Styling My Mom – Part II: Thrift Haul

Hello there, Penny Darlings!

Welcome back to another episode of Penny Darling!

On this week’s episode: News! None, yet, but a few SUPER exciting announcements in the next few weeks!

Well, actually, first: Happy Father’s Day to my Dad! He’s legit the coolest. He gets all mad when I post pictures of him online – so as a gift to him – I won’t post one. But just think: he’s the kind of dad the rocks the HECK out of having a Dad-stache.

Anyway! So I wanted to combine two of some of my favorite things: my mom and thrift shopping. I feel like I am constantly combing thrift stores for things that are my size or are too unique to pass up!

So this week – I wanted to take the chance to step behind the camera and show off some of my fave thrift finds for my mom!

(If you missed it – I posted some of my best thrifting tips! Check that out here!)

For this challenge: I set my budget at $30, bought things I thought would look great on my mom (not necessarily all her style or wear), and she agreed to put on anything I got.

And I have NEVER in my life thought I looked more like my mother than I do in these photos! Like, holy crap, I am seriously starting to age to look identical to my mother.

So, everyone, meet my mom, Kathy.

She’s a gem.

You may remember my Mom from the first styling my mom post! Click here to check that one out as well!

Thrift Outfit #1: Gray Ruffle Dress

So this dress is from a company called Pink Rose. It has this `adorable gray neck detail with some ruffles in the front.  It’s the comfiest and stretchiest outfit of all time! It’s a great knee-length work dress!

This was one of my mom’s least favorite piece but I think she looks great!

Thrift Outfit #2: Cashmere & Slacks

So, this outfit was the crowning jewel in thrift adventures.

This adorable, blush, ruffle, cropped sleeve sweater is originally from Talbots…and it is 100% cashmere. CASHMERE. I bought a cashmere sweater at the Salvation Army… and let me tell you…I paid… $2.00 for it.

I did a little research. This sweater retailed for $128. I got this at like, a 99% discount. I know it’s not exactly 99% – but I was a Communications major so I can’t do math. But like, for real…THAT’S AMAZING!

The black dress slacks are originally Lane Bryant – but we managed to snag them at our local thrift store for a steal!


Thrift Outfit #3 – Sequins & Tulle

Forever 21+ Sequin Skater Dress

This is an adorable sequin and tulle (totally an NYE dress!) dress with stretchy top and tons of layers on the bottom. My mom was not a fan of the lack of sleeves so she paired it with her own jacket.


Retail Cost: $64 – Dress: $4.99 (like, c’mon!)

Thrift Outfit #4: Mad Men Inspired

So this was my favorite outfit that my mom was in!

This is an original Seville, hot pink, pencil skirt from…the late 70’s WITH THE ORIGINAL NORDSTROM TAG STILL ON IT! And in the late 70’s – it was marked at $35. I paid maybe $3 for it?

And this deep teal shirt with boat neck and little buckle detail had the original tags ripped out – so I can’t say for sure.



Thrift Look #5: Babysitter’s Club Inspired!

So this denim, flared, pleated skirt was an adorable thrift find that was totally 90’s inspired. So cute! It reminded me of something on one of the Babysitter’s Club book covers. I can’t be the only one who remember that, right?

So I immediately decided to grab this lace, crochet detail, lilac jersey 3/4 sleeve top from Croft & Barrow! It’s so cute and soft! My mom liked it better with actual jeans – but as a rule of thumb I will NEVER buy jeans for anyone. (except one time, I bought a pair for Preston…but that’s neither here nor there.)

Thrift #6: Monochromatic Classic!

This was one of my mom’s fave looks! She supplied the white camisole tucked underneath! But for this adorable, cotton, DressBarn, monochromatic skirt and this tie neck sweater with the satin ribbons on the neck cost only….*drum roll*… $5. This is a total ‘wear to work’ look!

This was my mom’s fave! What do you think?

Thrift Look #7: Skorting Through Life

So this was another one of my mom’s faves. It’s the aztec, tribal, cutesy skort with this loose knit crochet sweater (again, ft. my mom’s white camisole!).

This outfit is PERFECT for summer days and cute casual outfit! This is perfect for a porch party, a weekend at the farmer’s market, or a casual Friday at work!

I think this is the cutest and my mom loves it!

And for anyone who doesn’t use the term: “skort” – it’s a skirt with some built in shorts!



And the total thrift cost is:


Listen, I was fifteen WHOLE cents under budget.

That’s what I call BALLLLLLLLLER!

So, I got:

2 dresses
2 Cardigans
1 Sweater
1 Pair of Slacks
3 Skirts
1 Skort
3 Tops

Total: 15 pieces! Making the average piece: $2.

Totally great thrift haul!

And I mean, honestly, Talbots, DressBarn, Lane Bryant, Croft & Barrow, Nordstrom, & Forever 21+ and more!

Which was your favorite look? Do you think I look like my mom? (except, I’m taller!) Which pieces should she keep and which should I re-donate? Let me know in the comments!

Can I start a fashion blogger challenge: Thrifting for Mom.

Boom. Go! Do it!


The next few weeks have some awesome stuff planned! I’m thinking about getting more into makeup and accessories and talking about ‘plus confidence’ and body confidence. Any thoughts?

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Do you want me to write a post about chub rub? I’d be happy to buy a few things and review them for everyone?

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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

How Very,



  1. Julie Jonas

    I absolutely love the teal and pink outfit! I wonder if it would fit me? You could donate it to my closet! 😉😉 BTW I wear a size 22! Hehehe


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