The Seven Types of Friends at Your Big Game Party!

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For Preston & I – the ‘Big Game’ is usually more a social gathering than a viewing of an actual game! We’ve never been big sports fans but we love any excuse to invite friends over. So this Sunday – we’re hosting a few friends to watch the game!


So obvi, I needed to stock up food for all of our friends (who are all totally different!) and make sure we could decorate, dress, cook, and host! I hit the West Shore Plaza in Lemoyne, PA to get everything to become the hostess with the most-est!

I grabbed a few pizzas from Domino’s, some AMAZING burritos & guac from Neato Burrito, grabbed some desserts, soda, & paper plates and napkins from Karn’s, and some of our football decorations from The Dollar Tree – all in the West Shore Plaza!

I seriously can’t be more pumped that I could go get all of my big game food, right in my own back yard, without having to run to a million different places!

Although, I will say our best find was from Goodwill – where we scored Charlie that AMAZING Ruff-eree jersey. HE’S SO CUTE OMG!


I seriously was able to get everything in one afternoon – so I’m always a big fan of that kind of convenience. Do they make foam fingers for one-stop-shops? Asking for a friend. HA!

ALTHOUGH, let’s talk – I looked in EVERY store for a literal foam finger, and then I went to a few different stores, and then I looked on the Facebook Marketplace.

Have I missed the boat on foam fingers? Is that just not a way to show your loyalty to a team anymore? DID I MISS THE FOAM FINGER BUBBLE?!




While Preston & I were shopping, we were joking about how we thought our friends were going to act during the game. Like, you always have the one friend that is competitive like they are playing in the game, the one who bails last minute, etc. I thought this was so funny – I wanted to share the list we came up with!

Domino’s Pizza that we grabbed in the West Shore Plaza!

The Seven Types of Friends at Your Big Game Party!

1. The Avid Sports Watcher

There’s always one friend who is REALLY into the game and talking about the coach like they’re friends and on a first name basis. This friend knows EVERY stat, every trade, every contract, scandal, maneuver, and player! Their snack of choice is literally whatever is in front of them so they don’t have to miss a minute of the game.

Spoiler Alert: I am NOT that friend.

2. The Question-er

This person has never even HEARD of football yet insists on sitting next to the TV and asking “Who is that?” or asking, “Wait, what just happened?”, much to the chagrin of the Avid Sports Watcher.

Their snack of choice is whatever needs to be asked about “What’s in this?”. The Question-er simply cannot help themselves.

3. The “I’m Rooting for the Commercials”

This person will let you know, often LOUDLY, that they are only interested in the super awesome commercials and will tell literally everyone that all night.

Their snack of choice is grazing all the fruit and veggie trays after everyone sits down to watch and they can just sort of stand there and pick at it.

Spoiler Alert: This is totally my mom. 



4. The Die-Hard

Sometimes YOUR team gets to the Big Game and everyone loses their MIND! I’m from Eagles-territory so when the Eagles won – EVERYONE around my hometown lost their MINDS! They love to talk about “the last time” that their team made it this far and WAY too many facts and scream about bleeding their teams colors.

Their snack of choice? Regular food that has been dyed to look like the team colors. For example, a green Rice Krispies bar for the Eagles or a red football cupcake for the 49’ers!

5. The One Who Falls Asleep

TELL ME THAT YOU DON’T KNOW EXACTLY WHICH FRIEND THIS IS. Mine is Preston. It used to be my dad. They are totally snooze-on-a-couch-after-a-drink-or-two types.

Their snack of choice is whatever is on the plate of food they are holding in their hand as they nod off and somehow doesn’t fall to the floor.

6. The Hostess

This is usually me! This friend CANNOT just sit the heck down and watch the game! They are constantly offering people snacks and drinks, running to the kitchen to check on something, asking everyone if they need anything, and can’t sit still. (Thank you West Shore Plaza for making me a little less of a lunatic this year!)

Their snack of choice is taking a bite of something before they serve it “just to make sure it came out okay!”.

7. The Tipsy Social Media Star

There’s always one friend that has one too many cocktails and ends up Snapchatting the whole night – even when literally nothing is happening – and using every filter while posting all about the party.

Their snack of choice is things that are shaped like footballs or are cute enough to post!


No matter how different your friends’ personalities are – there’s always something to pick up in West Shore Plaza! Preston and I could not stop giggling as we joked around about this – so I definitely wanted to share.

I seriously am obsessed with the napkins & paper plates! Such a cute way to make a big impact with decorations. And it makes cleaning up way less stressful!

So this Sunday, bring on all the hungry friends, the commercials, the Big Game, the snacks, and the fun! We’ll be rooting for everyone!


ALSO, let’s spill a little low-key tea here.

I really wanted Preston and I to wear opposing team colors for this picture BUT THE TEAM COLORS THIS YEAR ARE EXACTLY THE SAME.

Seriously, like half a shade away from being the same.




Enjoy the game!

Cheer your hearts out!

Don’t drink & drive!

It’s better to have a little too much pizza than not enough!



*this post is sponsored by West Shore Plaza, however all thoughts and opinions are my own!*


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