April Clothing Haul!

Hello all of those with Curves, Curls, & Coffee. Or even if you have none of those things, at least you appreciate those people who do! This has a quick life update about my March for Babies, Tommy, and my April Clothing Haul! Giveaway details listed below!

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Life Update:

My March for Babies went so well! We had tons of amazing teams come out and support the mission! The kids did chalk drawings and beach ball volleyball and the DJ was zany and we raised all the funds we hoped we would! I definitely encourage all of you to donate to March of Dimes – even if it’s not my division, I now have a totally big respect for how hard these fundraisers work. Preston came with me to the event and help me with ALL of the things. He is literally the greatest. There’s a picture of us in our cute matching shirts. We had the kids do a “make your own masterpiece” corner, a duck pond to win prizes, beach ball volley ball, a DJ, tons of food, play-doh corner and tons of fun stuff! It was a a HECTIC but great day. I hit almost double my step goal on my phone before noon.


And I had a crazy weekend. I had our production of Tommy open on Friday night at 8pm, finished at 10:30, left at 11:15, turned around and drove to my walk site, arrived at 1am, woke up at 6:00am, got to my walksite at 7am, was there until 2, went back to take a shower and pack, turned around and drove back until 6 – went right to the theatre for another show at 8pm and then we went out after the show to party with the cast until like 3am. Blargh. I thought I was going to die. Life lesson – never do a show the weekend of the event. It’s terrible.

Tommy was AMAZING. Such a rush. Thank you to everyone who came out to support me & the awesome cast and if you couldn’t make it, I appreciate all the warm wishes. But we only performed two nights and I would have done it for another month. It was just such an experience. It was a low key cast of really talented non-divas (and we’ve all worked with a few divas). We just loved to hang out together and I loved the music and even though our choreographer was the sweetest sadist (she’s actually a gem and a half and amazing to work with- I’m just not a great dancer.) – I felt so proud when I could finally get this one tricky turn in Pinball Wizard. It was just…phenomenal. (Or should I say…a sensation?) I loved working with the director, in the space, with the cast. I loved it. I posted a picture of the whole cast below. And the only sad part is that I got my hair curled for the Friday night show and the woman who did it burned my head – so I will have a burn mark on my face for the next several weeks. But that does not negate the ‘amazing journey’ I took with this cast. So, if any of the cast of Tommy is reading this – I love you and thank you for such a wonderful few months. It has been a trip and a half. I haven’t done a musical like this in awhile and it was great. I would have done this show every weekend for a month. But now I miss everyone and I have post show blues. Double blargh.

The cast of Tommy on closing night!

But now I must go on to the topic of the day. Haul. I don’t know about you – but I am a HUGE snoop when it comes to clothing hauls. I read haul blogs and watch haul videos of people who aren’t plus size, people who have make-up hauls, people who have hauls exclusively from Target. FatGirlFlow (shout out to another plus size blogger!) has the BEST haul vlogs of all time. She makes me want to buy stuff. She literally made me want to buy a romper and this bitch (meaning me) does not look cute in rompers. I LOVE hauls. I’m even a REAL LIFE HAUL SNOOP.  My good friend, Dara, is also a clothing addict – she wears x-small/small clothes and I LOVE when she gets a bag of stuff to show off. I can not wear anything she has but I just HAVE to know. Fun Fact: I used the word haul 9 times in this paragraph. 10 if you count that last time.

And since I do not have the money to drop $300 at a time. (although, dear God, do I wish I could.) Maybe one day I’ll get Dunkin to sponsor and I’ll be able to – but until that time – I can only do it a little bit at a time and at bargain hunt.

And this is just a side note – has anyone else noticed that whenever you compliment a woman on their outfit/shoes/purse – their reaction is almost ALWAYS “Thanks, I got it on sale/discount/outlet/clearance” OR “Thanks, it has pockets!” Why are those are autonomous responses? I’m SUPER guilty of it – but I started noticing how many other women do that.

