Seven (Last Minute) Stocking Stuffers!

Hello there, Penny Darlings!

Happy Huuuuuump Day and Happy FIVE DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS. As your local Cindy-Lou-Who I am here to tell you that my little heart is BURSTING with holiday cheer. It’s been wrapping central with the Christmas Morning candle burning and about eight different Christmas Pandora stations.

And the poor delivery man must be tired of seeing our door. Shout out to all the delivery drivers who are busting their bums during the holiday season! You’re heroes. Thank you!

But, as a person who is usually done shopping in October, who didn’t start shopping until last week – I now truly understand the panic of worrying that something isn’t going to make it in time.

So for those, like me, who waited a bit, or forgot they needed stocking stuffers, or want to bring something fun to a White Elephant/Pollyanna/Gift Exchange, or want just a little something to add to – I wanted to just share my recommendations.


1.) UnderSummers

UnderSummers are one of my TOP recommended products. I did a review for them back over the summer (which you can check out here)….and I’ve become a total convert! I’m absolutely obsessed with mine. They are under dress/skirt shortlettes that prevent chub rub. And as a person that wears dresses 365 days a year – I have four pairs and wear them basically every day. They’re perfect in all seasons and an amazing stocking stuffer. For any of the gals in your life 10/10 recommend.

Get these LIMITED edition leopard print ones here (which you can get from the UnderSummers site with priority shipping!) There’s also Limited Edition pink, pastel blue, and this cute yellow!


They also have the more standard colors (black, white, & beige) available on Amazon Prime! So if you’re more of a prime gal – check this page out!

2.) Badger Balm

I lovelovelove Badger Balm (when summer comes around – you NEED to check out their bug bite treatment. it’s a literal GODSEND). But for Christmas I totally recommend this three piece little giftset for all the busy badgers in your life.

It comes with the Badger Balm, the Sleep Balm, and the Sore Muscle Rub. They each are made with extra virgin olive oil and beeswax so it’s gentle on sensitive skin (which I reallllllly struggle with). The BB is to help with the winter cracked knuckles and the dry skin, sleep balm can go anywhere on your body but is infused with essential oils to promote relaxation, and the sore muscle rub is a mix with cayenne pepper and ginger to really soothe those sore muscles (from hauling Christmas gifts up onto the roof!)

Grab this mini-sampler here or on Amazon or Badger Balm is stocked at most Wegman’s & Whole Foods!



3.) Scented Candles

These Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candle are on sale for $15, just saying. They are cute, perfect for the season, and who doesn’t like their house smelling like pancakes? No one. Every single person wants to constantly smell like waffles. That’s a fact.

And since there’s basically a Bath & Body Works, Yankee Candle, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target, etc. near literally everywhere – they’re super easy to grab on Friday after work before heading to your Friend Christmas party.


If you’re a big fan of soy candles – I lovelovelove Candelles. They are absolutely delightful. They smell so good, burn so nicely, and they are also local PA natives! And you can nab this Pumpkin Frosting one on Amazon Prime and it smells FREAKING HEAVENLY! 

Pumpkin Frosting


4.) Holiday Pack of Chapstick

Now, I don’t know about you but I am CONSTANTLY, all the time, always in need of Chapstick (or lip balm, if you’re a less branded person!). I keep it in my coat pockets, a few in my purse, one next to my bed, one in the living room, one in my desk, a few in my car, one in my make-up bag, etc. We even have a little mini bucket JUST for chapstick.

I personally love mixing it up with the holiday collections and flavors. This year’s holiday collection is Candy Cane (yum!), Pumpkin Pie (yummer), and Sugar Cookie (yummest). I picked mine up at a CVS – but you can get these most anywhere!



5.) A Travel Sized Umbrella

This little guy is nearly pocket side and perfect for people on the go or frequent walkers (I’m thinking everyone out in the cities!) where you need to be able to easily store an umbrella, college campuses, commuters, anyone who needs one to keep in their purse for emergencies. This gift is perfect for you NYC living niece, your college sophomore, your mom, your grandpa, and everyone in between.

Bonus: it comes in, like, nineteen different colors and cost less than TEN FREAKING DOLLARS…and you can nab it on Amazon Prime.


6.) Sugar & Shea Scrub & Goatsmilk Mousse

I talked in my Q&A post last week about how much I lovelovelovelovelove these products. They are from a local bath & beauty boutique in my college town of Kutztown, PA. These two products have been LIFESAVERS for my dry skin (particularly on my alligator dry legs!). I use them both daily and they are amazing.

Bonus: You can get the Goatsmilk Mousse in any color/scent combo you want! I got a pink colored, peppermint and vanilla scented mixture. It’s the perfect combo. And the sugar and shea scrub has a very mild citrus scent and doesn’t leave you feeling oily.

This combo of products is perfect for both men & women! Preston uses the a Pumpkin Coconut blend (his own blend creation!) every day for that wintery dry skin!

If you’re local to the area – here’s a link to their shop hours. If you want to order online – here’s a link to do that as well!



7.) Travel Products

So ya’ll know that I am a HUGE Not Your Mother’s brand fan. They are the absolute MUST of all hair care products. I like the dry shampoo to the conditioner to curl cream to texture spray to volumizing hairspray. It’s all the things.

While I’m a HUGEEEEE fan of these particular products (especially since I have about four or five friends who fly home for Christmas) but any travel sized beauty products are an absolute delight!

You can grab most of these are your local Ulta, drugstore, or even online!



*This post is sponsored by UnderSummers and may contain affiliate links, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own!*


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