Answering a Big Question: How Do I Make Money Blogging?

Happy Monday, Penny Darlings!

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Anyway, let’s get to the big meat of the day, so to speak!


One of the strangest conversations in my life is the following:

“What do you do for a living?”
“I’m a blogger and social media influencer.”
“Oh, you make money doing that?”

That is ALWAYS people’s first question…which is always odd, because the question is usually about what I do for a living, which is generally a socially acceptable way to ask how you make money. People are always surprised about HOW I make money!


Now, I have about five different channels of income. The famous Forbes statistic is that, “millionaires have, on average, seven sources of income.” – Now, obviously, I am NOWHERE near a millionaire. At all. But, the idea on a micro scale works the same.

I utilize passive and active income based tools! Active, meaning that I create content specifically for a brand or a company and publish and manage it, and passive, meaning it comes from affiliate work, ads, & general traffic!

So, now, I want to talk a little bit about one of my active streams!

And honestly, this may sound silly, but I was DYING to figure out how bloggers were connecting with these major brands, like Neutrogena, Tide, Mrs. Meyers, etc. I, for the life of me, couldn’t figure it out.


And so I started researching bloggers for bloggers and finding ‘Influencer Platforms’. These websites connect brands with influencers and content creators. I, as an influencer, apply to specific campaigns and the brands will select from the influencers who applied if they’re a great fit for campaigns! Some of the campaigns are based on what type of influencer you are, some are based on how many followers you have, some are based on engagement rations (followers:likes:comments), some are based on location, etc.

So, I found that it was perfect to be signed up for several platforms, so that I could have the most campaigns and opportunities.

So, while some months, I don’t make any money from one platform, I might make MOST of my money from another.



So, here’s a thing that I had trouble finding: here’s a list of Influencer Platforms that you can sign up for!

Now, some have NO requirements for amount of followers, however, most have some type of minimums! (Most are 5K or higher on any given platform!).



Popular Pays is one of my FAVE sites to use! They are absolutely fabulous! They connect influencers to brands! They filter by amount of followers – but you can apply to TONS of campaigns! This usually is 3 photos for their use, and one social media post! They are super responsive, pay quickly and efficiently, and have a SUPER easy to use site & app! Popular Pays is AMAZING! I’ve worked with Cloralen, YoPlait, & Jeweler’s Mutual through PP!



Acorn Influence is fabulous! They are a blog content creator based site (as opposed to just an Insta post!) with typically more requirements. Acorn usually requires multi-platform posting (Facebook, blog post, Twitter, Insta, Pinterest, etc.). However, Acorn has some great brand collabs and typically have a little higher of a price tag! I’ve worked with Neutrogena & Sam’s Club through Acorn!


3 Clever is a totally fabulous connection site! They have opportunities for video content creators, social media platform influencers, full blog posts, and several individual package! Clever also has higher price tags, but tend to have really thorough and competitive applications for their collabs! However, their site is super easy to use and I’ve only had great experiences! I’ve collabed with Dove with Clever!



I haven’t done any collabs with AmbassadHer yet, but their site is easy to use! The price tags here are generally LOW, but most collabs include some AMAZING free products! There’s tons of brands, small companies, big names, and lots of new exclusive items! AmbassadHer is also a great starting influencer platform for growing influencers, because they have no minimums but still let you get free product for content and honest reviews!



Blog Meets Brand is another platform for influencers! They mostly focus on blog based content, but they sometimes have social media opportunities as well! BMB has great applications and is SUPER user friendly! There’s lots of travel based and non-fashion/lifestyle/beauty based campaigns! BMB also feature a lot of tech, travel, and business blog opportunities as well!



Influence Central  is a platform that is a bit like a platform dating site! IC tries to match you with the best campaigns in relation to other content you’ve posted! I’ve gotten art supplies, picnics, wedding, and more! Influence Central also has personal connections with the platform rep that is managing that account – and I alwaysalwaysalways appreciate great customer service!


6Revfluence is fabulous! You can apply to all types of campaigns and companies! This company helped me connect with one of my fave sites: Poshmark! However, Revfluence, offers TONS of different types of campaigns and products – and many of them are lifestyle, beauty, and fitness based!


Outfit Deets!

EA8B0091 (2)EA8B0073EA8B0111 (2)

Red Plaid Skirt – Draper James Collection from Eloquii
Girls Support Girls Tee – Daisy Natives


*This post is based completely on opinion and personal experience!*


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  1. AMBER S

    this was very informative, I’ve always wondered about this stuff too, and didn’t realize there were actual websites/services dedicated to this! Good to know!!


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