We Set a Date! (and other wedding updates!)

Happy Monday, ya’ll!

I hate to be the kind of person who talks about the weather, but it literally snowed two nights ago and the day after tomorrow it is supposed to be literally over seventy degrees.

What? Literally, what?

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Anyway, happy Monday! I can’t believe how fast time is passing. It doesn’t feel like February is almost over! Planning a wedding makes time FLYYYYYYY.

So, I wanted to give up some of our top secret details of our big day!


First things first:

We set a date!

This was actually the most time consuming part of the process! Between finding a venue that had a free slot in our desired times to get married and the EXORBITANT cost of wedding venues (one I saw was literally 20K just for the room) it took longer than I thought . I wanted to get married in the fall because I HATE heat and humidity and I also hate things being cancelled for snow. But then we had to call and look at (what felt like) a million venues before figuring out the perfect one!


Date: September 29, 2018


And we also had this whole thing where we had planned on having the ceremony at Location A and the reception at Location B.

But, the reception Location B, totally bait and switched us by adding another several thousand dollars onto the cost after we had already paid a deposit. And with all of the other fees and things, it was less expensive to lose the deposit and find a different venue.

So, we went on the hunt. We went to and looked at art galleries and studios, venue halls, country clubs, museums, farms, barns, hotels, and everything in between. We must have gone to see a bazillion venues.

After trying out a few different ideas, we went back to our original idea:


We’re getting married at EPAC!

Yep! We’re getting hitched at the theatre where we first met, shared our first kiss, and where he proposed to me. The wonderful artistic director likes to joke with us, that now we have to die there too! Ha!

It’s a theatre, and as we are both not particularly religious people, but theatre to us is a sanctuary. And EPAC is very special to us. It brought us to each other and a wonderful community of friends. I’m thrilled with the choice!




Other Things That Are Done:

Photographer: Booked!

Dress: Said yes to it!

Decorations: slowly accumulating over time

Save the Dates: being designed as we speak! As I type? Well, whatever.

Bachelorette Party: In a group chat with the Bride Squad right meow!

Wedding Party: Confirmed (AbbySwagsCathyDaraMabelMorganJeremyRogan)


And let’s take a side note to talk about my outfit. So cute, right?

So I paired this AMAZINGLY adorable white peplum top (stretchy, thick, and hard to wrinkle, three of my favorite things in a shirt) from Eloquii.

And bonus: Eloquii is have a BOGO Free sale for tops. So, I’m just saying, it’s a great day to shop the top!

I also managed to snag this braided pearl necklace from Eloquii as well!

And my little beret was a steal (under $10 on Amazon!)


I also just want to give a humongous, mondo, Texas-sized thank you to my mom!

My mom is legit planning about 80% of our wedding! She’s helped us with every step of the way and has motivated me to keep planning! She flew to Michigan with me to visit Bombshell Bridal, she’s gone to all the venues with me, met with designers, e-mailed caterers, and I’m 99% certain that her wedding Pinterest board is a lot more LIT than mine. So, thank you, Mom, I literally couldn’t do it without you.



*The items in this post were gifted to me by Eloquii, however, all thoughts & opinions are my own!*


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Thank you for all that you do. You are truly extraordinary.

Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



  1. AMBER S

    AHH!! I’m in love with your outfit!!!! You look smashing!! So, so, so cute!! And what a bummer about losing your deposit on that one venue, so not cool of them! I think the wedding is so perfect to be done at the theatre, plus it will be tres cool and unique!


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