My Bachelorette Party!

Happy Wednesday, Penny Darlings!

This past weekend was my bachelorette party! And it was a literal dream! We headed up to the family cabin in upstate NY (lakeside!) on Thursday night and we had the best weekend of my life so far. I haven’t laughed so hard, felt so relaxed, and was able to recharge with my best friends by my side!

We went to the Roosevelt Baths & Spa at the Gideon Putnam in Saratoga Springs, NY who hosted us for a mineral bath, hour long signature massage, and a nice steam in the steambath, and some serious relaxing!

Unfortunately, due to some bad luck, my friend Cathy was unable to join us at the spa, but joined us Saturday afternoon!

The Roosevelt Spa is one of my absolute faves! I’ve been going there with my mom and my grandma for years, I’ve gone with gal pals and Preston and I am their #1 evangelist.

IMG_3150 (2)
Left to Right: Abby Hauk (MoH), Joe (Best Man), Dara (bridesmaid!) and me (bride!)

IMG_3156 (2)

The building is totally Art-Deco-y, all of the water in the mineral baths is natural mineral water, and it’s light, airy, and gorgeous.

It’s located in a beautiful state park, on a stunning campus, with some of the most amazing architecture of all time. It’s originally from the 1930’s. In a word: picturesque. We saddled up in our robes (size XS-6X and you know ya girl loves a size inclusive place!) in the locker rooms and headed to the relaxation room!

There was some tea and water, a waterfall, some fresh fruit, and calming music. It was dark and cool and quiet and we were all trying not to fall asleep in there!


IMG_3159 (2)

Then we all headed to our separate treatment rooms to get our mineral baths. Mineral baths are natural mineral springs being pumped into the tubs. It’s a weird brown color from all of the thick minerals, but it makes your skin SO SOFT and have a gorgeous glow.

Then after softening up a bit, we all hit our massage tables to get some relaxation on. I usually ask for extra pressure on my shoulders and upper back! I left my massage practically catatonic from the release!

Then the ladies headed to the steam room to sweat out some toxins and relax. (Dara and I actually were in a show together called Steambath!). We had it all to ourselves and it was a perfect way to wrap up our treatment!

IMG_3162 (2)

So overall – we had a great day at the Roosevelt Baths & Spa. It was the perfect way to unwind from the week and gear up for a great weekend with the squad! We all came out refreshed and re-newed!

If anyone nearby or who is traveling nearby – please check out their site (and book an appt.! They said 125 TREATMENTS & CLIENTS IS A SLOW DAY!) and go get rubbed down.

You can check out their website here. They are also on Facebook & Instagram and can follow those links to those pages.

IMG_3166 (2)IMG_3170 (2)

Thank you so much for hosting us, Roosevelt Baths at the Gideon Putnam Spa!

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The Rest of the Weekend?

The rest of the weekend was mostly un-notable to those who weren’t with us! We ended up with a million inside jokes and I can’t remember the last time I hurt from laughing! It was fun. We went out on the boat and swam until our fingers turned pruny, drank until we were giggling, had some AMAZING steak, played card games, and laughed a lot. We got caught in a flash storm. We literally couldn’t stop having a great time. I’ve never felt like I had such an awesome squad than getting all my besties together in my fave place on Earth to have a great weekend!

We swam, we ate, we drank, we laughed, we grilled up some steak, and we made some amazing memories! I’m so grateful everyone could be there with me!

IMG_3219 (2)IMG_3221 (2)IMG_3255 (2)IMG_3256 (2)IMG_3264 (2)IMG_3268 (2)



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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,




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