Sweet Everythings: Valentine’s Day Shopping Small

Happy Friday, Penny Darlings!

It’s a snowy, chilly, and lovely day here in Pennsylvania! Preston and I have a queue of movies we’ve been meaning to watch, hazelnut and caramel coffee, lots of blankies, and Charlie is snuggled up right between us!

Preston has a showing opening tonight, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed that it doesn’t snow out! If you see Preston, wish him lots of broken legs!

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Let’s get to the content of the day here, friends!


While I may not be a ‘small business’ exactly, I definitely am a side hustler gone full-time, #GIRLBOSS, entrepreneur. I love shopping small businesses when I can (everything from soap to candles to shopping local farm stands). It’s awesome to get a high quality product, supporting makers of all types, and be able to directly communicate about my purchases!

I posted another small business post a few weeks ago with all types of makers from small shops to confection to soaps and everything in between and a few weeks after that, I did one just for pet lovers that you can find here!

I have truly loved getting to chat with people who produce such amazing art into the world! I love to see people that are creating and originating and inventing. As the new Marie Kondo trend says; it brings me so much joy!

For this post, I tried to focus more on a Valentine-Vibe!



Miesse Candies & Ice Cream Parlor

Check out their website here, their Facebook here, and their Instagram here!

*I can 100% attest that this chocolate is like Willy Wonka level good and they literally have everything made out of chocolate! Chocolate piano? Got it! Chocolate dog? Got it! Everything from classic heart shaped boxes with classic mixes to the most AMAZING (can confirm) chocolate covered strawberries! (Yummmmm!)  This is the perfect place to show someone something sweet!

Downtown Shop: Candy Shop & Ice Cream Parlor Open Mon-Thurs 9-5, Fri/Sat 9-9, Sun 12-5




Ady Cakes is a small (and very pink!) custom cake and cupcake shop located in West Reading in my hometown! Ady makes everything in house, including custom macarons (18 flavors, yum), custom cakes, cupcakes, cake pops, cookies, brownies, and more!

For Valentine’s she has the most darling cupcakes (a whole post about them coming SOON!), all pink macaroons, pink sprinkle cake pops, champagne macarons, cakes and cookies.

Check out her website 
Check out her Facebook page
Check out her Instagram page



Stay Sweet NYC

This total #BOSSBABE is a sweet QUEEN! She literally does it all. She has MTO Macarons and cakes and deliciousness. She writes a blog, shares recipes, has lifestyle recommendations, runs the most GORGEOUS Instagram of ALL time.

And, bonus, Lindsay is TOTALLY as sweet as her name suggests! Ha!

Check out her custom order page here, read some awesome lifestyle posts here, some of her recipes here, and give her a double tap heart on her Insta here!

DSC_0062 (1).jpg



First of all, I had SUCH a hard time picking which picture to feature. These are AMAZING graphic tees. There’s sharks with heart eyes, a Nick Miller and Tran OTP shirt, a Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins sweatshirt, and Mean Girls and a million more! I went with this deep cut from a Valentine’s Day episode of the Office tee!

They’re a self-described, “lifestyle brand with a strong female voice”. These graphic tees, purses, art, accessories, sweatshirts, home decor, and more are all hand drawn and lettered by their in-house creative team! AMAZING.

Check out their website here, their Facebook page here, and their Insta here!



Amour Artistique

Martha Marie Wasser is the owner&creator of Amour Artistique Paper Company.  This bespoke stationery & design company is based out of Philadelphia and Las Vegas and creates  beautiful products through hand calligraphy, illustration, and graphic design. Products include stationery, wearable items, signage, art, and custom pieces that make for perfect gifts or additions to your home!

You can order Valentine’s cards and Amour Artistique offers hand written love notes, custom calligraphy quotes (which I totally have one of hanging in my living room!), and this total #BOSSBABE just launched her own freaking clothing line. And I’ve been following the brand since it was a small side hustle to this multi-faceted, multi-team member, multi-awesome big time brand! It’s been amazing to see this growth, because this team is GOING places!
This team is fabulous, creative, have an envy-worthy Insta feed (follow it here, for real), and contemporary perfection! Shop their website here or Amour Artistique on Etsy!



Art Princess Designs

This amazing family-based company is a trio of total #BOSSES – and a real life Art Princess!

They started this business for their daughter. She was a little Picasso and creating every day and her parents wanted to show how much they believed in her art! They encouraged her art, and her creation helped her self-confidence and desire to create soar! And to make it a total family affair, her cousin had picked up art later in life. So they created a total dream team to put her beautiful, color-inspired designs on pillows, wall art and apparel. Now everyone can share in their colorful world. Thank you!

Check out their website here, their IG here, and their Facebook here!



Luminance Skin Care

Check out the website/shop here, Facebook here, and Instagram here!

I did a post with this brand a few months ago for their all natural skin-care! They have all types of skin-care for all types from oily to acne to aging and everything in between. They also carry an AMAZING mud mask that is perfect for a Galentine’s Day cleanse!

Check out the post I did with them here!



Rhapsody in Bloom

A PA local, fellow theatre nerd, totally lady hustla’, and awesome entrepreneur, Bridget Cole, is the owner of RIB! They’re a full service event and wedding floral designer and shops!

Here’s a fun fact: Bridget has a degree from Delaware Valley College in Plant Science and Floriculture where she learned to combine her love of design and science into shaping arrangements out of precious flowers.

We did a collab last year and the photos ended up to be unbelievably perfect! These are perfect for any Valentine from your boyfriend to your mom!

Check out her site here, her Instagram here, and her Facebook page here!

EA8B7772 (2).JPG


Lather & Co

This bestie duo – Mo and Jules, are out to prove that vegan doesn’t have to be boring!! They specialize in making beautiful organic coconut milk soap and vegan bath and body care. We offer wholesale and custom creations across the USA.

Lather & Co. incorporate all natural colorants, clays, exfoliants, botanicals, and salts derived from the earth; with no harsh detergents or foaming agents, no synthetic dyes, just pure clean goodness. And they each bath bomb and bar of soap is uniquely beautiful works of art! GORGEOUS.

Check out their shop site here, their Insta here (drool-worthy gorgeous!), and their Facebook page here!




If you’re local to the Central PA area: you NEED to come check out Miesse Candies & Ice Cream Parlor’s very first celebration for the National Ice Cream for Breakfast day on Saturday February 2nd! It’s going to include tours of their chocolate factory, lots of family fun, and of course, ice cream!

And their ice cream is from the Penn State Creamery and is SO delicious and delightful! I can’t wait to try their special breakfast menu!




This is so important! Shop these links, share with anyone who may be in the market, do some gift shopping, start booking for your wedding, try something new, recommend to a friend!

I love getting a high quality product, that I can actually TALK to the creator of, with amazing ingredients!


*this post is sponsored by these amazing makers, creators, side hustlers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners – however all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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Thank you for all that you do. You are truly extraordinary.

Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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