5 Tips to Beat the Monday Blues

Happy Monday, Penny Darlings!


For anyone who was following along with my Insta, my Insta-stories, and a few things – I was having a tough weekend dealing with my anxiety and myself.

And that happens to me sometimes. I become overwhelmed with my own thoughts and opinions and needs and I can’t let me bubbly and empathetic side shine!

I realized after hearing from some amazing readers – that I was not alone in those feelings. So I’d love to share some of the thoughts that everyone shared with me about how to keep those anxiety away on Sunday nights before the end of the weekend and starting fresh on Monday.

And for the record, these are my thoughts and opinions based on my own experiences and self-care. I am not a mental health professional or expert. I just wanted to share my thoughts and opinions.

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I know people who don’t struggle with chronic anxiety may have felt this at a stressful time, and Sunday nights are one of the most popular times for those feelings to flair as you brace yourself for the week ahead.


1.) Acknowledge to the people around you how you are feeling.

Sometimes I can feel that I’m in a bad mood, feeling lots of anxiety, or feeling sluggish or angry about an upcoming deadline. When I can feel those feelings, I try to tell Preston or whomever I’m around how I am feeling, assure them that there is nothing they are doing wrong. I find that getting ahead of a frustrated snappy response helps prevent a lot of misunderstandings or fights.

IMG_8640 (2)

2.) Prep what you CAN prep the night before.

If you work at an office, pack your lunch, if you go to school, set out your outfit the night before, if you stay at home, make a list of goals you want to accomplish the next day. Having the little stuff out of the way will make the Monday morning rush even easier! Preston and I like to meal prep on Sundays and that helps me feel less stressed about cooking and going to the store during the week.

EA8B0374 (2)

3.) When you’re done being anxious – make a list.

I am a perpetual list maker. Lists about things to do, who to e-mail, phone calls I need to make or return, chores, pay dates, etc. Everything. I’m a HUGE list maker. But one of the best lists I ever made was after a particularly bad spout of anxiety – I made a list of things I did and didn’t like while I was feeling that way. I don’t like to be touched, but I don’t like to be alone. I usually don’t eat and then I get even crabbier – so I make a note that I need to eat something. It helps track and manage the feelings the next time they pop up.



4.) Take some time….and just sit down.

I have a terrible bad habit with this. When I’m anxious, I tend to buzz around and half finish a bunch of projects and then feel even more overwhelmed to finish a bunch of projects that didn’t need to be started at that exact moment. After crazy busy weeks, followed by packed weekends, take the last few hours to just sit and relax your mind and muscles.

IMG_8566 (2)

5.) When things get overwhelming, count your blessings.

Literally count them. I got this tip from a dear friend, Cody, and I use it nearly every time I’m feeling overwhelmed about something. He suggested listing three things you’re grateful for, and if that doesn’t work, another three, and then another five. My list usually starts with indoor plumbing, the advances of feminine hygiene product, and free public school. Then I move to the Adirondack mountains, modern medicine, and musical theatre.

EA8B7069 (2)

Also, here’s a personal message from me!

I want to say two things first of all:

Thank you. And I’m sorry.

I struggle with anxiety every day. Feelings can be overwhelming, tight spaces make me panic, other people’s energy affect my energy in a MAJOR way, and I am problematically worried about other people around me. It can be tough. I’ve been feeling a little more withdrawn this week and definitely burnt out. I’ve been running on a steady diet of three LARGE caffeinated beverages,

So, I’m sorry. I’m sorry to anyone that I was rude or short tempered with, I’m sorry for any aggressive behavior that I didn’t mean, or any snaps that I may have had at loved ones. You are all wonderful and I appreciate your roll in my life.

Thank you for loving me and caring about me and being patient with all of my crazy. I am eternally grateful to you!

IMG_8637 (2)


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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



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