27 Reasons That I Love You

Hey there everyone!

I had to put off re-naming the blog after my accident because I had tons of work to do before re-branding. I’ve also had like 10 job interviews in the last two weeks, getting my substitute teacher stuff up and running, and life. BUT.. I have selected a new name and I hope to roll in out on the 29th. So stay tuned for that!

I just wanted to write something for my right hand man, Preston.

He is my partner, my confidant, my best friend, my best companion, my biggest fan, my biggest annoyance, the absolute love of my life, and just…Preston.

Yesterday (September 14th) was this wonderful burrito of a person’s 27th birthday. I know, I’m dating an older man. I’m so cool.


But he is just everything I could hope for in a partner. He makes me feel so safe and secure, and I’m a huge ball of anxiety and he can handle that, and he likes to go see shows and movies and on antique adventures. We never run out of things to say but sometimes we’re comfortable in silence.

If you missed the story of how we met – you can check out that adorable zany tale here!

So for his birthday, I want to just absolutely embarrass him and tell you 27 reasons why I love Preston and pepper it with ADORABLE photos of us.


27 Reasons Why I Love You


1.) If we’re cutting a piece of pie in half – you always gives me the bigger half or the last bite. Even if I try to stop you.

Photo May 07, 4 39 04 PM (1)

2.) You don’t mind (or at least never complain out loud) about falling asleep with The Office on the TV…every single night that we’ve been dating and have spent the night…for nearly two years.


3.) I saw a stuffed rainbow alpaca on Instagram that a blogger I really loved posted…so you found it on the internet and bought it for me as a ‘just because’ gift.


4.) I didn’t know this, but your sister tells me that you used to not be so adventurous…so I’m glad you like to take spontaneous road trips, go swimming, cliff jump, play in the snow, go to weird events and bars, and are a REALLY good sport about everything.


5.) One time when I got food poisoning and threw up for about 4 straight hours at midnight, you stayed up with me until 4am and gave me all the blankets and were a brave soldier and stayed in the bathroom with me while I threw up…and then went to get Gatorade in the morning.


6.) You are SO talented. The ease that you slip in and out of accents, the deep singing voice, the dialects and impressions, the weird falsetto, the perfect pitch, the thoughtful acting choices. Oh my GOD. You are so talented. You never cease to amaze me in how seriously you take each and every performance from a full house of more than a thousand people to drunk karaoke in the basement of a gay bar.

*Again – if you missed the story of how we met – check out how talented Preston is here.


7.) You never get angry or annoyed or jealous or mean or insensitive. My anxiety is grateful.


8.) One time you sat in a bookstore with me on three separate days so that I could read a book in it’s entirety because I couldn’t afford to buy it…and read in the chair next to me. Reading dates are literally goals.


9.) I LOVELOVELOVE when you are drunk because you say the NICEST things. Like the last time you got drunk, you told me that every day is just passing time until you got to see me again and that I was the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen in the whole world and that you couldn’t wait to spend your life with me. And I watched you sit and reassure your sister of her talent for about 40 minutes at 3am while you were drunk. You are SO nice when you’re drunk.


10.) I think it’s AMAZING that you are trying to learn all the lyrics to Lafayette from Hamilton because you like a challenge. (update: he’s actually pretty good).


11.) You have an encyclopedic knowledge of celebrities. You’re like a walking IMDB. It’s  equal parts amazing, annoying, impressive, and helpful.


12.) You have been right by my side for this whole ‘job search’ situation. Encouraging me before and after each interview, doing mock interviews, letting me burn pieces of paper with jobs I was rejected by, and always believing in me.


13.) You are one of the most selfless, genuine, and good-natured people I know.


14.) It’s really hot when you speak French to me.


15.) You can take me teasing you and bantering with you like an absolute champ.


16.) You are incredibly tolerant of how often I want to take pictures of us together. I know you’re less tolerant of me snapchatting you when I wake up before you – but you’re a good sport about it anyway.


17.) You are a snappy AF dresser. We look SO well dressed together. People always ask us where we’re going. The answer is usually like, to get coffee or to the grocery store. WE JUST ALWAYS LOOK FLY AS HELL, OKAY?!


18.) You are my favorite little peanut, Ace.


19.) You always text me first, you text me when you get somewhere so I know you didn’t die on the way there, and you always call me before bed on the nights we spend apart with no nagging or provocation from me. You the real MVP, Schreffler.


20.) Your shoe collection is unparalleled.


21.) I lovelovelove how mushy you are. You’re such a mushball when it comes to me. It’s endearing and I love it and I want that to last forever.


22.) I love that I went to a show without you tonight and people were legitimately worried that we broke up. Also that if I don’t pictures of you on my instagram often enough, people think we broke up.


23.) You never make me feel ashamed or unhappy with my body. You make me feel really comfortable and confident in who I am.


24.) You are ALWAYS up for a conversation ‘about the future’ and are genuinely excited looking at houses and furniture with me.

Photo May 07, 4 13 19 PM (1)

25.) You are such a compassionate listener. And I talk A LOT. So I know this as a fact.


26.) You get weirdly obsessed with true crime stuff with me. Like when we went down the JonBenet Ramsey rabbit hole one day and read ALL this stuff about her and started making conspiracy theories.


27.) You are the love of my life. You are selfless and kind and funny and warm and make me feel so safe and happy. I can’t wait for us to continue to pass birthdays and Christmases and Easters and Valentine’s Days and anniversaries together. And I know I have been pretty strapped financially this year so I’m hoping this list is in replacement of a birthday card.



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How Very,




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