Totally Crazy May Haul

Hey ya’ll.

Happy Friday, ya’ll!

Let me just start with the boring stuff so we can get to the goods! Ha! Check me out on Instagram here! I also started a Twitter account! Find that here! Follow Preston’s brand new fashion Instagram here! I also have a selling Instagram page where I sell some of my old clothes/styles so that I don’t drown in my own wardrobe. I just listed a few new things – so check that out!

Preston is heading to California to see his younger sister graduate from college! So happy graduation, Mabel, and congrats! And safe travels to Preston and his family! By the time you’re reading this – we’re on our way to the airport!

So, May was my birthday month and it was absolutely fabulous!

But it was also times for a LOT of shopping and gifts and collabs and all the things!

So, for a special, easy breezy, Fri-YAY scroll through – I will be showing off all that I shopped this month! (and if I can – I’ll link it!)




Mickey Mouse Sprinkle Skirt

This skirt was made from the amazing goddess Rachel from her Etsy shop: Wishes & Wardrobes which is the MUST shop for Retro Disney or Disney-bounding looks! She custom made this beauty for me and DIY duplicated a classic ‘Annette’ shirt!

IMG_0419 (3)IMG_0428 (3)


“Potted Plants as Opposed to Floral Print in High Comedy”

A real thing a friend said to me while wearing this dress. I decided to take it as a compliment.

This GORGEOUS Eloquii dress may have long sleeves but it is shockingly breezy and comfortable! Bonus: this pattern also comes with a pink background and like a million (or like six) other patterns! 10/10 not too hot for these early summer days!

IMG_0455 (2)IMG_0451 (2)

Velvet Blazer

This gorgeous burgundy blazer with the ruffle collar detail is another Gabe’s find!

And….it was on clearance…

And it cost….. *drum roll* THREE FREAKING DOLLARS. Three.



Sushi Romper

This sushi romper is everything I’ve ever dreamed about in a romper. Literally.

This is a Lindy Bop 6XL (which is a US22!) and it’s VERY stretchty! So comfy! I wore it to opening night of a play last night! And I love the ruching around the bust. I’m seriously debating ordering it in another pattern!

3IMG_0486 (2)


This Lemon Ensemble!

This whole lemon ensemble were TJ Maxx finds! I nabbed this adorable Nicole Miller NYC lemon top for a measley $12.99. It’s stretchy and jersey and looks great tucked in to high waisted jeans!

Then I found this amazing lemon Betsey Johnson bag (which is actually insulated – so it’s perfect for summer!) and literally almost cried when I found this lemon hat.

This whole outfit came in at $40. I’ve paid $40 for one top before, so this is awesome.


Rainbow Romper

This RebDolls romper is the literal cutest (and perfect for Pride Month!). It’s stretchy, comfy, all one piece! I am obsessssssssssssed.

I especially love that it has a tiny bit of exposed skin that adds a bit of a sexy flare to this romper!

This rainbow purse is another Betsey Johnson bag that was a steal at $19.99 from TJ Maxx!



So Extra Tee/Pleated Shorts

These amazingly soft, high-waisted, pleated, jersey shorts are another Rebdolls steal! They are soft, stretchy, comfy, don’t give me a weird camel toe, and are perfect to pair with this ‘So Extra’ crop top.

Also, this AMAZING Taco Truck bag is another TJ Maxx and Betsey Johnson steal!

IMG_0323 (2)IMG_0334 (2)

Olive Romper

So this was really the month of stocking up on rompers. But what can I say, ya girl LOVES rompers! I found this amazing jersey-space-dye-olive romper at Gabe’s when doing a haul post with them!



Sorrelli Jewelry

I did a super fun post with Sorrelli with my mom for Mother’s Day and ended up snagging some absolutely gorgeous pieces. This shop is actually local made in my college town of Kutztown, PA – but it’s absolutely lovely, available all over the world, and online.

Bracelet (crystal)
Bracelet (pink)



It’s a Red Itsy-Bitsy-Not-So-Tiny Fatkini

This red polka dot half-kini is the fat-kini of my dreams! This swimsuit is from Eloquii! I lovelovelove it because I can finally get on the fat-kini train while having a suit that won’t roll up under my giant bust.

And the pom pom hat is a Betsey Johnson TJ Maxx find…because YA GIRL IS A MAXXINISTA!

swimswim 2


Sprinkle Jammies!

These ‘Donut Worry About It‘ pajamas from Avenue are now what I am living in about 90% of the time. They’re so DAMN comfortable! I am absolutely obsessed! And bonus, they’re on SALE right meow and you can get the whole set for under $20!



Femme AF

This oversized cropoversized crop is another adorable RebDolls find!

So cute, and the color is definitely a hot pink (it looked a little more blush on the site!)



Bananas in….Suspenders

These amazing yellow suspender pants are my last RebDoll find. They are SO stretchy…and TBH…so long! (I’m 5’5 and I thought they were long – petite ladies – prepare to alter!).




And honestly this wasn’t even everything. I went a little wild in May (for my birthday and got some amazingly cute new stuff!)

Which is your fave? Are you going to be shopping any of these looks?

Do you like hauls? Should I do more? I LOVE doing hauls, personally.



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Thank you for all that you do. You are truly extraordinary.

Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



  1. Louise

    You’re one of the select influencers I follow on twitter, my only platform. I like the yellow suspenders – they’re slimming with the thin straps, and yellow matches your hair! You do well in yellow. You are artistic with your photos and filters – read your instagram lit article – that was interesting! You achieve a comfort and relaxed vibe in your photos that is beauty – I wish we could all achieve that!


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