’re not a lace person – this is the pair for you! Nab these mint ones here for $24.99!




So I gave myself a challenge that I would try them every single day for a week and see how I felt about them for doing every day stuff like walking with Harvey or going to the grocery store and to exciting stuff like parties and performing in a play!

Here’s how my week went!

You’ll have to excuse some of the quality of these photos – most of them were snapped with my iPhone as I was actually wearing them. I wanted this to be as IRL as possible.


So last Sunday, Preston & I opened a play up in Harrisburg! This is my costume and there’s a leather couch involved so I was super grateful to have these UnderSummers to stop my thighs from sticking to the couch! They totally did.

I had our Stage Manager snap this pic RIGHT after they called us to places (which is why it’s pretty dark!)




I mean, you all know, I’m a blogger. I work at home. So I don’t always get to go out and do exciting stuff. Especially since shortly after the above picture was snapped – I slammed my leg into a coffee table and bruised it – I wasn’t much up for any crazy activity. However, Harvey and I still went out to walk (it was just a slow walk!) and enjoy some sunshine! And let me tell you – in that 90 degree heat with 86% humidity – these were a GODSEND even for walking around the block.




So on Tuesday, I went out and did photoshoots! So on Tuesday I prepped my blog posts. I, do, in fact, take batch photos where I’ll take several outfit pictures in one day to post over the course of the week. So Preston’s younger sister, Mabel, and I went out and did some photoshoots. I know that UnderSummers weren’t exactly designed for bloggers who try to change their outfits in/behind their cars – but they were super helpful for making me feel less exposed outside! And it was another scorcher and not a single tingle of irritation.


Also – here’s a super cute picture of Preston’s sister Mabel from that day!




And sometimes, even in the middle of a blogging challenge, life happens. On Wednesday, Preston’s car had some issues. He hit a pot hole and broke the bolt that was holding the tire on and it broke the tire arm and the axle. It was absolutely NO fun. Thank goodness for AAA honestly. But while they were pulling his little PT Cruiser onto the tow truck – I asked Preston to snap a picture of me (which he did, good naturedly). Always the blogger, amirite?! Again, this day was 91% humid and I was glad that I had some thigh protection while we waited outside for 40 minutes for the tow trucks.




So you remember how on Sunday I banged my leg and got that BIG OL’ leg shiner – well on Thursday I fell down the stairs, twisted my ankle, and fell flat on my back onto concrete (stairs pictured in Monday picture!). So Thursday was a big OW day. And again, I know that this is NOT what they are meant for, by when I fell down outside, I was really grateful for my UnderSummers so I wasn’t flashing my whole building and it stopped my legs from getting scraped on the concrete. That’s just a bonus fact about them: they are GREAT for really accident prone people.

So on Thursday, after I fell, I treated myself to a really easy day on laying on the couch with ice packs. When Preston came home – I told him I didn’t feel like cooking dinner or going out to eat – so we compromised by going to get some fast food (and it’s been a long time since we had it!) – so while Thursday wasn’t exactly a chub rub day – it definitely LITERALLY saved my butt.




On Friday, I drove home to visit my parents! My mom and I were going to do a little shopping but it ended up POURING rain and we had to postpone a little! And they were headed out of town for the weekend – so my mom and Dad had PLENTY of packing and cleaning to do before they left! Also starring – my really attractive bruises.

Again my UnderSummers came in handy for the cleaning, packing, and all around moving and shaking at my parents house!




Saturday was a BUSY BUSY day. So Preston’s family has an annual ClamBake – featured below – which is again – mostly outside. So between walking all over this outdoor July event – I was as happy as a clam (bake) to have my black US on under my dress while I met tons of new people and said hello to some familiar faces.

Also – my friend Cody is going on to get his PhD in the beginning of August and I am very sad that ANOTHER best friend is moving out of the damn state. Honestly, can you all stop. But his was again, an outside bonfire event and I was grateful to have some irritation protection.


Overall thoughts:

Out of all of the products I’ve tried – this was the best, cleanest, easiest, and most renewable source that I tried.

They are breathable which is nice is ALL OF THIS FREAKING HUMIDITY.

I definitely could have sized down – they are super stretchy and comfy AF.

I had absolutely ZERO chub rub at the end of the week.

10/10 would recommend to a friend.


These were not bank busters.

They are easy to clean and to wash.

I only had one dress that they peeked out the bottom of when I bent over.

I liked them so much, I continued wearing them on Sunday and today.



*This blog post was sponsored by UnderSummers, however all thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own!* 

The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! I’ll be doing a post with Eloquii and, as well as more Gwynnie Bee & Society+ stuff, a cosmetic post, some lifestyle stuff, and more! And I’m going to post my root touch up post!

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