So I decided to save up my April haul and do my last week of April to show off all the cute stuff I got this month (and a few in late March). Next month is my birthday – so if people like this – I’m sure my end of May haul will be CRAZY as I buy myself birthday presents. Also, May 23rd is my birthday – so I expect allllll the birthday wishes. Haha! But, seriously. I’m still debating what/if anything I want to do for my birthday. Bar with friends? Go see a Broadway show with Preston? Go to the spa and get some me time with a massage and a mineral bath? Gah, I don’t know! Suggestions? Check out my Amazon Wish List for my birthday! I’m positive that there are at least three fox items on it that you didn’t know you needed!

But anyway – here’s my haul!


Outfit #1

Modcloth Dress

Modcloth Cardigan


So this outfit was part of a swap deal. I swapped this outfit for a white lace dress that was absolutely gorgeous but I found myself never reaching for it! I belong to a plus-sized, vintage inspired, Buy/Sell/Trade group and this lovely doll Ashley and I swapped. So I traded up to this whole ensemble! Pretty amazing! I’m obsessed with the colors. It’s like seriously the perfect spring outfit. I feel like a little marigold covered in pastels.



Outfit #2

Modcloth Cardigan

K-Mart Leggings


So I got this Modcloth Airport Cardigan in this gold/mustard. It’s asymmetrical with this full length zipper. It’s literally the most comfortable sweater of all time. I put off buying the Airport Cardigan because I didn’t like how it looked in the review pictures. (Sorry ladies, you’re all gorgeous – but I wasn’t sure that I would look good!) But this was part of the partial swap – so for the gold dress above, the striped cardigan above, and this cardigan – I swapped a dress! The leggings are from K-Mart and cost me less than $8. I needed a pair of pants quick and these were there…and they turned out ADORABLE and match damn near everything. I finally figured out how to use navy as a neutral.


Outfit #3

Torrid Alice in Wonderland Scuba Dress


13090443_10154886496158065_1579107460_n (1)


I COVETED this dress. At $60 though, the price point was a little too high for me. It kept telling me that it was almost sold out and I was super nervous. And again, a friend was willing to sell it to me in one of these Buy/Sell/Trade groups for almost 50% off. Not quite the price point that I aim for…but still pretty damn good. Like dayyyyum. But It’s super comfortable, stretchy, and a lolita pattern. I am obsessed with the peter pan colors recently. It’s like the perfect little innocent twist, especially with the Alice print. It’s perfect! I’m obsessssssed!



Outfit #4

Modcloth Shark Leggings

RossDressForLess Royal Blue Tunic



So I put off getting these leggings for a realllllllllly long time. They were so cute and adorable and I loved and adored them. Also, sharks. IT’S LIKE MY LEGS WERE STUCK IN A SHARKNADO. Ugh, I’m sorry.

HOWEVER. They were skinny leggings with a print and I thought the print would look all stretched out over my big ass thighs and they would be see through and I would never be able to wear them. But when a friend in the swap group posted them – I knew I HAD to have them. So I swapped a sweater for leggings and got this adorable little number. Well, the tunic is old. I’ve had that for more than a year from Ross. But…the leggings are a thick scuba material, comfy as heck, sit high on my natural waist, not see through AT ALL, don’t roll down, and I must reiterate ARE COVERED IN SHARKS. Now I can live every week like it’s shark week. They are still available on Modcloth’s website. I HIGHLY recommend them. Super comfy and a great bargain!


Outfit #5

Poshmark Owl Sweater

Lane Bryant Hot Pink Skirt



So, I really like this owl sweater. I had kind of an unfortunate purchasing with it. I bought it on PoshMark where it was advertised as being an Old Navy plus size. When I got it – it was COVERED in cat hair. It was also a junior’s plus size and NOT from Old Navy…so approx. two sizes too small and some off brand. I was not a happy camper. But the sweater is ADORABLE and too small to wear without a skirt. I really like it with the skirt in length but it’s too short. So I may just try to make it work with the skirt because…look how darn cute it is! The Lane Bryant pink skirt was actually a thrift store find. At $6 – I could hardly turn it down. It’s ALSO versatile AF. And it happened to match this little owl perfectly.

My mom likes it better untucked and she was mad that I didn’t have a picture of the sweater out. So the last picture is for my mom. Thoughts from the general public? Tucked in or out? Comment and let me know whose side you’re on!

