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Happy Friday, Penny Darlings!

I am finally home from Michigan! And it was delightful! I had the best time and I keep wishing I were back there! But I am here today to reveal why I went to Michigan in the first place!

I went to Michigan to get a wedding dress!

There is this AMAZING company out in St. Clair (about half an hour outside of Detroit!) called Bombshell Bridal Boutique and I have to say….I’m obsessed!

This company was started by a total #BOSSBABE, Amanda, who was shopping for her wedding dress (before Bombshell!) and was supremely underwhelmed by her choices from the larger bridal companies and ended up snagging a dress she found online that she couldn’t even try on. She didn’t feel like the bride experience was equal for plus sized women….so you know what she did? SHE FIXED IT!

Amanda, her sister Amy, and an extraordinary team of women created a plus sized heaven (literally it looked like heaven in there with the room FULL of white tulle and sequins) where women could come and try on dresses off the rack. As a plus sized woman, it is SO rare to get to be able to try on dresses from off the rack and actually see how they would look on my body.


So I went out to have a full bridal experience at Bombshell Bridal!

And be sure to check out Bombshell Bridal on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & YouTube for all of their ADORABLE updates!

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The shop was a light blue room, full to the brim with wildly different gowns, tons of three way mirrors, an AWESOME playlist, and the cutest little puppy of all time.

(I miss everyone – but I miss Lily the most!)

So, my bridal appointment was on Monday! And I worked with the most amazing stylist of all time, Britney, who made me laugh and I’m pretty sure I broke her fingers from all of the zipping up she did! She was so sweet, kind, funny, & compassionate that I felt totally comfortable with her! Thank you, Britney!

And, of course, I brought my mom!

And the gals of Bombshell made me that adorable name tag covered in glitter and stickers and love and adorableness for my fitting room (ft. behind us!)

And, of course, we were being a little silly!

And even though I was far away from home, I still had the best bridal entourage of all time! I finally got to meet Liz from @withwonderandwhimsy and Anne from @curlsandcontours  and they each picked out a dress that was totally my style!


So, I decided to keep my final dress a surprise (so it’s not featured!) – but I wanted to share some of the other gowns I tried on. For real, I tried on a zillion dresses! And it felt amazing to be ABLE to try on a zillion dresses. I don’t think I’ve ever truly had that experience. So here’s some of those gowns!

This very first dress made me have some FEELINGS! I loved the horse hair hem, the thick straps and the tiny details. It was gorgeous and I definitely saw my mom tear up at seeing me in a wedding dress for the first time.

This pink blush dress with these tiny flowers, lovingly named Sloane, was the most gorgeous dress of all time. It seriously was all of the things and this dress made it down to the final selections. I was sad to leave it behind – so someone go get this gown immediately!


And then I was on a bit of a kick for a tea length/shorter dress and I was absolutely obsessed with the blush bridal dress! So this pink horse hair hem, beaded top, tea length frock was pulled for me next!

I lovelovelovelovelovelove this dress. That detail on the bottom of the gown would be perfect for the rustic barn wedding that we are not having. It has that perfect sweetheart top, that gorgeous detailing on the bottom and it fit like a dream with the lace top!

This was the very last frock I tried on! Britney immediately grabbed this sparkly belt to add an amazing detail on the waistline! This was another taupe dress with the lace detail top and the horse hair hem!

Another nice thing that happens there is that they have straps that can be added to any dress, garters, hair accessories, belts, hats, veils, and ALL of the things!

And I let each of the members of my entourage pick me out a dress that totally screamed ‘me’ because sometimes it helps to have some outside perspective! (also, I’m standing on a little stool in the middle of the mirrors – I didn’t grow a foot in the last week!)


This was Liz’s pick:

Liz picked a blush ball gown with a sweetheart neckline (totally fitting my princess vibe) and added this deco-y pink sparkly belt and tons of twirl power!


This was Anne’s pick:

Anne picked out this colorful (totally me) floral dress with an absolute watercolor vibe! It was complete with tulle and perfect twirl! It had that amazing pop of color that I absolutely adored!


This was my mom’s pick:

This dress that we nicknamed Marilyn (after my style icon) was the dress that it came down to between this one and the one I eventually picked. That gorgeous neckline, the perfect twirl, the straps, all of it. TOTALLY Marilyn.


The dress I picked:

Just kidding. I’m not showing it off yet!

In the end, I picked out a dress that is TOTALLY me. Totally totally me! And I am so happy to have it. It’s gorgeous & amazing! And I had such a fabulous time while I was there. Amanda, Britney, Amy, Siobahn, & the whole Bombshell family gave me an experience as a bride-to-be that I didn’t even think was possible! They made me feel comfortable, confident, and happy!

Also, each one of the fitting rooms is signed from top to bottom with rainbow script of happy brides who got to walk out with the gown of their dreams and I am happy to say: I got to sign the wall as an ecstatic bride-to-be!


Be sure to check out all of their socials: Bombshell Bridal on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & YouTube for all of their ADORABLE updates!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this amazing experience! Can I come back now?!

*This post was sponsored by Bombshell Bridal Boutique and my final selection was gifted to me, however all thoughts & opinions are my own!*


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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



  1. SaraLily

    So much fun!!! Wow I loved ALL of these on you! You must have had some hard choices!! I went tea length for mine – however it’s a full length gown that I’m having shortened. I LOVE this Sloane dress! Oh my!!!


  2. Beverley

    Congratulations. You looked lovely in all those dresses and I can’t wait to see what you chose. I’m in the UK and ended up having my dress made as plus size wedding dress shopping was emotionally damaging! Glad you got to try on loads of amazing dresses and had that experience.


  3. AMBER S

    oh my goodness!! these dresses are GORGEOUS!!!! I loved ALL of the blush ones, especially the horsehair one and the one with flowers!!! so gorgeous, and how fun to be able to have a place where you can actually try on dresses off the rack. When I got married I was MUCH skinnier and there still were only like maybe 3 options to choose from and even then it had to be special ordered, how cool that they created this store!! so awesome! can’t wait to see your dress!


  4. Jayde

    Beautiful gowns!! What a great place to shop. But I’m sad to see that none have actual sleeves. Many plus size gals want arm coverage…without having to wear additional pieces like boleros and jackets, when will designers get this??!


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