Holiday Gift Guide with Tuesday Morning

Happy Friday, Penny Darlings!

I am coming to you live from my couch with the flu. Or bronchitis. Or something that’s making me hack up a lung, sleep a ton, and be in general achy miserableness. But I’ve been downing soup, tea, Vitamin C, and DayQuil, mixed with some OJ & popsicles. I shall not let this defeat me! Ha!

One thing comforting me from my blanket pile is the sight of Christmas & the holidays all throughout the house!

I am such a sucker for all things “Winter”. Gimme a tree, some presents, hot cocoa, ice skating, a onesie, etc. I love Christmas! I am your neighborhood Cindy Lou Who!

So when I wanted to kick off my holiday shopping, I knew I wanted somewhere that was a one-stop shop, with great prices, and great selection: so I headed to my local Tuesday Morning! 

Check out my holiday shopping guide for the ultimate Christmas-extra-ness!


First things first; wrapping paper!

Yup, I’m that much of a lunatic that I try to get more than one roll of wrapping paper that coordinate, because I like how it looks under the tree! So I grabbed this super cute red plaid wrapping paper, the pine tree paper, and some cute bags with tissue paper!

Half the battle of wrapping in the first place is to discover whether your gift is an item that can be wrapped regularly or if you’re going to have to go with a bag. Ha!



Gifts for the Foodie!

For my brother and his wife, they LOVE to cook together! He’s been hinting that they are in the market for an immersion blender, and when I saw one with the other small appliances and snagged it right away!

I also grabbed this mug for my dad (who I swear, loves Charlie more than me) and I have my eye on this super cute air fryer I might have to go back for! My dad is the cooking king and he seems to have EVERY gadget known to man, so when I can find an appliance he doesn’t have already – I am a happy camper!

I also got a few bags of Lindor Chocolate for some casual gifts (like for my chiropractor, my therapist, my neighbors, etc.) that I still want to give something small as a gift for the holidays!



Gifts for the Hobbyist

I had a hard time narrowing down what to get! There was SO much crafting selection over at Tuesday Morning! They had everything from the novice (like me) with journals and crayons to craft experts (like my mom).

So for my mom, I grabbed this Design N’ Cut machine which is a crafting dream! She’s been wanting a cutting machine/dye cut/design tool forever so I was happy to get one at an UNBELIEVABLE price!

For my bestie, who is heading abroad for the holidays, I grabbed her a dateless planner & a leather travel journal for her to write all about her adventures! I filled it with quotes, writing prompts, and sketches (with plenty of room to write!). I literally cannot wait to see her face when she opens it!



Gifts for the Home Decor Queen!

I am obsessed with throw blankets & throw pillows. Basically, if I can throw it, I want it in my life. Ha!

When I was doing my Tuesday Morning one-stop holiday shopping, I grabbed all five of these holiday pillows. That puppy one looks JUST like Charlie, amirite?! I also am a big fan of the penguin on the moped! I made myself a little snuggle corner to read, drink cocoa, and snuggle up with my two new fave throw blankets!


Gifts for the Pet Lover!

There was TONS of cute pet stuff! There were lots of sweaters, dog and cat toys, treats (not featured because Charlie devoured it while we turned our back during this photoshoot).

There was tons of great toys, plushies, beds, bowls, leashes, and everything to make your little schmoo a perfect stocking! (or paw-cking! does that make sense? No?).




and also, belly rubs.




As I mentioned, there was a TON of stationary & craft stuff to choose from! In past years, I’ve wrapped a wall entirely with wrapping paper, put bows up in a row, and this year I decided: scrapbook paper!

I found this booklet of different styles & pattern paper that are meant to be used in a scrapbook. I grabbed three different books of all different styles. Then with poster tack and a VERY patient husband, we covered our accent wall in our living space!

It came out SO awesome!


Find your local Tuesday Morning at this link!

Check them out online too!


IMG_5416 (2)


*this post is sponsored by Tuesday Morning, however all thoughts and opinions are my own!*


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Love all you wonderful ladies (and gents!) out there!

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