Style tip for saving a few bucks: 
Buy clothing off season! I live in Pennsylvania…it gets cold in the winter, cool in the fall and spring, and hot and humid in the summer. It has done this every season that I have been alive and I would guess every season for the rest of my life and long after that. I can safely assume that I can buy sweaters in May. But buying sweaters in May is a FRACTION of the price of buying them in October. Same as winter coats in March, swim suits in September, and spring dresses in November. That’s why a few of my outfits are a bit off season. It’s WAY less expensive.


Outfit #6

Heathered Yellow V-Neck – Ava&Viv from Target

Black Leggings – Woman Within




Now, this is kind of a boring oufit. But sometimes outfits are boring. I did a week long show in a HUMID and HOT ass theatre. And I was living at Preston’s house and couldn’t drive the hour back to my house to get new pants and more T-Shirts, so I had to acquire some stuff during tech week. And I ripped giant holes in my leggings and needed t-shirts that were sweating appropriate

. I LOVE this Ava&Viv top. It’s so comfy. It’s a little see-through but generally comfy, matches stuff, good length. I recommend it. And of course, Preston was SO sweet. I was at work and he was off – so he drove to my house (over an hour) to get a bunch of stuff that I forgot and went to Target and picked up this shirt for me. He’s so sweet.

The Woman Within leggings are just staples. I usually have 2-4 pairs of these on hand so I can wear them to just exist as a human. I HATE JEANS. So I wear these black leggings as a replacement for jeans. But I had worn out all but one of my pairs and was trying to hold off buying new ones. Then, last week during the last few days of rehearsal – I sat on the stage and caught a stray nail and it tore a HUGE hole in the seat of my pants and I had to do the rest of rehearsal like that. So I got two new pairs delivered express. And let me tell you, it was worth the up charge in shipping.


Outfit #7

Modcloth Coach Tour Dress in Houndstooth


13084115_10154886205993065_173465138_n13059880_10154886205928065_105751966_n (1)


This is one of Modcloth’s staple dresses. They have made and continue to make it in a bajillion colors and patterns and with/without sleeves. This dress was from a swap group and had a stain from a pink highlighter. I got it for free just because it had a big ass stain on it. So I treated the stain several times with Lestoil and hairspray and it is good as new! But I love this dress. It is so soft and comfy and stretchy and makes me feel like chic Sherlock Holmes. And I love this style. This dress is actually still online on the Modcloth site to buy at full price. Also, my next door neighbor tried to photobomb – but he didn’t quite make it in to the shots! Sorry, Gil! I like this dress so much that I have a blue and white gingham one on the way and a navy&white stripe long sleeved one. It’s great. Again, I like pieces that are VERSATILE AF. It’s casual enough fabric to wear out to fun stuff or a day in the park and nice enough of a cut to wear to work or out to dinner.


Outfit #8

Calvin Klein Slouchy Gray Sweater

Navy & White Polka Dot K-Mart Leggings (again)




This sweater was actually a hand-me-down from a friend of mine who was cleaning out a relative’s closet and was given to my mom. Well, sorry not sorry that I look so good in it. It’s super comfy and flattering – so I may just steal it permanently. It’s got drawstrings, it’s comfy, heathered, sort of a hood, and lots of stretch. It also has a front kangaroo pocket. Lastly, it has buttons on the sleeves to make them 3/4 length and add a touch of femininity and just a smidge of detail which I appreciate greatly. AND if I were a label person (which I am not) – I could totally brag that it is Calvin Klein brand.

Also, can we talk about how ON POINT that high messy bun is? Answer: Yes, we can and it is. I was not having a good hair day with it down – but luckily my high bun looked great!


Outfit #9

Red Gingham Dress – Custom Made for Me!

Red Top – Old Navy



This is not a new item…I just finally found a way to wear it together for Tommy. I wore this for Tommy, Can You Hear Me? & Sensation (Reprise). I’ll post a picture of Preston & I wearing our costumes during the show! But the red gingham was custom made for me by a friend who is a costume designer so Preston & I could go as the Professor & Mary Ann from Gilligan’s Island. But I made a pseudo-Lindy Bop style dress out of the top. The red scoop neck top is an old closet staple from Old Navy. I have four of them, I think. I haven’t worn this dress since Halloween and I’m so happy that I figured out a way to style it that now I am wearing it all of the time.

