Whimsical Easter Looks!

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But anyway – I digress.

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Super exciting change and I’m very excited!

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So let’s talk about something super fun and awesome!



So, I was talking with my good friend, Liz, from With Wonder & Whimsy about our Easter plans and thinking about what we might style for our Easter looks. There was definitely a consensus for pastels!

You may remember the glam-queen, Liz, from our Style Spin post back around Valentine’s Day!

So today, Liz and I are teaming up to bring some different style ideas for the upcoming Easter holiday and talk a bit about our traditions & style tips!

If you love Liz’s style – be sure to check out her instagram here!

She’s posting her looks over on her page today! 


First Look: Bold & Carrots


I know…not much of a combo. However! I am loving this look!

I am so pumped to be wearing my carrot dress (two seasons ago from ModCloth!). I am loving that novelty print is coming back in this year. So I was so excited to whip out this number!

But c’mon. It’s the cutest! It’s covered in carrots! How Easter is that?

I added a little gray satin headband with a hair bow for a touch of feminine charm!

And I didn’t have many accessories – so I had the cutest accessory of all join in the photoshoot! Cooper did a great job being a sweet lovebug during photo hour! And isn’t he such a ham?

I hope Harvey doesn’t get jealous!

Liz is rocking a gorgeous mint dress (along with our pastel theme!) and mixing it up with the strappy booties, a lovely long necklace, and an accent purse.

Here’s a close up of some of Liz’s accessories! Be sure to check out the post on her page to get some more deets! Aren’t those booties to die for?

mint (6)

Look #2: Floral…with a Twist


We totally didn’t plan the ‘with a twist’ part! Great minds think alike, I suppose!

I am actually rocking a totally thrifted look. (See, if you ever say that you can’t afford to dress cute – this whole outfit cost me $8).

I got this adorable Lane Bryant floral skirt (which is swishy and comfy and airy and SO GREAT), this vintage denim button up that I knotted at the waist for a better shape, and a hot pink head band…for $8.

I always ADORE being able to make thrift finds look glamorous!

And it’s just a bonus that the wind was blowing and helping me show off these swishy looks!

Liz is rocking a sweet yellow pastel and adding a twist with this cropped floral jacket. Which I have now seen and COVET. It’s absolutely the cutest. Amirite? And rounding out this look with the pink clutch and sunnies are the perfect Easter combo!

Again – she has way more deets about how to get this look on her page!


Look 3: Classic


For this last look – we both went the classic Easter route.

I took a stretchy lavender dress with a classic collar, buttons, and added a headband!

This is such an easy look to feel put together in seconds!

I love to add a gray sweater with pink details to jazz it up (or keep warm!). And a glittery headband is always a way to make the every day sparkle more!


Liz took the total princess pink color and made it awesome for this Easter look.

She took a fitted pink jacket over a lacy white dress and added a polished look with the tan belt and classic earrings.

And, can we just all talk about the detail on this dress? So perfect for spring. It’s gorgeous. It’s intricate and delicate! ugh! I need this now too!

pink (15)


Aren’t these looks fabulous?

And I think it’s awesome that we had discussed doing the Easter looks and they were all so different but each look was different and perfect!

Which looks were your faves?


And while we were chatting about our Easter looks we also started talking about our Easter traditions so we decided to do a quick Q&A about our Easters!

What are your Easter Traditions?

I actually don’t have a ton of Easter traditions! Most of my family doesn’t really live in the area – so it’s been just my parents, my brother, and me for the last few years! We like to brunch, spend the day together (sometimes binge-ing movies and TV shows), eat an AMAZING meal cooked up by my dad, and really enjoy the four of us all getting together! And this year – both Adam’s and my significant other will be there! What a weird adult shift! Yikes! One of our weird traditions is that we almost NEVER eat ham. We’ve had ribs, chicken, pork, whatever! But none of us are crazy about ham – so why eat it?

However one of my favorite traditions is the Hauk family Egg Hunt! My best friend of the last 15 years, Abby Hauk, and her family has this massively competitive Easter Egg Hunt! We’ve been doing it for years! They hide 180 or so eggs and the hiding spots are intense! My most obscure find was inside the fridge inside the dollhouse under the pool table in the basement. We even take bets on when the last egg will be found. Guesses are usually in September!

Now both of her older brothers are married with children and it’s such a happy occasion to see the kids loving it too! 

Describe your Easter style.

My Easter style is DEFINITELY prone to comfort. We usually spend the day in and Netflix the day away. I always throw on a really comfy and stretchy dress to just lounge around the house! Honestly, the carrot dress is a new go-to. I’m obsessed with the print! I love adding pastels, soft fabrics and textures, and finally getting the legs out since it’s NOT the dead of winter anymore.

What are you hoping for in your Easter Basket?

Hmm. I always love some new head bands and little accessories! Definitely some Wilbur Buds (some local made chocolate…and YUM!), Sour Watermelons, and definitely some Trader Joe’s goodies. I am obsessed with Trader Joe’s treats (especially the Sumatra Brownies & Cheese Bites!) and there isn’t one within an hour and a half of our house. It’s a BUMMER.


What about you? What are your Easter traditions? I always LOVE hearing wacky traditions or even traditions that are very special in your heart. And what kind of Easter candy are you hoping for?!

I can’t wait to hear some answers! If anyone has a super crazy tradition – you HAVE to comment and let me know. Those make my whole day.


But again: If you want to check out Liz’s post for more deets and peeks at these looks – click here!

You can check out Liz on Instagram here!




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