Red, White, & Chic.

Confession: I have not had coffee since….Monday? Blargh. Well Tuesday & Wednesday – my stomach was bothering me a bit. But hopefully today, I can get back on the coffee grind. Because this bitch misses her mocha hazelnut iced coffee. (get it at Dunkin Donuts – it’s like drinking nutella iced coffee).

But I’m starting teaching some classes on Tuesday and I’m very excited about that! I’m also terrified…but also excited. And I have a job interview tomorrow. And I did a ballsy thing and wrote to this AWESOME company that did NOT have an open position but they should have this one and they don’t…so I’m just asking.

And for anyone who has wondered if Preston and I are still together – since he has been very scantily mentioned on my blog/insta for the last month – yes, he’s still here! We’re amazing. We were both in different shows so their weren’t an awful lot of photo ops. Haha! But he’s still the most amazing man and the love of my life!

And on the 4th – we’re headed to a family friends house for a pool party! There is nothing I love more than a good pool party. And this house is beautiful and has a backyard straight out of a magazine.

But for those of us NOT going to a pool party and actually have to get dressed to go to a party….here’s a few of my ideas to make red, white, and blue a chic statement!


Outfit #1

For the ‘it’s hot as balls and I’m wearing pants so my legs don’t rub together’ fashionista or the ‘leggings are pants and I want to look cute and be comfy’ fashionista.


Blue Tunic – Ross. Red Leggings – Torrid. White Pumps – Avenue


Outfit #2

For the ‘legally blonde’ subset and the person who doesn’t get off on 4th of July or get a long weekend and wants to look patriotic AND professional AF.


Red Skirt: VF Outlets. White Blouse: Lane Bryant. Blue Blazer: Thrift Find

Outside #3

For the patriotic and boho chic. When is a tie-dye vest appropriate? Always, is the answer. Always.


Tie-Dye Vest: VF Outlets. Red Scoop Neck Tee: Old Navy. White Shorts: Fashion Bug

Outfit #4

For the plus size fashionista that can embrace their tummy and wants to wear a crop top. I’ll admit…this was a bit revealing for me. I felt very exposed. But I wanted to step outside my comfort zone!


White Denim Jacket: VF Outlets. Navy Pleated Skirt: Thrift Find. Red Crop: Walmart


Outfit #5

For the pin-up fashionista that goes for the “I should be holding a pie” aesthetic.


Red Gingham: Merci Designs. Denim Shirt: Thrift

Outfit #6

For the casual, layering, easy to throw together, outside picnic, 4th fasionista.


Denim Jacket: K-Mart. Red Top: Old Navy. White Shorts: Fashion Bug

Outfit #7

For the fashionista that loves to look like they should be getting kissed by a sailor on VD Day.


Blue & White Dress: Modcloth. Red Tights: WeLoveColors. White Pumps: Avenue

Outfit #8

For the 90’s inspired patriot.


Denim Jacket: K-Mart. Red Dress: Old Navy

Outfit #9

For the ‘set it and forget it’ fashionista. Something quick and easy to thrown on and to dress up or down is the perfect piece! And white is SO easy to add a pop of color with.


White Dress: Ross. Red Glitter Headband: Handmade by me!

Outfit #10

Stripping down for my country. Trying to be a little brave.




I also want to take this time to introduce my photographer!

This is my best friend of 12 years: Abby!

Yes, we have the same name! But everyone say hi to Abby! She’s the greatest! She has been my best friend forever (since middle school when we did a production of Schoolhouse Rock Live, Jr.) And she is moving across the country to CHICAGO in only a few weeks. So I’m trying not to become an emotional and mushy and nostalgic mess. But if there’s ever an example of what true friendship is: it’s this girl right here. Probably more pictures of us to come in the next few weeks! But first, enjoy a picture of us in middle school playing with Barbies. If you can survive puberty together….you can survive half the country, right?

barbies 001



So here’s the “end of blog” spiel!

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My next few blog ideas:  Transitioning your outfits from winter to summer. Maybe one about those ten pieces that make up a wardrobe. But I’m not sure. I want to know what you are interested in hearing about? My Top 10 Embarrassing Stories? 20 Facts from Your Blogger? A team up with another blogger? A show off of my Barbie lot? Want me to style you? Let me know!

Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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