Another P.S. I am also a huge proponent of buying all the clothes in many colors. I have several dresses/shirts that are exactly the same but in more than one color or pattern. If you can feel sexy & comfy in something BUY IT IN EVERY COLOR, bitch. It suits me. For the most part, no one is looking close enough to say, “Is that the same dress you wore on Tuesday in roses and not hot air balloons?”

Also, there is this lilac bush in the back yard that I am posing in front of and when the wind shifts and it blows in the windows – it smells amazing.


Preston and I during Tommy in Act II.

Bonus Rant:


I wore this outfit for Tommy to play a drugged out whore in Eyesight to the Blind. The costume got approved, all of tech week I got NO comments about it, a journalist came – still no comment, Friday night show – no comments. Saturday night: you would have thought I came out in nipple covers and a thong. I got A LOT of comments about me ‘spilling out all over the place’ and wasn’t it a ‘bit much’ to wear this and that ‘no one was watching that number because they were looking at my boobs’ and ‘I didn’t know I was buying a ticket to see your boobs’ and that I was ‘incredibly brave for my size.’ Most of the comments were meant as compliments and I took them that way and was gracious about them or joked around. They were said as jokes or as fake flirting from old friends. I actually really LIKED those comments. And the one about me being brave was from another plus sized woman and she said she felt inspired and that made me really happy to make her feel even a smidge more confident in herself. But, my main point is ABSOLUTELY NO OFFENSE TAKEN. I’m an actor. I love that people were paying attention to me. Let’s be real. So, just to be clear – I don’t fault the people who said those things. I LOVED the comments.

But, I’m wearing an oversized men’s shirt, a knee length skirt, and a FULL COVERAGE bra. There was about an inch and a half of my stomach showing and from the edge of my bra to my nipple is about four inches. You can all settle down. My boobs are just big. Girls in crop tops and shorts wear less than this. They just don’t wear a 44G. There were literally people in this SONG wearing less clothes than me. Just take a chill pill about commenting on my boobs. I literally saw a show where every single person in the show got naked (Hair) and I did not walk up to them after the show and say ‘nice schlong’ because that IS weird. Thoughts?


So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

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So here is the next giveaway!

Share this blog post on Facebook and like my new linked Facebook page for a chance to win a $20 gift card to the store of your choice to help your future haul! You MUST like my facebook page and share my Facebook post about this haul to be entered to win! Sharing begins today and ends 5/4 at noon! 

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Question of the Day: What are your thoughts on haul blogs? More? Less? How do you get a deal for hauls? Where is the best place to do a haul? What is the most pieces you’ve ever gotten for the least amount of money?

I’m not sure what I want to do for next week. I have a few ideas rolling around in my head. I’m definitely going to do a His & Hers fashion blog with Preston soon. And I want to do one about memorial day. And my birthday. And transitioning your outfits from winter to summer. But I’m not sure. I want to know what you are interested in hearing about? My Top 10 Embarrassing Stories? 20 Facts from Your Blogger? The 10 People You Meet in Theatre? Dress-pocalypse? A team up with another blogger? Let me know!

Author’s Note: I read ALL of your comments and messages! They mean the whole world to me. I had someone privately tell me that it hurt their feelings that I didn’t engage with their comment. Your comments are changing my life. They effect how my mood goes! I cherish hearing from you all. Your thoughts, ideas, personal stories are invaluable to me and I always, always, always read them! Please continue to comment on the blog or on my insta! I adore hearing your thoughts.

Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,

Abby ❤


  1. bettyerainwaterphotography

    Oh my, you are the clothing swap QUEEN!!! What great things you got! That first dress, the mustardy yellow w the white peter pan collar and that striped sweater, omg PERFECTION. It looks like it was made for you, seriously. And the Alice in Wonderland dress?? Stop. Just stop. I can’t. And SHARK LEGGINGS??? ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

    You really done good this month with your amazing haul, I’ve got some serious haul envy 🙂 And I can’t get enough of watching people’s hauls, so keep’em coming!

    NICE SCHLONG!!! You kill me. Seriously. Kill. Me.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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