Lake George or Bust!


Happy Happy Happy Friday, Penny Darlings!

I’ve been in literal paradise since last Thursday, so I feel like time isn’t really important. I can’t even BELIEVE that it is Friday.

And when I say literal paradise, I mean, in Lake George, NY!

If you know me well, you know that my family has vacationed on Lake George since my mom was a kid (I’ve been attending since I was in her tummy!) and my dad also vacationed there in his childhood! I’ve grown up on these lakes!

I started swimming at age four, tubing at age six, paddle boating at age seven, bringing friends to spread my Lake George evangelism since age nine, attempting to waterski at age eleven, have had a boating license since I was twelve, took a boat out by myself by age fourteen, and have grown up so much here.

Lake George has been a second home, a paradise, an escape, and a sanctuary to my family and me for many years. We have a cabin on Trout Lake and a boat (named Gertie after my great grandma!). I’m typing this from the screened in front porch while cool night air breezes in, the lull of bullfrogs hums in the background, and the sky is clear with a million stars and no light pollution. Someone across the lake has a bonfire and I can smell it from here!

But today, I wanted to tell you a few of my fave things to do, must hit spots, and some awesome vacation photos from Lake George!

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Lake George Pier

This spot in Bolton Landing is the most PERFECT photo spot in the whole world. This is just a pier that you can walk up to the edge and get this shot. It’s so gorgeous. People dangle their feet over, there’s a gorgeous public beach, docks, and an amazing view of the historic Sagamore hotel.

When I was a kid, my dad and I used to take our towels to the little laundromat in town, stop in at the deli, grab some donuts, and come out to the pier and watch the sunrise while the towels were in the washer.

IMG_3379IMG_3364 (2)IMG_3348 (2)IMG_3332IMG_3323 (2)IMG_3318 (2)IMG_3314 (2)IMG_3288 (2)


Bolton Landing

This is the most Stars-Hollow-y little town. It’s a picturesque New England style town. It’s dotted with mom and pop shops, restaurants, ice cream, antique stores, tourist stops, an adorable public library, and even a little candy store!

Bolton Landing hosts lots of fun events like craft fairs, live music, flea markets, book sales, and more! It’s so whimsical, colorful, and quaint! I love grabbing some pizza from Cate’s, hitting the shops, and grabbing some ice cream!

IMG_3389 (2)

Lake George Village

Lake George Village is one of the kitschy-boardwalk-esque hot spots in LG! You can do EVERYTHING here! My two personal faves are Around the World mini-golf (totally vintage and has been there and most unchanged my whole life!) and the House of Frankenstein Wax Museum (a super campy and fun wax museum of horror stories!).

But there’s tons of fun shops, a brewery, a distillery, arcades, boat rides on big paddle boats, like the Minnie-Ha-Ha, hit any kind of shop imaginable, get a tattoo, get your portrait drawn or your fortune told, listen to live music and see street performers and every Thursday night there’s an INCREDIBLE fireworks show.

You hear with your kids? Your grandparents? Your bachelor party? Your first romantic getaway with a new flame? A girls’ getaway? No matter what you’re doing in Lake George – there is something in Lake George village to have a great time!

IMG_3448 (2)IMG_3443 (2)IMG_3428 (2)IMG_3397 (2)IMG_3399 (2)

Bachelorette Party

I just wrote about this on Wednesday – so check out that post here! But I brought my Bride Tribe up to the cabin. We had an AMAZING weekend hitting the spa in Saratoga, grilling up some steaks from Oscar’s Smokehouse, hitting the boat, and brunching! It was perfect!

IMG_3150 (2)IMG_3170 (2)IMG_3255 (2)IMG_3264 (2)


Lake Champlain to Vermont

Another fabulous thing about LG is that it is a SUPER convenient drive to Vermont (especially if you are trying to hit more states on your travel map!). We took the AMAZINGLY AWESOME AND FUN ferry across Lake Champlain (and kept our eyes open for their own Nessie-esque lake monster: Champy).

We went to Burlington, VT – and it was fabulous! We hit a local crepe restaurant, a cookie dough sweet stop, a few thrift stores, and got to see some beautiful scenery! It was a great day!



General Nature

Truly, there’s a million perks of being up here. Between the history, the outlets, the shopping, the attractions, the amazing food, and the activities – you could spend a week here and never see the lake. But then what would even be the point?!

I love spending long days on the beach, boating from noon until night, taking small hikes and walks, going tubing, having coffee in an Adirondack chair, and reading in the sunshine. Sometimes I just like to sit and watch the sun set over the mountains and nothing makes me feel more at peace than jumping into the clean and cool water.

IMG_3657IMG_3609IMG_3567IMG_3580IMG_3533IMG_3501IMG_3221 (2)IMG_3701IMG_3677

If you’re traveling to the Lake George area – I highly recommend hitting some of my fave spots! Or if you’re a little more fast paced than me (amusement parks, sports, golf, kayaks, hiking, etc.) – be sure to check out the Lake George tourism’s website and social media pages for upcoming events and news!







*This post is sponsored by Lake George Area Tourism however all thoughts & opinions are my own!


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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

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