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I don’t know if you were following my Insta-stories last weekend – but I got to go to the grand opening of Gabe’s in Exton, PA and do a little shopping spree!

And Gabe’s also has some AMAZING brands like Betsey Johnson, Lily Bloom, Express, Lane Bryant, Dress Barn, Nike, Purina, and a zillion more! So, this haul has some awesome finds.

I found some AMAZING things. Unbelievable! I swear, the most expensive thing on this page is $65. The least expensive thing is $3. So, all around, a totally affordable haul!

Check out Gabe’s on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or their website!

Fashion & Accessories

So, I stopped in to their clothing section (awesome selection of plus and straight sizes. And TONS of brand names in there) and grabbed a few super cute pieces for Preston & I.


Olive Romper

I found this ADORABLE army green, jersey, and comfy AF romper in a plus size! And guess what – it cost $7.99! I’ve literally spent more on Redbull than I did on this romper. And I tried on a few things – but ya girl LOVES rompers.

I paired it with a thrifted top left open as a cover-up and some knee high leather boots. This has been my new go-to outfit for running to grab coffee, browsing Barnes & Noble, and hitting the library (I like to go work there when I’m feeling a little cooped up!).



Red Velvet Ruffle Jacket

My second item is this GORGEOUS red velvet ruffle jacket. This is seriously the most glam thing of all time. A serious show stopper. I threw it on with this romper and some flats for a perfect lunch date outfit! This jacket isn’t TOO heavy but has an amazing ruffle detail!

And this is going to make you go, “literally, how?” ….it cost THREE DOLLARS. LITERALLY THREE DOLLARS. My regular coffee order comes to $3.17. This jacket costs less than my coffee order. That’s wild bananas to me. Amirite?



Phone Purse

I scored this Luv Betsey (part of Betsey Johnson!) purse (definitely big enough for my wallet, phone, girl stuff, and some makeup in it) and I am obsessed.

These phone purses can run over A HUNDRED DOLLARS and I scored this one for a mere $24.99. It also has crossbody strap – but it’s removable (a big perk for me).


Flamingo Umbrella

This is another Betsey Johnson find. I lovelovelove Betsey Johnson. So when I saw this amazingly adorable pink flamingo umbrella for a mere $9.99 – I knew I had to get it!

So cute, and the perfect size to keep stowed in my car, or even in a purse or a tote.



And then….I dressed Preston

Preston has always wanted to have a better summer casual style – and last summer we stocked him up at Gabe’s with new button up summer shirts with novelty print, new jeans, and even running sneakers!

So we decided to grab him a totally cool outfit!

Pineapple Button Up Shirt

This shirt has an ADORABLE pineapple print. It’s perfect for summer, it’s lightweight, crisp, low wrinkle, and looks cute as a freaking button with those shorts!

He styled it with these teal shorts and some slip-on boat shoes! Perfect for grabbing a lakeside slice of pizza! And it only cost $12.99



Believe it or not, Preston and I are dockside pretty often in our life. He’s been complaining that he never has casual but cute and easy to slide on summer shoes. He saw these shoes and knew he had to have them!

Double bonus: they look SUPER cute with this outfit and all of his swimsuits.

They were on sale for $17.99! That’s half a tank of gas these days for shoes he’ll wear all spring and summer.


Updating Our Home For Under $50

The Gabe’s Team challenged me to add a few details to our house for under $50! I, much like Marty McFly, am no chicken – so I took the challenge!


Spotless Canvas Bin

Preston and I have a million throw blankets in our living room (I’m a little addicted) and we were just keeping them folded (or just tossed) on one corner of the couch. So I repurposed this super cute laundry hamper to be our blanket bin in our living room!

I picked up the one that said, “spotless” because I thought that was HILARIOUS with all of the color and polka dot in our living room. It can never truly be “spotless”. And I nabbed it for only $7.99.

IMG_9002 (2)


As I have mentioned a million times, Preston and I are huge ‘dackies’ of the Adirondacks and love Lake George! It’s been a big part of my life growing up and our relationships.

So we found this colorful (and very us) Lake sign at the Gabe’s for $9.99.

Such a cute addition to our gallery wall!

IMG_8943 (2)

Cupcake Tray

This adorable cupcake tray replaced an old plain coffee table tray. It adds that perfect retro pop of color, I love the novelty print, and has some whimsy to it (which is all I look for in a home item, honestly).

We have this on our coffee table to toss our candle lighters in, the remotes at the end of the night, and other things!



A $65 Home Transformation

So, I hatehatehate living in a world where only shades of brown and beige and shades of black and gray are neutrals. I have a teal TV stand, red crate, tons of pattern, and more than a few pops of color.

So when I went to Gabe’s and saw this polka dot rug (8×10) and knew that it would totally transform our space!

And for anyone who knows it – it’s ABSURDLY hard to find that large of an area rug, that’s a good quality, for under $100 or sometimes more like $200 – so when I found this perfect rug for $65 – I knew it was totally going to bring the room together!

I’m obsessed with their rug selection! (I have another one in our bedroom! And our closet….don’t ask). This was an easy, low maintenance, and quick to ‘install’, and brought so much more color and life to our living space. 10/10 – if you need a high quality rug that doesn’t break the bank, check out Gabe’s!

IMG_9001 (2)IMG_8989 (2)IMG_8971 (2)


*This post is sponsored by Gabe’s and the items in the post were gifted to me, however all thoughts & opinions are my own!*


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