Six Faves for Plus Size Shopping

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Welcome back to another week of Penny Darling!

Life has been hectic here on the home front. I had something else planned for today but what ended up happening was we had really crappy weather (like cold and rainy) on the day we were going to shoot for this post. And then we were busy booked every other day!

But I had started writing this post…like…a month ago-ish? And I revisited it and totally got inspired!  It just kinda happened!

Also Harvey has been crying the entire time I’ve been writing this! We had a treat and went outside and had lots of snuggles and playing. Still crying. Pooches, amirite? SO emotional!


I wrote a similar article back when I only had 12 readers a week…and one was my mom. But I wanted to share where I get some of my most requested items of ‘where did you get that?’

I am writing today to talk about some of my fave plus size retailers and give you a few ideas on where I shop and get a ton of my outfits!

And if you are ever checking out my Instagram – I always tag the company where I got the clothing items in the photo!

This is NOT an all inclusive list. These are Karen & Georgia would call ‘heavy hitters’ (except usually – they are referring to victims of a serial killer).


#1 – Modcloth

I absolutely adore Modcloth. I will say, at this point, about 80% of my wardrobe is made up of Modcloth!

They’ve provided me a lot of confidence and opened my eyes to a world of quirky girls and not dressing so plain!



Modcloth has always been a very feminist run site and I think that shows through!  It’s all quirky and retro glam and that’s totally me! Aaaaaand they have great variety and pretty varied size diversity! I can’t get enough of their 1950’s style-novelty print – twirly skirt dresses.



I have overall had great experiences with them and the ones I posted are SUCH a limited amount of my items! They are a 99% online store (one brick and mortar in Texas) but their returns and exchanges are super easy and have great customer service!



I’ve worn Modcloth everywhere from weddings, to photoshoots, to picnics, to haunted houses, as costumes for plays, to work, to dates, and everywhere in between.



#2 – Torrid

Definitely less cutesy and waaaaaay more sassy!

Taking a shift from Modcloth – Torrid is a more bad-ass-boot-kicking style of store. They are for bad bitches that are taking names! Lots of black, lace, edgy, graphic t’s, leather, etc.



They are a plus exclusive site from Large-6xl. And they also sell wide width shoes which is a big bonus for me! And another bonus is they have a lot of brick and mortar stores to try out sizing!


Now, while they are sassy-ass-kicky clothing company – I manage to grab some of their more edgy pieces and pair them with cutesy matches to make them more my style!


Society +

I am really new to shopping here – but I really like this store! They are also an online, plus exclusive, and glam inspired company! I ordered for this first time before Christmas and….I’m hooked!


I also really like their company culture! Their instagram and website feature a lot of their customers. Their customer service and body positive messages continue to shine through! They also promote their honest sizing, stylists, and quality! It makes you really feel like you are an important part of their company.

And they were started by…a blogger! And they continue to work with bloggers! We all need something to aspire to!


But their styles are really designed for plus sized women (good length on skirts, sleeves on most items, etc.) Sometimes I find clothes at plus sized store and thought, ‘who were you making this for?!’ – I never feel that way at Society+



Lindy Bop

This is an awesome-Modcloth-esque store from London! They are very whimsical, super retro and fifties, and very Mad Men style. Like, I feel like I could take any of their items and throw them on Joan and it would totally make sense!

I’m actually teaming up with Lindy Bop in a few weeks to do a review! So stay tuned for that little teaser!


 Life Tip: They are a UK based company so their sizing/prices run a little different. They run in cm & pounds! So be sure to use their USA site to make sure you’re getting their US sizing and pricing! (and their price points are AMAZING!)



Old Navy

Honestly, people forget about Old Navy and they are a STAPLE in my wardrobe. I have everything from basics to cute t’s to dresses! I LOVE Old Navy. And they have great sales, a good customer reward program, and can have lots of cute stuff at great prices!


A few cons of Old Navy: Their plus sizes (2x-4x) are online, their plus sizes cost more than their straight sizes (which is just annoying), and I find their selection a bit hit or miss. However…the hits are BIG hits.


Old Navy is really great for basics! They have great fitting (and sturdy!) plain t’s, jeans, leggings, swim wear, sweaters, etc.




Eshakti is also an online store…but they are worth it!

Their big schtick is that they customize clothes….and they mean it! They will take your height for the right length, bust, waist, hips, shoulder, etc. It’s very thorough and accurate!

They also customize length, necklines, sleeve length, and sometimes other things. I’m a big fan of changing the neckline! I look GREAT in a sweetheart cut – so if I have the option – I always do that!


And they seriously customize EVERYTHING! You can embroidery or designs and they offer most pieces in different colors (or sometimes several colors!)

And they give you the option to have and not have pockets, but what kind of sick maniac would say no to dress pockets. It’s the pinnacle of a dress.


They do have a pretty long turn around (around 2 weeks) – but I swear it’s worth the wait! I wear that green dress ALL the time, that kiss skirt is the perfect Valentine’s piece, and that black skirt is THE MOST versatile piece of clothing I own.


And this is only the TIP of a very big iceberg of my love of clothes!

Honorable (UnMentionables)

Lane Bryant/Cacique – Bras.

They are sturdy, long lasting, well sized, comfortable, and do have some cute sizes. And they have BOGO sales a few times a year so I tend to STACK UP!

Avenue – Panties

The panties in this store are COMFY AF and designed for a gal with a booty and some hips! And they have all different styles and fabrics.


*Big News*

I am turning 25 on May 23rd!

And lemme tell you – I got big plans for Penny Darling! This is a quarter-centennial celebration for goodness sake! And it’s only a month away! Yikes!

So I definitely will be posting about my birthday look. (I always feel like I NEVER know what to wear for a party that’s like, for me, you know? HOW CUTE OR SEXY AM I SUPPOSED TO LOOK?!)

I also will be doing a week’s worth of birthday giveaways for some of my faves! So be sure to keep posted for those!

And I was thinking about posting my birthday wishlist! Thoughts? Anyone nosy enough to peek at the list? Lemme know!



The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! Some hauls, the LBD, etc, styling my mom Part II, Lindy Bop, WeLoveColors, and more!

Do you want me to write a post about chub rub? I’d be happy to buy a few things and review them for everyone?

I definitely want to do more His & Her fashion. Do you guys like seeing Preston more?

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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