Body Positive Look Book: Roy G. Biv



Hello all!

Welcome back to another episode of Penny Darling!

Another exciting week on the blog front! I surpassed 3,000 followers on my Instagram! (ahhh! so exciting!)

I also am just about to hit my 1,000 post on Insta as well!

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But I posted a picture with a mantra today:

“Body positive means waking up and feeling like you are not a work in progress.”

And the more I thought about it – the more I decided that this was a great mantra.

My body is not a work in progress.

My body is fat. My body has hips and boobs. My body is 5’5.

My body is soft. My body has calloused feet. My body tans nicely in the summer.

My body is not a work in progress.

It’s art. It’s always in progress.

So today: I wanted to do a look book featuring the colors of the rainbow (or Roy G. Biv!) and do some body positive mantras with all of them!



Respect. I respect my body. I respect the choices I make for my body. I respect the treatment of my body. I respect everything my body does for me. It moves, and walks, and talks, and breathes, and laughs, and sleeps, and snuggles. I respect that it continues me to live my life.




Optimistic. I am optimistic about all the things my body can still do. I can’t do a cartwheel. But I am optimistic that someday it can. Right now, my body can’t swim (because it’s literally below freezing here!) but soon it will be. I am optimistic about waking up and continuing to love my body and feeling comfortable in my own skin.



‘You’ are the most important. Your thoughts about your body, your hopes, your dreams, your talent – they are all that matter!

Your opinion of yourself should be what matters. You are allowed to be all about you.

You are allowed to love yourself. It doesn’t make you conceited, or rude, or selfish.




Gravity. That’s all weight is. It is your relation to gravity related to a scale.

It means very little.

On the moon – you’d weigh much. Would that number be okay? If you lived on the densest planet in the universe – would you be okay with your relation to gravity?

Consider this next time the numbers aren’t in your favor.




Beauty is not measured in face symmetry. Beauty is measured in all different things.

Beauty is measured, yes, in body, but also in mind, spirit, and soul. And the latter three are the least likely to fade over time.




Instrument. Your body is an instrument. Not an ornament.

Have you thanked your body for being able to walk lately? How about the ability to text? Breathe? Laugh? Digest dairy?

Have you instead insulted your body for not being thin, lean, smooth, neat, tucked, and tidy enough?

Instrument. Not ornament.





How Very, amirite?

How very lovely your body is. How VERY wonderful, awesome, and amazing your body is.

You are VERY perfect.

You are very important.

Your self worth is VERY important.

You are very beautiful, very lovely, very worthwhile.

Do not let anything else tell you that you are not.



But most importantly:

Your body is NOT a work in progress.


Everything about you is what makes you an individual.

Don’t be a shade of the rainbow! Accept all the different shades of who you are!

I hope one of the body positive mantras helps to get you through your week!



So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,




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