Brand Review: Luminance Skin Care

Happy Monday, Penny Darlings!

This weekend was fabulous. For everyone who was with me on while I did live posts while I was having a panic attack. Being able to talk about mental health is important. I spent a lot of my life not talking about it and feeling alone, so it was great to hear so many other people sharing their stories. So, truly, thank you.

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This summer has been BUSY here at Penny Darling HQ. Absurdly, wonderfully, overwhelmingly, delightfully busy, but that has meant in the last few months, my idea of ‘self-care’ has pretty much gone out the window.

When I found Luminance, it was a nice way to add a little self care back into my day. It’s a line of skin care ranging from cleansers to toners to lip balms and everything in between! They’re cruelty-free, vegan, no animal testing, fresh, and organic ingredients. It’s a light, fresh scent, and has nothing synthetic or toxic. I have VERY sensitive skin, so finding products like this, that don’t break the bank, sometimes feels impossible!




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The Products

For this try-out, I definitely grabbed as big of a selection that I can choose from! I selected the travel pack (Acne Serum, Rosewater Toner, Hyrdration, and Facial Cleanser! They all come in a clear, airport ready, perfectly to-go size, bag and are all travel sized & TSA approved! Such a great starter for a bunch of different products!

This acne serum is not HARSH at all! It’s very creamy, subtle, and it works! 
The hydration step is creamy and smooth, but not too thick and cake-y, and leaves my skin nourished after use! (especially great at the end of the process!) 
I tend to pull a little red (my skin undertone is a red/pink complex!) so I love a good rosewater toner which is designed to lower inflammation and redness. 
This cleaner is really moisturizing and gentle but leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh. It’s meant to clean off make-up, dirt, oil, grease, but without stripping your skin.





I love to try new bar soaps. That might sound weird, but for real, it’s one of my favorite things to pick out (especially from speciality shops!). I use bar soap every single day, but have super sensitive skin, so I love when I find a scented soap that doesn’t irritate my skin! I would have tried all of their soaps but I settled on two different scents! I snagged a Marzipan and a Lemongrass  and they are cleansing, not drying, and leave a light fresh scent!



Antioxidant Spray

I literally can’t explain what this Antioxidant Spray does better than they do! So from their website.

“Our Antioxidant Spray is formulated to provide a broad spectrum of naturally occurring and stable floral antioxidants, deep cleansing linolenic oils and naturally stable Vitamin C. As we age, our skin produces less and less collagen and beneficial, age-defeating antioxidants. Vitamin C is just a miracle ingredient because it stimulates collagen production and scoops up free radicals.”

And 100% can confirm, it’s firming, fresh, and cleansing! I’ve found I like using it in the morning to cleanse my face BEFORE the day starts (particularly if there’s time in between waking up and showering!).




This clarifying mask was the amazing stereotypical green mask. But it was cool and refreshing and not too goopy. And I brought my BFF/MoH over to sample it with me! Because sometimes you need a girls’ night!

Abby (yes, we have the same name) loved how it made her skin feel, as a low oil, low acne face, and I liked how it reduce some redness from my flare-up prone skin! She was OBSESSED! I liked it, but there was a small amount of Lavender essential oil, which I am very sensitive to, so it my not be for me all the time!


Go check them out!

You can check them out here:


*This post was sponsored by Luminance Skin Care, and the products featured here were gifted to me, however all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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