My Absolute MUST Have for Spring/Summer

Happy Friday, Penny Darlings! And TGIF, indeed!

I’ve been having a little trouble feeling motivated this week, so I’ve been hitting the caffeine hard, which tends to make me a little more scattered, and so on. I’ve been VERY bad about returning texts and things. It’s a cyclical problem! But, I’m almost done redecorating the living room and I am VERY excited to show you that!

AND, I got a new camera. He is my baby and I love him. Such an investment piece to my blog and I am very thrilled!

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But anywho, on to the topic of the day!

I know, it’s a smidge early to be thinking about must have stock ups for spring and summer when it’s only February, but I lovelovelove having something ready the first day it dips into the 60’s in March!

So, I’ve written a post about them in the past, and I am absolutely obsessed.

I literally wear them every single day (unless I’m wearing pants, but I’m more of a dress gal, personally) and sometimes I even lounge around in them because they are so darn comfy:


I am OBSESSED with UnderSummers. This is a brand and a product that I will happily support and endorse until the cows come home. I have four pairs and I love all of them equally. (that’s not true, I like the mint pair the best, but they’re close!)

These thigh savers are similar to the material of a slip, but the size of bike shorts. They don’t give me camel toe or a wedgie, or ride up or fall down. They stay pretty much exactly where I put them when I put them on.

They are to deal with the dreaded ‘chub rub’ or thigh irritation that comes with the thick thighs under dresses in the summers. (hence the name, UnderSummers, it is well named!)

And I had tried EVERYTHING. I did the deodorant trick, baby powder, athletic foot powder, gels, bike shorts, all the things. I felt like the creams and gels were just messy, the powder didn’t do enough, and the bike shorts made me sweat more. Enter: these amazing things. I wore these even into the winter under sweater dresses and lounging around.

And to prove to everyone that I am in fact serious: here are some pictures where you can just see them peeking out! I wasn’t photographing them, I just was wearing them that day and they poked out!

EA8B5994 (2)EA8B2126EA8B6022EA8B2108

Now normally, I might try to put a lifestyle spin to prove that I wasn’t just trying to get everyone to buy a pair – but literally, buy a pair. These are GAME CHANGERS in my life.

I have the mint pair:

These are my absolute faaaaves! I like them because they are simple, bright, cute, and fit neatly under all my dresses!



And a red pair:

These red ladies are a little more racy. These are the ones I put under costumes in shows that I do! Saves anyone from accidentally seeing my booty during quick changes. I was wearing these babies underneath my costume for the play I had done in July!



This black pair:

This pair is a great standard! It helps with the see through dresses and skirts that tend to float up!



And of course, leopard print!

This pair is my second favorite pair! I lovelovelove funky prints! Obsessssssed!

These are limited edition! Nab them here!

And if you’re not super into the whole idea of bright colors, they also come in a nude color, white, gray, and several more muted tones! I’m more of a leopard print and red lace kind of gal, but that’s not everyone’s jam!


But for real, I am seriously obsessed with UnderSummers. Sorry that this post has ZERO chill, but for real, order now, thank me when spring & summer gets here!

Also, check UnderSummers out on social media here:


Check out my first review of UnderSummers here!

EA8B5994 (2)

*This post was sponsored by UnderSummers and the items featured were gifted to me for review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!*


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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

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