Bippity-Boppity-Boo: Magic Makers!

Happy Thursday, Penny Darlings!

I have some super fun projects coming up (like writing a book!) and it has been delightfully awesome and I’ve been feeling so creative!

Let me just end with the boring stuff so we can get to the goods! Ha! Check me out on Instagram here! I also started a Twitter account! Find that here! Follow Preston’s brand new fashion Instagram here! I also have a selling Instagram page where I sell some of my old clothes/styles so that I don’t drown in my own wardrobe. I just listed a few new things – so check that out!

Let’s get to the content of the day here, friends!


While I may not be a ‘small business’ exactly, I definitely am a side hustler gone full-time, #GIRLBOSS, entrepreneur. I love shopping small businesses when I can (everything from soap to candles to shopping local farm stands). It’s awesome to get a high quality product, supporting makers of all types, and be able to directly communicate about my purchases!

I posted another small business post a few weeks ago with all types of makers from small shops to confection to soaps and everything in between and a few weeks after that, I did one just for pet lovers that you can find here!

I have truly loved getting to chat with people who produce such amazing art into the world! I love to see people that are creating and originating and inventing. As the new Marie Kondo trend says; it brings me so much joy!

For this post, I tried to focus on Magic Makers aka Disney-based creators and small businesses! There’s EVERYTHING available to be customized, adorable, and made by small shop owners! There’s everything from ears to fast pass bands to shirts to even candle companies and beauty products! If it exists: there’s a Disney version available!



Dylan’s Designs

Check out their shop here, their Facebook here, their Instagram here!

A totally adorable husband & wife duo out of Chicago! They make some totally cute Disney tees, tanks, sweatshirts, and more! I’m obsessed with this Pizza Planet tee!



Wishes & Wardrobe

Check out the online shop here, Instagram here, and Facebook here!

Rachel is an INCREDIBLE designer and seamstress who literally exudes magical cuteness! She even made me a custom skirt and it’s the literal best! She has so many designs and it so awesome to work with!

IMG_0419 (3)


Earmagination Ears

Check out their online shop here & Instagram here!

These bougie ears are only some of the amazing designs! There’s floral ears and novelty ears, enamel pins, printed tees, and custom options! A total must-have!



How To Be a Disnerd

Check out their online shop here & Instagram here!

First of all: I LOVE a good pun name! Second of all, these totally perfect skirts are adorable, twirly, and cutesy as all heck! Bonus: suuuperheroes too!



Pretty Villainous

Check out their online shop here & Instagram here!

These totally custom villain-based ears are perfectly wicked! Also her Insta-page is drool-worthy! Be sure to check out her Insta page & shop!



The Fun Impossible 

Check out their online shop here, Instagram here, Facebook here!

These adorable knit cozies are perfect for park hoppers of all kinds! They’re totally custom made by Laura all the way across the pond in Scotland! This shop has everything from princesses to pixar and practically perfect magical pieces!



Holly Flora Designs

Check out their online shop here, Instagram here, Facebook here!

This incredible Florida-based artist makes these whimsical and George Serat-y water color paintings! These are the perfect decor piece! (I’m obsessed with the Peter & Wendy one!)




This Dysfunctional Love

Check out their online shop here, Instagram here, Facebook here!

This totally glam #GIRLBOSS is a woman after my own heart as a corporate turned self-employed! She makes AMAZING magical ears, sunnies, shirts, and more! Look at these gorgeous new ears (coming tooooomorrow!).



Walter & Rosie Candle Co.  

Check out their online shop here, Instagram here, Facebook here!

This shop has some amazingly magical candles with Disney-inspired scents and art! The shop isn’t open all the time, but they are open every Friday morning at 9AM CST and they stay open through the weekend closing at midnight on Sunday! So be sure to get your weekend magic on!




This is so important! Shop these links, share with anyone who may be in the market, do some gift shopping, recommend to a friend!


*this post is sponsored by these amazing makers, creators, side hustlers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners – however all thoughts and opinions are my own*


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Thank you for all that you do. You are truly extraordinary.

Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,


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