Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Happy Monday, Penny Darlings!

Preston and I hosted our first Halloween party! I expected a rager, but it was actually pretty low-key. I went as Little Red with Charlie as my Big Bad Wolf. And Preston went as a sheriff and our former roommate, Jeremy, went as Yogi! It looked like they were in a couples’ costume!


What a couple of cuties, amirite?!

Today is also the fourth anniversary of the first day I met Preston/our first date. It’s the date we’ve been using as our anniversary for the last three years! We got married 3 years and 11 months after meeting!

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Halloween is T-Minus 2 days and if you’re anything like me, you might have waited until the last minute to:

a.) decide on a costume
b.) shop for a costume
c.) make a costume

Like, for example, I did this year. I had SO many ideas because I wanted Charlie to have a costume too (because I’m a lunatic) but I couldn’t find a costume I liked!

But then I realized that our Halloween Party was only a few days away, and I needed a costume but had no time to order something and no time to just hop around to twenty stores to find something in my size.

So I hopped over to Francis Scott Key Mall to share a few ideas of how to grab wear-again pieces for Halloween Costumes! I stopped into Torrid, Claire’s, and Charlotte Russe to put together these looks!


Little Red Riding Hood

Red Dress: Torrid
Rose Crown: Claire’s

And obviously, I have Charlie as my Big Bad Wolf (although, he’s not scaring anyone!).

But we’re ready to head into the woods!


Cutesy Witch

Torrid LBD (with some amazing embroidery and on clearance!)
Little Witch Headband – Claire’s

I paired this with some of my favorite black heels! But this dress has DEFINITE re-wear potential and that’s what I like!



Army Girl

I saw this sweater and KNEW I had to get it! It’s SO soft and SO comfortable. And I knew I wanted to use this khaki skirt in my closet for something and this was the most obvious choice.

Camo Sweater: Torrid
Camo Headband: Claire’s



Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

I saw these adorable purple leggings (which I’ve been thinking I should have anyway!) and it reminded me of one of my fave Netflix characters: Kimmy Schmidt!

Purple Leggings: Torrid
Yellow Sweater: Torrid



This was just a sample of what I found in my size! I saw SO many other pieces that looked like they would have made awesome costumes!

I stopped in a bunch of places and saw all kinds of different costumes and ideas!

So stop by Francis Scott Key Mall to see what kind of last minute Halloween Costume that you can find!




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    Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

    How Very,


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